The World Is Waking Up

Sometimes this revolution seems like a lost cause, and I have thought so many times, will people ever wake up? It seemed as though time was moving by quickly, yet most people were very stagnant, but something I have noticed a lot lately is that all of the sudden people from all over the world are truly starting to wake up! I notice a lot of my friends and family are starting to make different choices in their day to day lives to enhance their overall being, and the planets as well. People who I thought would never open their eyes are slowly starting to change old ways as the vast array of ‘hidden’ information is becoming so widely available to everyone. Whether it be in dietary decisions, more compassion to animals, less factory farmed meat, using products that are cruelty free, making homemade cleaning products, finding time to meditate, going back to nature, helping one another, discovering the truth about 9/11 truth, worldwide revolutions, and so forth, people are standing up for themselves and taking a stand for what is right. We truly are waking up. It is happening faster now then ever before and I think we are fast approaching that critical mass that we have been waiting for. Once enough people have awakened to the truth, it is only a matter of time before it rubs off on the rest of the world. If you think about how many people just one person can affect, this should come as no surprise. We see many cities across Canada and other parts of the world effectively removing fluoride from their drinking water.

There are many petitions for GMO labeling. States are legalizing marijuana and hemp. While these steps may be small, they are still amazing steps. As more and more people are boycotting unhealthy and chemically ridden products, big corporations have no choice but to change their ways and start making more healthy and environmentally friendly products. Maybe this doesn’t relate, but even the Pope resigned! That’s the first time in 600 years that a Pope has resigned from their position. We are living is such amazing times, we get to watch as the whole world transitions back to a healthy, connected relationship with our Mother Earth, as well as each other. Let’s keep this snowball going, and continue working together, because together we will continue to create this change that we have been waiting for. If there is ever a time where you feel like giving up, just remember that there are many, many more people who are finally opening their eyes! Don’t give up, because this global shift is happening, right now, right before your eyes! We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. Much Love .

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