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This Week in the New Normal #71

This Week in the New Normal #71

Our successor to This Week in the Guardian, This Week in the New Normal is our weekly chart of the progress of autocracy, authoritarianism and economic restructuring around the world. Somewhat delayed and curtailed this week, but you can blame 9/11 for that (along with so much else).

1. “Seriously guys, climate change is a public health issue”

For a while now OffG has been highlighting how the language used around “climate change” is trying to change it from a an environmental issue into a public health issue.

We’ve explained the reasoning before – if climate change is a public health threat, then you can use the Covid precedent to institute “climate lockdowns”.

Yet another example appeared in the news this week, with the Guardian reporting:

Climate crisis poses greatest risk to people with respiratory illnesses, experts warn

If the title isn’t quite on-the-nose enough for you, well here’s the subhead:

Call for EU to match WHO’s air pollution regulatory limits as impact of climate emergency interlinks with human health

They’re going to keep pushing this, until “climate change=public health” is ingrained in the public subconscious.

2. They’re not done with the UFO thing yet

The Daily Mail reported this week that the Pentagon had “revealed” the world’s “UFO hotspots”.

Yes, fresh off July’s Congressional “UFO Hearings”, yet more “declassified information” is appearing in the press. This time in the form of a heat map which places like Fox news spared no time in turning into totally-non-cheesy digital graphics:

In our previous coverage of the UFO “leaks” we’ve tried to explain why they might want to trot out this story, and come up pretty empty:

But not understanding something doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. And here we are, with serious coverage (if the Mail qualifies as such) of “UFO hot spots”.

You’d be forgiven for thinking the narrative managers are just throwing headlines at the wall and seeing what sticks at this point.

“People who trust their gut are suckers for ‘bulls–t’ conspiracy theories”

That’s the headline of a New York Post article on two new studies from Sweden and the UK. According to these studies, people who “trust their gut” instead of believing authorities are “more likely to believe misinformation”.

They try and to dress it up in babble about “subjective truth”, but the message is clear: Trusting your own eyes is wrong, assessing for yourself is wrong. Believe what you’re told, trust in authority, never question your leaders.

As we discussed in a recent article about the nature of “science”, these are studies essentially done to order. A conclusion awaiting commissioned evidence.

Its prompts us to ask an important question: How many terrible events in human history – wars or genocides or large abuse of human rights of any kind – were set in motion by people sacrificing their minds to groupthink?

Almost all. A collapse of individuality is practically required for a society to become monstrous.

…conversely, what harm has ever been done by non-conformists who just want to be left alone?

I’ll keep trusting my gut, thanks. And let others keep blindly doing as they’re told.

BONUS: Awful headline of the week

This is the actual front page of an actual newspaper, presented here with no further comment…

It’s not all bad…

Unvaccinated tennis-great Novak Djokovic won the US open on Sunday night, his 24th grand slam title, extending his own record. If not for being forced to skip several tournaments due to his refusal to be injected with the Covid “vaccine” he’d probably be at 25 or 26 by now.

The reason I mention any of this comparative non-news is just context for a pleasingly ironic video clip…

Yes, this years US Open was sponsored by Moderna, and their oh-so-clever “shot of the day” was an unvaccinated man winning the title. Sometimes life is beautiful.


All told a pretty hectic week for the new normal crowd, and we didn’t even mention the UK’s “anti-money laundering bill”, how US governors can now just “suspend” civil rights if they want to or the Guardian gaslighting people into believing Biden has been some kind of political reformer.


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