The Protein Myth
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The Protein Myth

The minute you share with someone that you are a vegan or that you follow a raw food diet, a common first response is “ ...our body’s need meat, we need protein.
The Protein Myth

Where do you get your protein?” In this article we look deeper into what we are commonly told and discover what our bodies really need, and the best way to get it. What do we really need? Enzymes and amino acids. Raw food is full of enzymes and enzymes are amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and 9 of the 20 amino acids that the body itself can’t produce is acquired through the food we eat. When we eat proteins we are eating them so that our bodies can gain enzymes/amino acids.

The process our body goes through from the time we consume protein until it breaks it down into enzymes and amino acids expends a lot of energy. Do we really need to expend all that energy for the same result? The simple solution is to stop eating the middle man and go straight to the source. This is a more efficient and healthier method for us to fuel our bodies. Does this mean we get the same amino acids and enzymes from cooked fruits and veggies? The answer is no, because when we raise our food above 105 degrees Fahrenheit, we kill most if not all amino acids and enzymes.

The only way to get them is through eating the food at its natural state, raw. When we think of getting enough protein in our diets, often times we believe it is supposed to come from meat. Meat is dead food. Meats do not serve our body and contain toxins that we do not need. Along with meat protein comes excess fat and complex carbohydrates. In observing how common obesity is right now, eliminating these two factors will not only be beneficial to weight loss, but also to our overall health and vitality. Replace protein filled meats with enzyme and amino acid filled raw fruits and vegetables for the most advantageous way to get what we’re really looking for in our diets. After all let’s remember, meat has protein largely as a result of the animals eating vegetables raw. Enjoy Tim Van Orden explain the truth about Proteins in the video below: To further understand the protein deception, we can take a look at the meat, fish and poultry industries. In order for these industries to grow and continue to profit, we have to believe we need what they are selling.

The industry pushes meat by portraying the idea that it is the one and only complete source of protein. Like so many other things, we are fed these misconceptions our whole lives and often have no reason to question, Believing what we hear, we have our 2 daily servings of meat (according to the Canada Food Guide) and find ourselves working harder then we need while adding high risks for health problems. Sometimes it pays to look into alternatives to what we commonly hear. Love, Amanda .

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