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The World is Far More Corrupt than You Feared

The BBC doesn’t really do ‘news’ any more.

The World is Far More Corrupt than You Feared

Now that the organisation has become a Propaganda Station for the Bilderbergers and the World Economic Forum, the BBC website (the only bit I ever see) prefers to thrill its viewers with stories of intrepid citizens struggling with sofas stuck on staircases.

So, here are some of the ‘real’ news stories which I suspect the BBC may have missed in its desperation to avoid annoying the conspirators and the collaborators.

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By Dr. Vernon Coleman

(The BBC probably didn’t have space for any of this stuff because it was too busy reporting that a lesbian who had a poster of Tina Turner on her wall was thrown out of the army in 1981, warning homeowners that if their log burner didn’t satisfy the rules they could be fined £300, and reporting the important news that Michael Jackson’s nephew is to play him in a biopic. And the BBC wants £159 a year for a TV licence.)

1. Having been pressured by the climate change cultists into accepting the myth of global warming, the South Africans are struggling to produce enough electricity and the nation is troubled by regular power cuts. South Africa has oodles of its own coal but the nation has been strong-armed into accepting that the world is going to melt and is, therefore, struggling to produce electricity from windmills. In a country where the wind is unreliable that’s disastrous and, entirely thanks to climate change nutters, South Africa is currently close to a national state of disaster. It’s about time Black Lives Matter fans stood up for South Africans (one or two of whom are black) and told them to ignore the crazed climate change cultists.

2. Here are some isolated facts. Put them into the right order and try stitching them together. First, Zelenski, the Ukranian comedian masquerading as a leader, seems happy that the current world war has extended into the Middle East and is, therefore, close to becoming a global conflict. Second, the American chief of the CIA visited Israel along with top American politicians. Third, the big Russian oil company Gazprom did a $40 billion deal with Iran. Fourth, Russian and Iranian banks have linked up and the two countries are developing a new trade route which involves India. Fifth, Israel bombed Iran – using Chinese made weapons to do so. Curiously, though as far as I know no one had said that it was, The New York Times apparently reported that this was not done to prevent Iran sending weapons to Russia.

3. A generation of children was damned near destroyed (both physically and mentally) by the deadly covid jabs, the pointless masks and the lockdowns. The shutting of schools was never necessary but it gave teachers even longer holidays and union members seem to have acquired a taste for daytime television. Going on strike for more money removed the last vestige of decency from well-paid teachers. And those teachers who refused to say whether they were going to stay at home (so that their schools would be closed and they’d still be paid) showed a depth of moral depravity rarely seen in world history. Teachers who stayed at home cannot possibly give a damn about children and should all be fired.

4. It is well known that British intelligence ran psy-ops throughout the fake pandemic and “monitored” those of us questioning the lies told by the British Government. Partly as a result of their activities we no longer have a free press and Britain is no longer a democracy. Aren’t those intelligence officers intelligent enough to realise that it is their own country which they are destroying? Or don’t they care? It is now also clear, by the way, that British intelligence services have also been running psy-ops in the Balkans and have been using misinformation to demonise Russia. (It is, of course, largely due to the intelligence services that I am banned from all social media. I suspect that at least some of the fake sites in my name are controlled by intelligence operatives.)

5. Pakistan has been forced into serious economic problems by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) which should really be called the American Monetary Fund. The IMF has imposed its views on exchange rates and has, thereby, caused massive problems. The IMF is to financial advice what the McCanns are to babysitting.

6. Ukraine has used rockets provided by America to attack a monastery. If Russian rockets had hit a monastery, the BBC and the rest of the Propaganda Media would be all over the story.

7. Please visit Patrick Henningsen’s absolutely excellent and read the fascinating article entitled ‘Are Covid-19 `Vaccines’ a Military Biodefense Response Gone Terribly Wrong?’ Patrick (also known for his wisdom aired on UK Column) regularly publishes articles you shouldn’t miss if you want a broader view of our insane world.

8. Former Downing Street supremo Dominic Cummings is reported as claiming that the Deep State controls much of what happens in the UK and that electors and their bloated and corrupt parliamentary representatives have very little say. Cummings claims that it was anonymous Deep State operatives who were behind what I see as the absurd and dangerous covid rules which destroyed British life during the fake pandemic. I’m glad he’s noticed at last. Or maybe only now has he found the courage to mention something that many of us realised donkey’s years ago. Britain has for years been run by ruthless, 30-year-old women trained by the WEF or Common Purpose and employed by quangos, charities, drug companies, intelligence groups or lobbyists. (The same is true for other countries, of course.) Cummings doesn’t yet seem to have realised that thanks to these princesses of woke, we’re heading straight into the Great Reset. If he wants to know what has happened and why, and what is going to happen next, he should read my book `Endgame’ which is available through the bookshops on and

9. After WWII, Germany was supposed to become a peace-loving nation. It is now leading the way towards nuclear war. Germany has threatened to turn Russia into ruins and to be honest, that doesn’t sound terribly peaceful to me. Anyone supporting Ukraine is helping to lead us into a global war and possibly nuclear war, and is responsible for thousands of Ukrainians and Russians being killed. Only homicidal psychopaths support the provision of more arms to Ukraine. It really isn’t understood well enough that the big arms companies are driving the war in Ukraine. They don’t give a damn about the fact that Ukrainians are being used as cannon fodder. Anyone who is supporting this war and waving a Ukrainian flag in support of the slaughter should one day be arrested as a war criminal. Arms companies can’t make big money if governments store the bombs and bullets they’ve bought in warehouses instead of using them. Arms companies need wars like drug companies need chronically sick people. Drug companies don’t want patients to get well and arms companies don’t want peace to break out. (The conspirators or globalists work on behalf of four business groups: the bankers, the drug companies, the media giants and the arms manufacturers: the four most corrupt and dishonest groups in the world. It’s the biggest criminal cabal in history.)

10. The flat earthers are claiming that the war in the Ukraine is fake. If that were true the BBC and the mainstream media would be promoting the war with the sort of enthusiasm with which they promoted the fake pandemic. The war is real and the failure of the mainstream media to report what is happening proves just how real it is. Talking of Ukraine (for many years one of the most corrupt countries on earth) it is worth pointing out that the head of the Kyiv tax authority has been accused of massive fraud after police raised one of her four (yes, four) homes.

11. The exhibitionists who have blocked roads and halted ambulances were promoting genocide through cold and hunger (as part of the climate change myth). As a result of the heavily sponsored and approved activities of the net zero extremists, new laws will allow the police to stop just about all demonstrations in the UK. You could see that coming, couldn’t you?

12. Brexit is, of course, being blamed for everything as the toxic, fascist Remainers struggle to get Britain back into the EU. The UK is being punished for holding two fingers up to Brussels, since the EU was always designed (by left-over Nazis) as a step towards the Great Reset. Now, Guy Verhofstadt, a eurocrat with a mad mission, claims that Putin wouldn’t have invaded Ukraine without Brexit. Verhofstadt gets my prize of the week for the daftest anti-Brexit silliness. I suspect that the EU’s regiment of supporters will do and say anything to overturn the British people’s vote for freedom.

Vernon Coleman’s latest book is called ‘They want your money and your life. It is available from the bookshop on his website. If you don’t buy it please don’t complain that you don’t understand what is happening or what is going to happen next.

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