Time to Live From The Heart
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Time to Live From The Heart

Time to Live From The Heart

All experiences are brought forth by our own higher selves, as an opportunity to heal and let go of certain attachments, expectations or any sensible heartstrings that tend to pull us out of center and make our Love and Inner-Peace conditional. Because our purest and natural state is to be 100% who we are, with no conditions or external requirements whatsoever in order to BE it... in order to stand in our light, emanate our true essence and be Love.

There is no true conditions for that, except the ones created in the mind. When we have dissolved and are free of all mind stories (not that they are wrong, we are humans after all and are still evolving) we see the perfection in all, and how all situations that may arise are but a ”training” that our own souls – in accord with other souls – have agreed to bring forth in order for us to feel and let go of what we hold onto.. and most importantly to SEE THROUGH and understand the lesson of Unconditional Love behind them. Our Heart – not the mind’s heart – see’s through all events, challenges or even challenging individuals for who and what they truly are beyond all layers, which is nothing but Love. We are all Love – even those who are embodying dark roles – and our Higher selves recognize this and are making the most of these “button pushers” for us to learn and grow from them.. for us to detach from appearances and Be who we are no matter what. All experiences and challenges is designed as an opportunity to let go of any beliefs that control us and cause our inner-peace to be conditional. It is to bring us further into realization that we are already whole and never truly needy or lacking, for we are all One. Even when challenges seem to be a step back in some cases, it is in truth a step back that enables one to see things from a wider perspective and understand how it can only make us stronger, and embody our true peaceful essence of Love more fully. It is all for growth, for embodying our purpose, for uncovering our true selves and therefore create powerfully without any ego-based limitations.

There is no real duality, no real opposites, for all is but Love manifested in different frequencies, playing different roles. ”Fighting for the light” is not required, because light only shines when we are fully ourselves, when we are simply BEING ourselves and acting from the Heart without enforcing anything, or having judgment. This is our soul’s natural state. How can we judge, when our experience is still our individual/collective creation? How can we judge, when these individuals who are dirtying our waters, polluting the skies and killing our animals are simply another facet of ourselves playing a role for us to evolve beyond what we are currently enabling/creating? How can we judge when the birds falling from the sky and the fish floating above our waters have agreed to shut off their life-energy as a wake up call for humanity to recognize our interconnectedness with all that is? How can we judge any lost minds, when their own loving soul is still making the most of their present physicality to create wonderful challenges that serve the growth and expansion of others and ourselves? These are difficult to experience indeed, but are all wake up calls, are merely loving lessons that go beyond appearances. I believe humanity will let itself fall at the bottom of its own darkness before rising up.. and the same goes with personal challenges. Because at this vulnerable point, we will realize that there is no Fight or judgment required, but only Love. For those of us who already know of this, it is time to embody this knowledge and most of all, to trust it. Quiet the mind chatter, trust the peaceful knowing of your heart, reconnect with yourself in these challenging times... and you shall fly through them. We are Love.. we ended up perpetuating this reality out of judgment and forgetfulness, now let’s let go of judgment and create our reality in remembrance of who we are. “The thinking mind is a useful and powerful tool, but it is also very limiting when it takes over your life completely, when you don’t realize that it is only a small aspect of the consciousness that you are.” – Eckhart Tolle .

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