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They want us hungry, broke and dead

They want us hungry, broke and dead

It is now time to imprison the globalists, the conspirators, the EU supporters, the left wing pseudo-intellectual extremists and the insane armies of the woke. They’ve done far too much damage already. They want you broke, hungry and dead and it’s time to take back control of our lives and our world.

In this video, Dr. Colman says, I’m going to explore and explain precisely what is going on in the world. If some of it seems far-fetched remember that my predictions have been absolutely accurate since the beginning.

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It’s March 2023 and this is video 323.

There are gullible people around who think the human race is going through a bad patch. The truth, of course, is that there have been no accidents and no coincidences.

The reality is that some very, very bad people have manufactured a crisis to create a world government and anyone who doesn’t believe that must be an unbelievably ignorant and thick coincidence theorist. In this video I’m going to explore and explain precisely what is going on in the world. If some of it seems far-fetched remember that my predictions have been absolutely accurate since the beginning – and you can still view my old videos and read the transcripts of the ones which were banned, censored or hacked into oblivion. The cowardly and obedient editors at YouTube banned everything of mine because they knew I was right and they were told by the CIA and GCHQ to remove everything.

It is now time to imprison the globalists, the conspirators, the EU supporters, the left wing pseudo-intellectual extremists and the insane armies of the woke. They’ve done far too much damage already. They want you broke, hungry and dead and it’s time to take back control of our lives and our world.

Look, to start with, at what they’re doing to our food.

It’s been known since people started eating that whoever controls the food controls the people and, ultimately, the world.

Mao, the crazy megalomaniac who ran China understood this; and so that people understood who was in charge of China he put soldiers, who knew nothing about farming, in charge of the farms. He ordered that farm tools be melted down and turned into steel to make weapons. This left farmers attempting to manage their farms with nothing more than copies of the Little Red Book to use as makeshift spades. The result was the Great Chinese Famine in which thirty million people died.

What happened in China is now happening globally – on a much, much bigger scale. They are deliberately creating food shortages because they want to see billions starving. They want poverty and rationing and death.

I warned it was coming back in May and June 2020 in two videos which I described as The Coming Global Food Shortage. I think only one of them is still there but the transcript is in my book entitled The Greatest Hoax in History.

And I also mentioned the horrible `r’ word. Rationing.

The excuse for the lack of food and the high prices is, of course, that modern favourite: the myth of global warming. Governments everywhere, under the control of the conspirators and egged on by insane collaborators and the noisy woke demonstrators, are introducing legislation which is ostensibly designed to save the planet from whatever dreadful end the cultists have come up with this week. Some weeks they say we are all going to drown and some weeks they say we are all going to fry. Predictions have been going on for over a decade and they have, of course, all been absurd and wrong. In 2013, a professor said we had until 2015 before all the Arctic ice disappeared. In 2009, Gordon Brown warned that we had just 50 days to save the planet. In 2004, the Observer newspaper announced that by 2020 Britons would be living in a Siberian climate. Fourteen years ago, Charles of the British royal family told everyone that we had eight years left.

And all around the world serious food shortages are developing. Every foodstuff is, or will soon be, in short supply. It’s not difficult to see why.

In 2021, Sri Lanka banned chemical fertilisers. This reduced home-grown production of food so much, that the country had to import food which they couldn’t afford. End result: trouble. In Holland, the Government is closing down farms as if they were illegal gambling casinos.

In Canada, the Government has blocked the use of nitrogen-based fertiliser. All around the world nutters are promoting biofuels in the knowledge that in so doing they are turning food into fuel and causing millions more deaths.

In the USA, they have the Inflation Reduction Act which doesn’t seem to have anything much to do with inflation but which means that farmers are paid not to farm. Biden started paying farmers not to farm in 2021, and California is paying out $3 billion so that farmers don’t do any farming. I’m surprised there will be any money left in the US since Biden has also promised that American taxpayers will pay the pensions of Ukraine citizens. When is he going to make Ukraine the 51st state? It might be cheaper.

Just the same thing was introduced by the EU years ago. They call it setaside. Fertiliser use was dramatically reduced long before the shortage of fertilisers meant that farmers couldn’t use it anyway. Piles of bizarre new laws have been introduced worldwide to make farming inefficient and commercially impossible. The ghost of Mao seems to be in charge. Farmers haven’t twigged and many seem confused by what is happening. They shouldn’t be. It’s all deliberate.

New rules are being introduced to ban the import of foods which aren’t transported by train or on ships which operate without using any fuel. Surprisingly, this causes some problems when trying to move food from one continent to another. Islands will have insurmountable problems though technically; I suppose bananas could be brought over to Britain in yachts like the one Little Greta used to cross the Atlantic. Or maybe in rowing boats. Or a flotilla of seaside pedalos could be used. Maybe those ones that look like swans.

Then there are all the strange explosions and fires. Farms, food factories and processing plants all over the world are spontaneously combusting. In the US, since Biden took over as president, 96 food processing venues have been completely or partially destroyed by fire or explosions. And then they aren’t rebuilt, of course.

In America and Europe, there has been an epidemic of rail derailments and countless fires involving toxic chemicals.

Oddly, the damage to food processing plants has coincided with demands that sheep and cow farms be closed to reduce methane emissions and to meet absurd and unnecessary net-zero emissions. Homeowners who plant their own crops or, heaven forbid, keep a few hens, are likely to be arrested. Gardening is the new terrorism.

It is claimed that eggs are scarce and expensive because avian influenza has killed all the hens. But the truth is that supermarkets have increased the price at which they sell eggs but not increased the price they pay farmers. And with the cost of everything (food, energy) soaring, farmers can’t afford to keep hens. All of which is unfortunate since there is some evidence that eating eggs provides some protection against infectious diseases such as the flu. What a sick joke that is.

The same thing is happening with dairy cows, and that’s why milk and cheese are going to be rationed and in short supply. Animals are given fake tests – tests seem popular on farms as well as in hospitals, even though they are less accurate than tossing a coin – and then if there’s one positive test, whole farms have to be closed down and animals slaughtered.

The conspirators are destroying our food supplies and the compliant collaborators and the insane woke people are cheering them on. Right from the start I warned that the biggest threat to humanity would come from the collaborators: the people who accept the lies, do what they are told and cheer on evil people who make Genghis Khan and Attila the Hun look positively benevolent. Only a BBC employee or someone with the IQ of a chair, possibly the same thing, of course, could possibly not believe that our enemies want to bankrupt us, starve us and destroy us.

The result of all this is that food prices are higher than they have ever been before – according to the Food and Agricultural Organisation. There will doubtless be cheering and much drinking of champagne at the next Bilderberger meeting. The men and women manufacturing this crisis are evil and quite insane.

Rationing is now being talked about seriously all around the world. And it will come. And not just food. Rationing of fuel – both for vehicles and for homes and factories – is not far away. Rationing for clothes and travel soon too. And before long there will be confiscations of wealth and natural resources and property. They want you poor and dependent.

In America and Europe, people complain about the prices but not many are starving just yet. In Africa and Asia however, hundreds of millions are going to starve to death. I have repeatedly warned about that for nearly three years and have pleaded, without success, with organisations such as Black Lives Matter, and those virtue-signalling footballers and other sports people to speak out about it.

The answer, we are constantly being told, is that we must all eat sustainable foods such as insects. And we must eat the laboratory-made food being prepared for us by global super chef Bill Gates. This is the same Gates who promoted a pseudo vaccine that doesn’t work but does kill people, who helped promote genetically modified mosquitoes, who wants to fill the sky with powder to block the sun getting through in the guise of fighting non-existent climate change. Could it really be to mess up the growing seasons and cause more starvation and deaths? Gates is using his billions to promote some of the most dangerous and crazy notions in history – projects that even a James Bond baddie would back away from.

And, lest you forget, this is the same Gates who had financial links with the BBC and the Guardian. And it is the same Gates, in case you are wondering, who had links with Jeffrey Epstein. Shades of Jimmy Savile at the biased and untrustworthy BBC. Remember: the BBC won’t allow anyone questioning vaccines on their programmes – whether they’re right or wrong.

But the deliberate destruction of our food supplies is only part of it, of course.

Doctors are still injecting people with the covid-19 jab – the most deadly pharmaceutical product in history. It doesn’t do what they said it would do but it does do what I said it would do – it kills people.

Doctors knew, before they started to give the jabs, that the pseudo-vaccine would cause heart problems, strokes, blood clots and so on and so on. They knew, or should have known, because I knew long before they started jabbing.

They knew, and yet they deliberately went ahead with jabbing their patients. It was their professional and legal responsibility to know that these jabs would cause numerous serious problems. And if doctors and nurses didn’t warn the poor folks they were jabbing of the serious side effects then they were in breach of every ethical and legal code in existence including the Hippocratic Oath which famously includes the line “First do no Harm.” Sadly, but not surprisingly, of course, the General Medical Council in the UK got rid of the Hippocratic Oath because they said it was too old-fashioned.

Every day they seem to dream up more reasons for people to have the jab. The latest ploy is to say that those who aren’t jabbed are more likely to get type 2 diabetes.

If it’s true, do you know why that is? There are two reasons. First, the jabs screw up your blood sugar, and if you get jabbed you’re probably going to get type 1 diabetes which is much more deadly. And then there’s the fact that the jab has killed so many. It reminds me of some daft researcher who claimed that smokers are less likely to get Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers got terribly excited. There was talk of everyone being encouraged to smoke because it was true. Statistically speaking smokers were less likely to get Alzheimer’s. The snag, which I spotted and the researchers didn’t, is that smokers are mostly dead before they reach the sort of age when Alzheimer’s usually develops.

Doctors and mad scientists who produced and promoted pseudo-vaccines have a whole menu of new and terrifying products they’re desperate to try out. They want to implant electrodes into your brain so that they can control your thoughts and your actions. I first wrote about that in a book called Paper Doctors in 1977 but now they want to turn crazy theory into practical applications. And they will.

After all, governments have for years now been using brainwashing specialists to control and terrify their own citizens. Fear has always been the most potent force with which to control people. It is much easier to control through fear than through love and respect. For centuries, kings, popes and political leaders have used fear as a weapon. Today, the conspirators want to create the maximum amount of fear, uncertainty and confusion so that they can do what they like with us.

I really object to the Government I help pay for, using my taxes to pay the British Army to create fear, to attack me and suppress what I write and to smear me.

Also in Paper Doctors, in 1977, I warned about the dangers of messing around with human genes. In July 2020 I made a video entitled ‘They want to kill six billion of us – here’s how they’ll do it’ and in August 2020, two and a half years ago, I made a video entitled ‘How many billion could the covid-19 vaccine kill or damage’. You can watch the videos on and the transcripts are published separately in the articles section on my website. No one ever, ever found anything inaccurate in any of my videos. But they took them down BECAUSE they were accurate.

Doctors and advisors knew in advance the harm they were going to do. If I knew two and a half years ago you can be damned sure the drug companies, the vaccine shills, the medical establishment and the Government advisors must have known how dangerous their new vaccine was likely to be. If they didn’t then they didn’t do their homework. Pfizer has been one of the dirtiest companies in the world for decades.

But there’s more, of course.

In May 2022, I warned that they wanted World War III and now they have it. Naturally, my warning was received with the usual sneers of derision but now it’s difficult to think of a country which isn’t involved. It is patently clear that the US, the EU and the UK became involved in the Ukraine war as a proxy for a designer war with Russia. The EU and the UK were forced into the war by Biden and the US. The sanctions against Russia were unauthorised and illegal and designed to put up the price of oil and gas in Europe, Africa and Asia – to cause economic chaos and kill countless millions through starvation. The sanctions against Russia have had virtually no effect on the target (which is selling oil to countries such as China and India, which can’t believe their good fortune). But the sanctions have, of course, caused inflation, high-interest rates, price increase and recessions in the US, the UK and the EU. The Russian economy is doing much better than the economies in those three zones. Since all this was predictable it is fair to assume that the conspirators behind the sanctions knew exactly what they were doing.

And if you’ve seen my video entitled ‘Urgent Warning to Everyone’ you’ll know that the American Government deliberately blew up the Nord Stream pipeline bringing gas from Russia because Biden’s administration was worried that the Germans might reopen it. The Americans wanted to force the EU to support Ukraine by providing military support. Incidentally, Pulitzer Prize-winning Seymour Hersh, who exposed the way the Americans had destroyed the Nord Stream pipeline, has now been widely labelled “discredited” – exactly the same abusive word with which they labelled me three years ago. The odd thing is that we’ve both been involved in exposing crimes of different kinds for many years but this is the first time that governments have resorted to personal abuse. It is clear that this time it really is different.

None of the politicians now cheering for more war was ever interested in getting involved in Ukraine’s previous conflicts or, indeed, with the much longer and deadlier conflict in Yemen. But now they’re all screaming for more bombs, more war, more deaths.

The only question now is when will the world’s first nuclear war start?

Politicians all around the world are clamouring to give Ukraine more arms and fighter jets. American politicians openly talk about destroying Russia. Ukraine has passed a law which makes peace negotiations illegal. “We will not participate in peace talks” they said. It is not difficult to see NATO troops on the ground in Ukraine within a few months. NATO, the US, the UK and the EU are deliberately creating anger and hatred and the prospect of revenge. There is no prospect of peace.

The utterly awful bullet-happy Zelenski, who struts around the world, still masquerading as a leader but looking more and more like an extra in a Marx Brothers movie, seems to imagine that he is the new Che, though without the beret, the big cigar, the genuine compassion and the personality and wants a military solution not a negotiated solution. Zelenski is an actor, not a terribly good one – his only discernible talent appears to be the ability to play the piano with his penis – now playing the part of a wartime leader, safe from the front line, pampered and spoilt by Western leaders using him as a puppet. He seems to be enjoying every moment of his new fame and glory. Maybe his royal hypocrite will bring Zelensky over to use his penis to play God save the King at the Coronation – that should make it memorable. One prick for another.

I have explained before how NATO manipulated Russia into an impossible position with regard to Ukraine because Putin, like China, wouldn’t agree to become part of the New World Order and a world government organised on American terms. But the Americans are in danger of losing the psychological war. It was, for example, a crass error for Biden to stroll with Zelenski through Kiev while fake air raid sirens rounded. The Russians agreed to allow this quiet lovers’ stroll because it demonstrated the involvement of the US in the war, so that the Russian people would appreciate that they weren’t fighting Ukraine but were at war with America and NATO. It was a smart move.

It has become apparent that Ukraine used the Minsk agreement to enable them to build up an army ready for a war they wanted. A Ukraine general talked about taking his tanks into Red Square – too arrogant and too stupid to realise that the Russians would nuke Kiev if that looked like happening. Warmongering ignorant left wing fruitcakes fly Ukraine flags in their gardens, paint their faces in the Ukraine colours and try to find clothing in Ukraine colours. They seem to have no understanding of the extent to which they are supporting neo-Nazis and seem to me to be war-mongering bastards who need locking up in somewhere with a moat packed with crocodiles.

The world is dividing into two camps with Russia and China and a variety of other countries on one side – and America, the EU and the UK on the other side. Israel sits on the fence holding everyone’s coats, cheering on both sides, threatening a full scale war against Iran and hoping to pick up some cheap oil and new armaments from America.

The bizarre result of all this is that Russia is now the world centre of Christianity and the West is despised around much of the world. America and Britain and the EU are unbelievably corrupt countries and Christianity has been long forgotten and suppressed. Christians have been fined for wearing crosses and arrested for praying silently. Charles, allegedly the head of the Church of England but also a climate change nutter and a frequent flyer, and the most embarrassing hypocrite in the country, will declare in his coronation that he is the defender of all faiths. Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury won’t mind: he is a disgrace.

England has a Hindu leader. London has a Muslim mayor and when there was talk of a Christian becoming the new leader of Scotland the result was outrage. I saw one headline which said: “Would a Christian be permitted to lead Scotland?”

Schools teach lies and propaganda and sex material that even adults find shocking. Millions of children, mentally damaged by masks, lockdowns and involuntary vaccinations, leave school unable to write or do simple sums.

Many now advocate allowing children to change sex at will without their parents being consulted.

There is no sense of morality, no sense of right and wrong and since there is no freedom of speech in the mainstream press these issues are never openly debated.

And all the time the drive towards a digital economy, with everyone possessing a digital identity, continues apace. Banga, America’s new nominee for the World Bank, wants to get rid of cash and will, of course, campaign enthusiastically against climate change and for digital ID – as though the two were or could be in any way connected other than that they are linked by the fact that the former is an excuse, nothing more, for driving us towards the planned global reset of which the latter is an integral part.

At a meeting of the World Government Summit recently Klaus Schwab, who is effectively the UK’s Prime Minister, said that whoever mastered the new technologies will be the masters of the world.

The US, the UK and most of the EU countries are technically bankrupt and yet they are competing to give most arms to defend one of the most corrupt countries in the world, a country headed by a man who never stopped being a poor comedian but who is now a poor comedian with a begging bowl constantly demanding more weapons, more bombs, more bullets, more jets, more bombers and soon, some nice nukes of his own. And the way we’re going he’ll get them.

The world is controlled by woke, left wing, communist extremists masquerading as liberal greens and telling endless lies about non-existent climate change. And, incidentally, it’s not true that scientists believe that climate change is real or that they think it’s man-made or that they think it threatens our way of life. Those are lies used to terrify and control. And there is no debate. The truth is that the climate change nutters are science deniers. They don’t like facts which they regard as an inconvenience to be ignored. Like the BBC, which employs 22,000 professional purveyors of propaganda, they are devoted to misinformation. If the BBC broadcast a fact they’d feel so bad they’d broadcast a grovelling apology. Together with Google, YouTube and Wikipedia the BBC is one of the world’s Big Four enemies of truth – packed with sanctimonious, pretentious, arrogant and ignorant fools. They’d hire Dr. Mengele as their resident health expert if they could find the body to dig up. In Britain, the mainstream media vie to be as bad as the BBC.

The bottom line is that there are more commies in power in the UK and the USA than in Russia. They want to get rid of every country’s culture and history and all they talk about is diversity. Well, I’ve had enough diversity. I’m full up with diversity. I didn’t ask for what we’ve got and I don’t want any more. Leave our statues alone. The humourless woke minority should stop whingeing about sexism and racism every time they don’t get exactly what they want the minute they want it. The biggest crime in the world today is ageism. The most common victims of racism are white people. And the most common victims of sexism are men.

Anyone who mentions any of this is instantly demonised as a conspiracy theorist. And denounced as discredited.

Both those terms were, incidentally, applied to me in March 2020 after I exposed the covid scare as a hoax and yet no one at Google – which spreads the abuse – offered the slightest evidence of their validity. They just said and repeated it. The only source for these libels was an editor at Wikipedia – believed by a co-founder of Wikipedia to be a fake name for a series of CIA operatives. Larry Sanger, the co-founder, has described Wikipedia, the website written too often by prejudiced and bigoted amateurs, as corrupt and I find it difficult to disagree with that. Wikipedia is largely powerful because of its close, symbiotic relationship with Google.

No one could point to anything I got wrong. It was the mainstream media which got everything wrong and which told lie after lie. And yet I’m so banned it’s amazing that I can still make occasional videos and put up website articles. The last but one time I was interviewed for internet radio, the final interview lost 17 minutes. The time before that, the interviewer lost his Spotify podcast and his PayPal as a direct result of interviewing me. I am banned from every social media outlet I know about. When I tried to join Facebook in spring 2020 they told me I was too dangerous for their community.

There’s rightly been a lot of fuss recently about the appallingly heavy handed, woke changes to Roald Dahl’s books. “Leave the books alone,” say many authors and commentators. But no one cares about the fact that those of us struggling to share the truth about what is happening in the real world are banned from all mainstream media and from most of the internet.

Mainstream media journalists, who are universally stupid or corrupt or both, are firmly convinced that we are living in the ‘Time of the Coincidence’. The fake pandemic. The fake vaccine that doesn’t work but does kill, and the mandatory vaccination programmes that came in its wake. The masks that don’t work. The lockdowns that did far more harm than good. Endless scares about new infectious diseases – most of them, they say, linked to farm animals. An epidemic of sudden death affecting previously healthy individuals. The climate change myth. A world war, deliberately engineered by NATO and now constantly fuelled by ignorant idiots demanding ever more involvement. The suppression of all truths. The demonisation of all truth-tellers. One coincidence after another. And all of them all happening at the same time in every country in the world. Meanwhile, we are told that Boris Johnson, no less, wants to be the Secretary General of NATO. This is the same Johnson who wants Ukraine to have NATO membership and who wants the UK to give British jets to Ukraine – a nation with surprisingly strong and conveniently overlooked Nazi overtones.

The aim is to promote the policies of radical left wing liberals who want to destroy the world and bring in the Great Reset. They believe in wealth equalisation, which means that they want what you’ve got, but they don’t believe in private investors, freedom of speech or biological gender. They believe that the middle classes must be destroyed, that capitalism is bad and that the world would be a much better place if they had all the money, and you and I simply shut up and did what we were told. They are science deniers who believe in woke governance and they constantly introduce new laws to push their absurd political agendas. They love the EU, which is every fascist’s dream and every freedom lover’s nightmare, they love diversity and sustainability and will make you crawl through broken glass if they can have more of both. They’ll vote for a nuclear war if they think it will bring them what they want. (They are too stupid to realise that in a nuclear war, there will be no winners and anyone left alive will wish they were dead.)

What the self-righteous, self-deluded radical left wing liberals don’t realise is that they are working on behalf of their sponsors – the billionaire conspirators who just know that the world will be a much better place if THEY have all the money and you and I and the radical left wing liberals, who want to destroy the world, just shut up and did what we were all told. However bad you fear things could soon be they will, I fear, be considerably worse.

The gofers, the executives if you like, behind the Great Reset are people like Schwab, Blair, Obama, Charles the Hypocrite, Soros, Musk and Gates. But the string pullers are Fink of Black Rock, Bloomberg of Bloomberg, Paulson, formerly of Goldman Sachs, Solomon of Goldman Sachs, which bank I regard as the bastard child of an uncomfortable alliance between Shylock and Fagin, Rockefeller and Rothschild, the one who poked a finger in Charlie’s chest. A huge chunk of the world’s so-called leaders are alumni of Goldman Sachs, by the way. Sunak, currently Britain’s Prime Minister is one.

The corrupt conspirators and the corrupted and compliant collaborators will do everything they can to win their war. They aren’t interested in consensus politics. They are totally committed to control and power and to ending the game with all the money in their pockets. They have deliberately, meticulously destroyed every tradition we have. They know that our culture is built on our history and they are determined to remove everything of which we are proud.

It is time to defend ourselves against the Godless tyranny which threatens our humanity and our very lives.

The conspirators and the collaborators should all be arrested. All Bilderbergers should be arrested for having meetings at our expense and then not telling us what they were plotting. Supporters of Ukraine should be arrested for naivety and stupidity and not understanding what is going on. Journalists working for the mainstream media should be arrested. All EU staff and supporters should be arrested. All supporters of and promoters of the fake vaccine should be arrested. The staff of the WHO should be arrested. The staff of Facebook, Google, YouTube and Wikipedia should be arrested for the suppression of truths and for contributing to genocide. Graduates of the Common Purpose programme should be arrested. Anyone involved with the WEF should be arrested. And the left woke climate change nutters should be sent away to be reprogrammed to understand the meaning of truth and science.

We need bigger prisons.

That’ll do for now.

We need to stay alert.

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