They Told Him It Was Impossible – But This Man Single-Handedly Carved A Road To Help His Village

We’ve all heard countless inspiring stories about individuals that have gone against ridicule, disbelief, and hardship to accomplish something extraordinary.

Nevertheless, I encourage you to check out just one more. Dashrath Manjhi was a poor labourer in a small village near Gaya in Bihar, India. A naturally hard worker, Dashrath’s life took a turn for the worse when his wife, Falguni Devi, died due to a lack of access to needed medical attention. Driven by this loss and his desire to protect other villagers from suffering the same fate, Dashrath set off on a mission unlike any other. He began carving a road through a 300-foot mountain, a journey that would ultimately take him 22 years to accomplish but would give the people of his village easier access to doctors, education, and ultimately, opportunity. Even more astonishing is the fact that Dashrath did all this in addition to his regular work ploughing fields. Check out his incredible story in this short video: We are undoubtedly our own worst enemies. Our circumstance may be capable of putting our proverbial backs against the wall, but it is only our mind that is capable of completely shutting us down. Why is it that so many of us opt to step away from what we would like to do in life simply because it doesn’t come about as easily as we might have wished? I doubt any of us are armed with as little as a hammer and a chisel, nor are we faced with carving through a 300-foot mountain – yet we regularly make things seem just as daunting. I encourage us all, myself included, to use Dashrath’s incredible story as inspiration to start truly believing in ourselves. Everything manmade that we see before us started with an idea and was followed up with passion and belief, things that we are all equally capable of bringing to the table. ————————— What are some of your favourite inspirational stories and individuals? Let us and the entire CE Community know via the comment section below to help get all of our creative juices going. .

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