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To the WEF, WHO and UN: Get out of our country, you are not welcome here

To the WEF, WHO and UN: Get out of our country, you are not welcome here

On Sunday, retired police constable Mark Sexton and lawyers Philip Hyland and Hannah Rose, with involvement and direction from a senior human rights barrister, released a video statement to explain their judicial review application to the High Court in London.  Their application, submitted on 9 June 2023, aims to force the Metropolitan police (“the Met”) to reopen and investigate crime number 6029679/21 (“CN 6029679/21”).

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We last reported on CN 6029679/21 in January this year when Philip Hyland of PJH Law wrote to then Commissioner of the London Metropolitan Police Cressida Dick.

In December 2021, Sexton made a criminal complaint at Hammersmith police station. Subsequently, a Detective Sergeant and Police Constable were allocated to assess the complaint and the Superintendent, assistant to Commissioner Dick, was made aware of the complaint. Hannah Rose from the UK charity Fundamental Freedom submitted details of the criminal Investigation by The Met to the International Criminal Court (“ICC”) along with an urgent request to serve an injunction on the UK Government to stop all Vaccines immediately. 

By the end of the first week of January 2022, all Chief Constables in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales had been made aware of the live criminal complaint or investigation with the Met. London Mayor Sadiq Khan and London’s Police crime commissioner had also been notified.  Additionally, Sexton had sent a written invitation to both BBC and Sky to report on the criminal complaint in which the crimes cited were:

  1. misfeasance in public office
  2. misconduct in public office
  3. conspiracy to commit grievous bodily harm
  4. conspiracy to administer a poisonous and noxious substance to cause serious harm and death
  5. gross negligence manslaughter
  6. corporate manslaughter
  7. corruption
  8. fraud
  9. blackmail
  10. murder
  11. conspiracy to commit murder
  12. terrorism
  13. genocide
  14. torture
  15. crimes against humanity
  16. false imprisonment
  17. multiple breaches of our human rights
  18. war crimes
  19. multiple breaches of The Nuremberg Code 1947
  20. multiple breaches of The Human Rights Act 1998
  21. With a view to adding treason to the complaint at some time in the future

In February 2022, the Met “dropped the investigation” claiming it had assessed all the evidence and found no criminal offences were apparent.  Deputy Assistant Commissioner Jane Connors added: “We have found no evidence to support any claims that information about adverse health implications is being suppressed or withheld from the public in the manner that was alleged.”

For further details of the history of Sexton et al.’s multi-year struggle for justice for us all, you can browse articles we’ve previously published HERE.

Unfortunately for Connors, before and since her statement an abundance of testimonies from doctors, scientists and other citizens as well as documented evidence has come to light demonstrating, beyond doubt, that information has indeed been suppressed and withheld. 

For example, a report in January 2023 described secretive Whitehall units that have been monitoring government critics’ speech online – including Members of Parliament, academics, journalists, human rights campaigners and the public – under the guise of combatting “misinformation.”  It would appear an entire “fact-checking” and censorship industry has blossomed during the covid era with the sole purpose of suppressing and withholding information the public has a right to know. 

In May 2022, Detective Superintendent Tor Garnett again reiterated in a letter to Hyland that no criminal offences are identified, no further investigation will take place and any further documents submitted will not be actioned.

Clearly, the Met has made no honest attempt to assess the evidence.  We could accuse that the Met itself has become guilty of suppressing information.

In Sunday’s video statement, Hyland gave the legal perspective of the Met’s conduct: “It is unlawful for the Metropolitan Police to turn a blind eye to evidence of criminality that has been supplied to them.” And this is the basis of the latest claim submitted to the High Court.

As the Met has so far refused to investigate the crimes, last Friday Sexton, Hyland and Rose submitted an application to the High Court in London for a judicial review to force the Met to investigate the crimes detailed in CN 6029679/21. “These are very serious crimes and they are ongoing,” Sexton said.

These crimes are committed by the UK government, regulators, civil servants, media bosses and senior police officers against the men, women and children of the United Kingdom.

“The courts now have a responsibility to force the Metropolitan Police to do their job.  The catastrophic and deliberate failures of the Metropolitan Police have to be held to account. In particular, Deputy Assistant Commissioner Jane Connors and Superintendent Tor Garnett must be held to account for the appalling decisions they made,” Sexton said.

In March 2022, Sexton made a complaint of perverting the course of justice against Connors and Garnett.  “To the best of my knowledge, these criminal complaints against them are still ongoing and have not been resolved,” he added.  Instead of investigating her decisions, Connors has been promoted to Deputy Chief Constable at Police Scotland.

The Solicitors Regulatory Authority (“SRA”) is attempting to silence Hyland and lawyer Lois Baylis.  Sexton said: “I have to ask the question of the SRA: as an organisation when you say you are a regulatory body, who do you really work for and who is telling you to investigate two outstanding lawyers who are standing with the people? What they are doing is justifiable and lawful, can you say the same?”

“To all police, please take a stand and stop this.  You know exactly what is going on.  Stop following unlawful orders.  You work for us, the people – not them, the corporations … It’s time to protect the people … from the harm, injuries and deaths being caused.

“To the doctors, nurses, GPs and healthcare workers stop giving the injections.  You too know what’s going on.

“To the World Economic Forum, the World Health Organisation and the United Nations.  Get out of our country.  You are not welcome.

“What we are doing with the high court, forcing police to do their job, this needs to be replicated worldwide in order for us to take back our world.  It’s not theirs to destroy and ruin.”

After Sexton’s statement, Hyland gave a statement.  It is crucial for every adult who resides in the UK to hear what Hyland has to say, including the police:

“If [ ] regulators take sides in favour of a government that in our view amounts to alleged serious misconduct in public office.  Regulators are abdicating their responsibility and are putting the public at risk by siding with a government – a government we allege is acting in a criminal way.  Regulators are not in the job of protecting an allegedly criminal government and they’re certainly not in the job of silencing regulatory professionals who are exposing said alleged criminality. 

“The actions of regulators in coming down hard on any professional who questions the narrative is one of the principal reasons why so few regulated professionals have gone public with their concerns.  Many are privately concerned but very few have gone public.  This cannot continue.  The police must step up and the police must step in.”

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