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The vaccination dilemma

In the middle of the fields, where you walk, suddenly you are interrupted and asked to make a decision. There are many reasons why one should avoid to decide on something not under direct, reachable sight

The vaccination dilemma

Think for a moment that you do not need to make your mind about something. Event if you are asked to continuously. There should be no urgency on any individual in order to express an opinion on something not at their most direct responsibility, said other way, you are absolutely not required to feel responsible of any sort of process or isolated event rather you do not understand, rather it's not under your most direct control.
In a situation like this we can describe this event as something external to oneself.

The vaccinated path

Think for a moment you had already taken both doses of any kind of vaccine, if you are lucky (for sure you are) that vaccine allows you to travel anywhere in the world. We now now, it won't protect you from being infected, and so, that won't protect you from infecting others, but probably, it will prevent you from dying due to severe symptoms if your health is not strong.
Socially, it is very welcome and so by most of the health organizations that you take that vaccine, for your own good, and so for the good of others.

In a reasonable situation, information is shared with the public, trials are run publicly and results are openly shared. Critic voices are properly reduced with facts, and there is not a big percentage of hesitant population as the government and health agencies have been clear and transparent with advantages and disadvantages, sharing benefits and risks using a balanced media loudness on both of them.

This situation is, humbly speaking, not a reasonable situation. We all had experienced the waves of the information harassment for almost two years. Witnessed hard style news and media censorship. It is therefore very easy to understand, the huge volume of hesitancy among the population caused by this situation, regarding the only solution claimed to work, by a dubiously unusual agreement among all governments and health agencies around the world.

The higher the hesitancy, the harder the measures to get most of the society members inoculated with the substance (it is called vaccine, instead, as stated by many doctors, it doesn't really fit into vaccine definition. It is indeed, a highly novel, untested, unstable (experimental), medical component injected into the bloodstream). The situation has gone off any kind of script with the imposition (legally forcing individuals) of mandatory vaccinations to all federal workers (state officials, doctors, teachers, professors, any kind of institutional staff and so on) along several countries like USA, Canada, France and Italy just to name few, and so, with the imposition of the Vaccination Passports, Health Passports (also called Green Pass), again, approved and deployed under a large consensus among several countries.

The passport came recently into society this August, along Europe, in countries like France and Italy to get access to cultural, recreational and gastronomic places where there can fit more than 50 people.

The passport is a mobile application featuring a green screen where a QR code with your vaccination information is decoded by a scanner which further checks its validity. Where this system stores the information, who is in charge to manage and store all this high value information and how far your health information is scrutinized by the institution in charge of this system and how this data is shared with other partners, is far from being clear.

So, you got your two shots and your Health Pass screen is green. You have access to the previous life, you have access to the life that you had before. Everything works back again as it is supposed to be.

One day, the Health Pass screen becomes red. A notification kindly lets you know, that the previous inoculation expired, and the time has arrived to get another shot. Do not forget how lucky you are for that. Once you get the new shot, your updated vaccination data is introduced in the system by the medical staff that provided the new dose, and almost miraculously, in few seconds, your Health Pass screen becomes green. And you, you, are truly filled with the happiness of freedom. Now the breath is deep again.


There is no complexity to make a good guess where that argument line would drive anyone. It is now estimated the Sars-Cov-2 virus is able of mutating up to 3 times a year. Guess how many times your Health Pass screen will change its color. It is just the beginning of a disturbing Orwellian story.

Clearly the freedom of the vaccinated Health Pass owners is reduced each step the Health Pass comes closer into the life of individuals. The more the Health Pass is normalized, the more aspects of life that would be at stake regarding our ability to decide about.

Imagine your are a journalist. Will your health pass become red if your voice is too critic? or maybe when you step into some sensitive subjects? Will your health pass become red if you drive too fast? or maybe if you drive too slow? Will you health pass become red if you have children? Or only when you have more than two kids?

Anything you can imagine will lead you to a complex situation where there are too many things to lose, and almost no one to win. You don't need to win your freedom, it is yours, you are built within it. Only yourself can take away your own freedom. Behave, be respectful with the others, be respectful with yourself.

It seems simple.

The unvaccinated path

Think for a moment you are aware of everything. Everything at least regarding how the world is ruled, how the different powers are manifested in our material life, and how the actors among the diverse institutions, corporations or just influence groups play their script in the party of world order influence smuggling.

The forces had played their cards, strong, organized and precise movements have settled the public opinion basically against itself, through a manically dawn precisely orchestrated psychological warfare campaign, abusing fear mongering by using the mass media powers at their disposal.

Most of the Health Agencies are captured by strange powers which curiously force them to create, in essence, policies against the human population. The same population these Agencies were founded to protect. From the lockdown measures, to the malformed hospitalization protocols which killed many patients that reached the hospital to be threaten by an infection, to the means and cultural heritage of several actors, grown in families connected to, or even recognized members of Eugenics supporting circles. These policies were are living. how the facts are taking place, and the evidence that is inevitably coming out, everything smells rotten here.

Clearly the vaccine is, at least, something the Health Companies created in the seek of large economic profits, using for its development a substantial amount of tax-payer dollars. These companies are free from liability, free from any kind of responsibility regarding their product, administrated to the population, using an emergency use authorization. An authorization, based on a probably manipulated situation, using the PCR test cycles, proven to be meaningless for the purpose they are being used, as a joystick (among other tools) to justify a massive plague. Of course, the profits from the administration of the vaccine to the public, are all for these Health Companies. Great.

No way to inject that demonic drug into my temple. No way I'll do that to myself to get some social freedom. To the hell with this society.

The Health Pass is the last hit to an unvaccinated individual out of some kind social integration, out of social relations further to the closer circle, out of the access to culture. Out of the pleasure of eating or sharing the moment of sharing a meal in a restaurant. Out of the joy of a headless party at a club.

No planes, because planes are their planes as well as their clubs and their universities, their great places to work and their great hotels. They have their institutions, their science schools, their research labs, their leisure resorts, etc. They have their holidays too.

Thankfully, nature is there. And it will always be. The freedom of a free life out of everything or, at least most of the things you enjoyed is gone. Your friends gone, your dinners into restaurants gone, the spontaneous moment of a meal anywhere, gone. A random drink with anyone, gone. Traveling by plane gone, traveling not on your own ship/boat, gone.

Anything you can have a look at reduces your existence to your most immediate area of responsibility. You are about to hide/stay or rather move in a largely different way than before. The others are there. They are still alive. They are eating, drinking, dancing, buying and you not. Why? Because of your conviction that this is a shadow move, and it will contribute to put your subject out of Maya, slowly slowly out of the illusion of belonging, the illusion of sharing something with most of the people out there.


The freedom to decide has been dramatically shrunk, or at least rotated to a new angle of perspective. That has been forced. You know it. Your new freedom is in fact called adaptation. The same adaptation to isolation some forest animals apply when their ecosystem gets surrounded by the highways or railways they also build.

Then what

How different is the adaptation if you take or not take the vaccine. Forced. The fact is that rather you choose A or B, blue or red, left or right, in or out, is that you are being forced.

Forced to decide.

What it is explained next is the fact of not just avoiding the decision, but to understand how to ignore completely the situation, these greedy, low level dehumanized elite groups are moving over this world.

Imagine for a moment, some kids are playing in the garden, they are superheroes that are destroying the evil. The evil is a bush just at the place where they are playing. You walk around them, and some of them stare and you and deep into their character emotion ask you: - please Mr/Mrs help us to destroy the monster! - You smile at them doing a funny face and continue your walk as you are between one place and another. Indeed, have not really the interest on joining those kids' adventure at this time.

Imagine that precisely.

The inner work is to grow in the process of understanding that yourself, just because of the reason you are reading this article. Yourself, is watching the children play, this time they play a rough game where they hurt themselves, they battle themselves and they jail themselves for indeterminate periods of time... In their transparent jail of punishment. It's their hardest try at it.

They ask you - please Mr/Mrs help us to destroy the monster! - you kindly smile at them doing a funny face and continue your walk as you are between one place and another.

Root yourself at the fact that you are free here. This is your planet as well. No one here is above or below yourself, regardless you know how to read, how to pray, how to build software or how to build dreams, regardless you reach the masters or you reach the heart of your brothers and sisters, regardless your intelligence coefficient, regardless your race or religion, you are born here. You signed the same papers as I did.

Train yourself at the fact that events do not belong to you, and so, you do not belong to events. You belong to something that was here before and will be here after you die. That work helps you to get the true understanding of what it means to be able to decide. This is basic to apply substantial influence on the holographic structure, by a cure of the own subject, by applying a replacement of the self in the situation ecosystem.

Take some time to understand your role here. If you are not correctly placed into the story, your role in the manifestation gets reduced to someone in the audience. Instead, centered and well sourced, you could get closer to be one of the directors of such story. As strongly as your point of view counts, as strongly you will deal with the consequences of your own point of view in your own film. That is why unconsciously most of our brothers do prudently decide to have nothing or almost nothing to be with the situation.

We talk of a positive outcome of a process where the story gets screwed by the sum of many trained individuals precisely applying consciousness on the same well defined concept stated above.

The work exposed here, is in essence an holographic tool, to use the power of attitude to leverage the inner relation each individual has with the holographic structure of matter-reality that holds our physical manifestation.

It is extracted from the Akasha field, and it is available for all of us, unencrypted and readable regardless your reading skills, and materialized using the word through one of our brothers.

Play like a brother, ignore any low vibration and often, remember to be water.

For life.

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