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To WW3 or not to WW3? That is the question…

Here is a concept that nobody in politics talks about – Moral Capital.

To WW3 or not to WW3? That is the question…

There is no man born today or ever who does not have a sense of right and wrong. We love what we perceive to be justice and hate what we perceive to be injustice. This is the power of the human heart. It drives everything we do. 

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By a concerned reader

After 911 the streets of Tehran echoed with cries of God bless America. That is the power of moral capital. Even the Iranians recognised that 911 was a grave injustice that the US did not deserve. They deemed it to be wrong. And they protested in the streets, not because they are great fans of the USA. But because they are great fans, great friends of what they perceive to be justice and they are great enemies of what they perceive to be an injustice. 

Now of course today we know through Building 7 and through many demolition experts etc., that 911 was a false flag. It was a self-inflicted wound for the purpose of justifying a war in Afghanistan and for the purpose of empowering through the patriot act, a surveillance police state which we can now see the fruitage of in the excessive prosecution and incarceration of January6 Vote Fraud sit in protesters, 4 of whom (Ashli Babbit, Roseanne Boyland, Kevin Greeson Benjamin Phillips), were killed by a deliberately undermanned and inevitably overwhelmed and FBI compromised capitol police force in circumstances where thousands of hours of potentially exculpatory video footage of the crime scene have been deliberately withheld by a justice hating and injustice perpetuating and corrupt US congress which covers for a totally corrupted DOJ and FBI and US justice system.

Yes people love justice but post democratic governments do not.

We see further fruitage in the indictment and prosecution for victimless process crimes not merely of Trump but also of many of the people involved in getting him into power in 2016 or giving him a second chance at power in 2024. This tells us incidentally who really is in charge of the US. It is the anti Trump deep state, the swamp, the globalist double agents in their intelligence services, who were enabled and empowered by the patriot act and 911.

Yes they knew how to use MORAL CAPITAL to their advantage. The question is does Israel?

How should Israel spend the Moral Capital they received from the October 7 Terror Attack?

The situation in Israel is becoming like a James Bond movie plot. There is obviously a malicious element that has infiltrated both sides of the conflict, trying to force mankind into WW3. The Saudi Israeli peace talks were scuppered by the October7 Hamas terror attack, possibly triggered by illegal Al Aqsa (Temple Mount) incursions by Israel during the Jewish festival of Booths (such an incursion by Ariel Sharon is known to have triggered the 2nd Intifada) and facilitated by a standing down or a failure for several hours of Israel’s defences who were apparently blind during the 2 years of preparation for the attack, but who knew instantly a rocket had been fired at the Al Ahli Anglican Hospital in Gaza, from intercepted Hamas Terrorist cell phones, that Hamas was responsible.

Also US intelligence were blind to an operation involving over 1500 Hamas terrorists killed in Israel not counting the hundreds or thousands more who escaped back into Gaza with the hostages. An operation which took 2 years in planning and involved thousands of terrorists. Are we really to believe that Mossad has no operatives within Hamas? If so they should be sacked right now. In fact they should be sacked right now more so if they do have operatives in Hamas. Because they have totally failed in their primary mission.

It was a horrific and despicable terror attack, killing babies, children, grandmothers, whole families and kidnapping music festival revellers. But just as nobody in the US military lost their job or even got sanctioned or demoted or reprimanded for the most disastrous military withdrawal in US history, which broke every tenet of US military conduct. So we are yet to see any Israeli officer suffer any penalty for the greatest failure in Israel’s history according to Ehud Barak. the former prime minister who fought alongside Benjamin Netanyahu as a commando in the IDF

” Recent polling shows a significant majority of Israelis blame Mr Netanyahu not just for the military and intelligence failures that allowed the attack but for “propping up” the terrorist group in the first place.” – Daily Telegraph

This means that the Afghan withdrawal was not a mistake because it lead to no punishment. It was a deliberate act of Sabotage by a corrupted Pentagon. And the Israeli blindness to and lack of response in the first few hours of the Hamas assault on October7 likewise may not have been a mistake.

I apologise for using my intelligence against Israeli intelligence services. But I, being Jewish on my Mother’s side, require them to do their blooming job actually. And if they did stand down, or turn a blind eye to 2 years of Hamas terror preparation or fail to have even one useful operative within Hamas in the last 2 years, or refuse to listen to the operatives they do have within Hamas during that period, then they are just as responsible for the terror attack as those who perpetrated it. Where are the resignations? Where are the firings? Don’t hold your breath. They are paid to protect the people who were attacked, terrorised, killed and kidnapped. And they did not do that.

“I served in the [Israeli Defence Force] Gaza division during the 2014 Gaza war… Listen to me, and listen to me well: There’s no way in the world that anyone can approach the border without us knowing about it.” – Wide awake media

But be that as it may. Israel is still sitting upon a mountain of Moral Capital resulting from the inhuman terror that they have suffered at the hands of Hamas. How are they going to use that Moral Capital? George Bush, who was so shallow and incurious that he may not have even realised he had any moral capital, and was a fairly obvious puppet of the deep state, blew away every cent of the moral capital of 911, the minute he started bombing Afghanistan.

Is Israel going to make the same mistake?

The Al Ahli Anglican Hospital in Gaza

Here is a story which is all about moral capital. There was a report from Hamas and from the hospital which is said to be a base for Hamas, which was picked up by all the major news outlets and many internet news people. The report was that the hospital was hit by an Israeli airstrike in the middle of the night and 500 people were killed.

Had that story been true, then Israel would have blown all its moral capital in one night at the Casino of war. The report and its media amplification which I confess I was involved in (you should see some of the earlier versions of this piece – woops). Lead to most of the middle East leaders cancelling their invitation to meet President Biden. had Israel bombed a hospital and killed 500 people, then international support for further operations in Gaza would have been severely reduced especially in the Islamic world. And we would all be one step nearer to WW3.

After the announcement Israel initially claimed responsibility through Hananya Naftali, a digital aide to Benjamin Netanyahu. Then his tweet was deleted and the IDF denied responsibility and produced a video which they said proved it has a Hamas rocket misfiring. The trouble with their first video was that you could clearly hear the characteristic whistling of a US or Israeli JDAM missile before the detonation, which is very different to the sound of a Hamas rocket.

So some US marines informed twitter that in their professional opinion (not as yet confirmed) the bomb was a JDAM and therefore the hospital must have suffered an Israel airstrike. My position initially was the same because Israel had hit the hospital with an airstrike on Saturday October14 and had destroyed the medical directors home with another airstrike according to the testimony of the Bishop of Norwich (the Right Reverend Graham Usher) on BBC Radio5 live on October17 from 22:11-22:15.

Furthermore Hamas do not possess a rocket that can kill 500 people whereas the IDF clearly do. So then the argument was, well the hospital is a Hamas base. So perhaps it was full of explosives which got triggered by the rocket strike? But there was no secondary explosion. So the best I could come up with was that it was Israel who hit the hospital. And for a few hours Israel lost its moral capital in my eyes. Alex Jones went along with it too. Then the IDF deleted their first video which I found highly suspicious. Presumably they deleted it because the whistling sound defeated their argument.

Then in the morning we saw an incredible sight. the hospital was still standing. Even the flimsy solar panel structure on the roof which would be condemned by any council planning department in the UK, was still standing undamaged. I was amazed! The rocket had missed the hospital entirely and hit the parking lot. No hospital staff were killed at all. Some people in the parking lot were killed and dismembered according to a report in NPR. The Gaza Health Ministry (run by Hamas) is the source of the 500 killed lie. Whereas Gaza civil defence put the figure at 300 according to the Guardian report. So the Hamas PR machine exaggerated the death toll from a few people in a Hospital car park and no Hospital staff, to 500 dead, in order to derail Biden’s peace initiative. 

So the great news is that Medecins San Frontiers quoting reports of hundreds of dead were wrong. Hamas lied when it said a hospital has been hit and 500 people have been killed. Benjamin Netanyahu’s office lied when it claimed responsibility. The IDF lied when it produced its first whistling video. The pro war lobby repeated a lie when they said Hamas had killed 500 of its own people. The anti war or anti Israel war lobby repeated a lie when they said that Israel had killed 500 patients. The critical thinking lobby held that Hamas does not have that kind of weaponry and so Israel must have done it. And basically everybody lied or believed lies or retweeted them including me. I retweeted the Medecins Sans Frontiers tweet which was not a lie but gave credibility to false reports. It is even possible that the Bishop of Norwich was deceived about the October14th attack on the hospital. I guess that is the fog of war. 

There is no greater prize that Hamas could wish for than Israel killing 500 people in a Gaza Hospital (other than WW3). And Israel should not ever give them any part of that prize.

The good news is that only a few people appear to have been killed. But as Jonathan swift originally remarked in 1710: Falsehood flies and the truth limps after it. Or as we say today: A lie gets half way round the world before the truth gets its pants on. I suppose with the internet and Twitter the adage should be updated to read: A lie goes twice around the world before the truth gets its pants on. That is what happened on the night of Tuesday October17.

What I find incredible is that Hamas must have known that in the morning their lie would be found out. Perhaps they also knew that the middle east is so hot headed that the damage would be done before the truth was known? Why did the middle east leaders not re invite Biden after it was discovered that the IDF had absolutely nothing to do with the rocket that fell upon the Hospital parking lot?

I guess these are the vagaries of moral capital  This also is the importance of the media. They can and do make or break moral capital on a daily basis.

But the whole episode shows Israel that it will not win against Gaza unless it preserves its moral capital during the fight. 

How to Defuse the Middle East

Here is what Bush should have done on 2001September12. He should have gone to all of America’s enemies at the time from Iran to North Korea and used the moral capital of 911 to make peace agreements and establish better diplomacy and do some proper business and address complaints and remove rancour. He should have discussed with them how to proceed against these terrorists and taken his enemies with him. That would have been inspired leadership which Bush was nowhere near capable of. Actually he was not even the President. He was the republican equivalent of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. A puppet for Cheney, who was himself a puppet for double agents in the CIA, who themselves puppets of the globalists, who themselves are the puppets of the money men, who not satisfied with having most of the money in the world, now want to have most of the land in the world too. So 90% of us have to be removed to make more room for them. 

“They want the world to be Carbon neutral in the sense that most of the carbon units upon it are neutralised.” 

So likewise here is my recommendation for Israel: You have to defeat Hamas morally FIRST (which is not hard) before you can defeat them physically because if not then they will grow back. Cease all military operations. Lock Hamas into its open prison and restore food and water and gas. But cut off electricity for a number of hours every time a rocket is fired into Israel which actually hits Israel. But supply solar power or generators to all hospitals. Do not cut off hospital power. Commit publicly to never target hospitals in Gaza in any way. They are a total own goal as regards moral capital, which may just be the most powerful weapon of them all in this conflict. 

Then go to Jordan. Go to Egypt. Go the Iran. Go to Syria. Go to Saudi Arabia with the moral capital of the October7 attacks AND with the moral capital of your restrained and humanitarian response. And get their agreement for how to proceed. Take them with you and earn even more moral capital. Use also the moral capital of the Al Ahli Hospital Parking lot attack by Hamas to guarantee no targeting of hospitals during the fight.

You have Hamas trapped in a cage. The only reason they succeeded on October7 is your cage failed. So fix the cage and fix it now or it will ‘fail’ again. Take the Islamic world with you because they do not want Hamas coming to them. They want you to deal with Hamas. They want Israel to deal with Hamas. Find a way forward that all parties agree on and then take out Hamas with your neighbours on board.

Israel is only as safe as its neighbours want it to be. And the Palestinians are your neighbour too. So Israel needs to find a solution that the Palestinian people think is just. If Israel does not do that, they may well eliminate Hamas 1.0. But it will be replaced by Hamas 2.0, which will be just as bad or worse.

During this process you will discover that some in your government in your military and in you intel services try and stop you. These are the globalist double agents who are pushing you and the entire world into WW3. They are a greater enemy than Hamas to Israel and to all of us.

How to stop WW3

Our enemy is the money men behind the globalist double agents in the intel services who corrupt and control governments to ignore the will of the people and instead implement their will. They use money not to pay their bills, but to make themselves into Kings. They think only in terms of money which is their God. They wish to rule us all as kings through money, through our own money in fact, which they are going to steal.

They wish to usurp all democracy and use digital technology, use military surveillance tech and use CBDCs to turn the entire planet into a Digital Prison, a Digital Concentration Camp in fact. They wish to control the entire world with the social credit scores currently controlling 1.4 billion Chinese.

They wish to crush all faith in God, be it Judaic, Islamic, Christian or any other religion right down to the one person church in all believers. They wish to exclude those who will not become their slaves from food and water and electricity and gas, precisely as the Israelis have been enforcing upon Gaza, the test run to see how that works for them

The kind of abuse meted out in concentration camps can only occur under the cover of a world war as we saw in WW2. When the war ended, so did the concentration camps. So in order for the globalists to turn the entire world into a digital concentration camp, they need a world war.

They need WW3 in fact. Now if you were given the task of triggering WW3 (and were heartless enough to undertake that task) how would you do it? Put yourself in the globalists’ shoes. Not very comfortable for human feet, but they do give insight into what is going on. Obviously the Israeli Palestinian problem has the potential to become a Judaeo Christian – Islamic conflict which has the potential to become a NATO vs BRICS and the Islamic World conflict. So that is what we are seeing in the middle east today.

So far the Globalists have….

1. Taken over the US military to the point where they break every tenet of US military doctrine during the Afghan withdrawal, by leaving billions of dollars of the latest high tech equipment behind to be analysed by NATO’s enemies and given to assorted terrorist outfits and to the point where they pull out their troops before ensuring the evacuation of their citizens (men women and children) and their interpreters and other human assets in Afghanistan.

And having failed in every possibly military respect (I mean Americans are not slow to blow things up – they could have easily blown up the hardware they left behind), they punished nobody at all for the biggest military failure in US history. So it was not a mistake. It was a deliberate act of sabotage by a military already conquered by globalist agents. 

2. Emaciated the UK military to the point where we have insufficient numbers of people or effective machines to deal with anything other than minor skirmishes. 

3. Started the moral and physical destruction of America city by city, law by law and moral by moral. 

4. Arranged a massive influx of illegal immigrants into both the UK and the US and the EU, in fact into all NATO countries, amongst whom it would be easy to plant terrorist sleeper cells. The US funds terrorism. The UK puts potential terrorists up in 4 star hotels!

These globalists, want NATO to lose WW3. Indeed that is part of its purpose. The last piece of the puzzle to ensure that NATO loses, apart from destroying the military capabilities of the US and the UK, is to get the entire Islamic world to side with the BRICS. And so I say to all my Muslim brothers in the faith of Abraham, do not take sides. Do not get polarised. Your enemy is not Israel. your enemy is not NATO, it is the demons behind the globalists.

And I say to all Jews and Christians and men of faith in a divine creator, your enemy is not Islam, for we all have one father Abraham either by genetics or by the covenant of faith of Genesis 12. Your enemy is WW3 and those who would lead us into it. 

Globalists need WW3 in order to setup the digital concentration camp and they need NATO to lose and China to win in order to be able to represent that regrettably the terms of our surrender are that we have to accept a Chinese style social credit system. You understand of course, that we would never inflict such a destruction of your human rights upon you ourselves.

Oh No, We believe in human rights. We are the champions of your human rights. But in order to prevent further needless loss of life in WW3, for humanitarian reasons, we recommend that you accept this minor inconvenience for a very limited period of time, perhaps 3 weeks to flatten your hearts?

And one might think that this is as far as the rabbit hole goes. But one would be wrong. For there is yet a further agenda behind the mask of the digital concentration camps and that is of course the final solution. Not from Hitler against the Jews. Not from the Iranian Ayatollahs against Israel. Not from Zionists against the Palestinians. Not from Hamas against Israelis. But from the demons and their Globalist billionaire friends against mankind. Yes against every one reader of this article (except the demons who read it).. 

They do not want to share the universe with us. Because we show them up as heartless Neanderthals. Every time we show compassion, human compassion, for our brothers, especially for our enemies, we defeat them. Every time we put our humanity before our religion, before our country and before any other type of man made made status, we show them up as inferior by the only metric that matters, the size of our hearts. 

They want to kill us with vaccines. They want to kill us with immorality. They want to prevent us from procreating heterosexually with the genitals we were born with. They want to kill the love that men have for women. They want to kill the love that women have for men. Anything with the slightest chance of making another human being they want to terminate. They want to kill us with war.

They want to kill us with famine. They want to kill us with WMDs. They want to kill us with the 2nd, the 3rd and the 4th horses and horsemen of the apocalypse of John, in Revelation6.

Why? Because we show them up as heartless inhuman murdering pigs who care more about their social status with their demonic peers than they do about innocent human life. Because we hurt their feelings and make them feel embarrassed. Because we were born in the gutter of creation under a death sentence from Adam but we have risen to the top of the heavens with everlasting angelic life, high above them, thanks to a certain Jew from the tribe of Judah, a son of David, denied and sacrificed by his own people who bayed for his blood in front of Pontius Pilate, because they were mislead by the status, yes by the status of the Pharisees. That is the danger of status worship which is Baal worship.

WW3 is a spiritual war, Armageddon (behind it) is a spiritual war. So forgive me for getting a bit biblical here. And I do not ask anyone to accept Judaism, Islam, Christianity, or any other religion. Indeed it is God’s will in my understanding of Revelation17:16-17 that religions will take the blame for WW3, and then be destroyed by governments after the faithful have left them, because they have sold out to the governments of this world, and are pictured as a harlot (to God) riding the government beast in Revelation17. Just as the governments of this world themselves are pictured as a harlot (to democracy) by the same harlot riding the central banking beast in a 2nd interpretation of the same chapter. And the banks will themselves turn on the governments and then God will turn on the banks. For money is one of the greatest of the false Gods of Egypt. Money and status, the two pillars in the temple of this world. Get your hands upon them and do what Samson did in your heart – when the time comes. 

Therefore I do ask everybody with faith to become a one person church or a one person mosque or a one person temple and I ask everyone with love to become a one person charity and to resist the demonic main stream media and the demonic internet influencers who advocate taking one side or the other in a potentially nuclear WW3.

They are all Blofeld trying to cause mankind to wipe himself out. Instead let us all become James Bond. It is not as easy a job as Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Piers Brosnan  and Daniel Craig made it look in the movies. And you might not be quite as successful with women (or men) as they were in the process. It is one thing to defuse a nuclear bomb. It is quite another to defuse the Middle East or to tackle man’s inhumanity to man. If the media could arrange an Israeli Palestinian peace conference next week I can guarantee that one side or the other would scupper it before it ever happened. There is huge demonic energy pushing us all into a terminal conflict.

There are 2 sides to the Russia-Ukraine conflict and there are two sides to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Pro WW3 and anti WW3. Pro life and pro extinction. Pro Human and pro Demon. Pro Justice and anti justice. Pro proportionality and anti proportionality. Pro escalation and anti escalation. Pro land grab and anti land grab.

Anyone who pretends they do not know what proportionality is, is a deceiver who knows perfectly well what it is, but wants to justify disproportionality, which is injustice, for the purpose of pushing mankind into an extinction level war. My advice to all on both sides is to seek life, seek justice, which is proportionality, for her scales are equal both in size and in weight. Ask yourself which side would you like to be on in a nuclear war? Like it makes a difference. So do not take a side now other than for legitimate proportionate self defence – which self defence does not push mankind towards WW3.

All of us are only as secure as our neighbours want us to be. It is a simple as that. The British empire survived as long as it did and became as large as it did, not merely due to military prowess. There was a level of goodwill towards it engendered by shrewd diplomacy taking advantage of moral capital from the British sense of ‘fair play’ and from our supporting the underdog. Abolishing slavery was a masterstroke in that regard. At the end of the day, you have to take your people and your neighbours with you if you want to stick around through the centuries. 

War is Already Obsolete

In 1979 at Cambridge I invented the electric Quadcopter. I did not patent it due to the Benson skymat which was a petrol motor fixed pitch multi rotor helicopter and I imagined that going electric was not sufficiently inventive a step for a patent. I am so glad I did not patent it because that meant I never published the idea. I started a PhD in Aerodynamics at Imperial College to investigate it.

But they denied me funding after 6 months. 11 years later (whilst still working on it part time) I got a vision of a machine gun being mounted on the quadcopter and being shot by it. I realised that the quadcopter was not going to make the world a better place. So I stopped working on it, having never published the idea. Eventually mankind caught up with the invention and various autonomous drones were made, none of which have ever been deployed as a form of public transport (which was my intended use) but many of which are right now being used to kill people.

Offensive weapons are just too powerful these days. Mankind has reached the point where we all effectively have a hand grenade attached to our backsides and politicians have a remote control for the pin in their hands. There is only one outcome to that predicament and the sooner we see it the better.

I say to anyone working in any form of technology: STOP, take a year off. Lest you get dragged into creating the bars for a digital prison, the gene editing tools for genetic Armageddon and the sword which will annihilate our species. I am sure you are all very well paid. I am sure you think creative technology will give you a great career (as did I). But I regret to inform you that it will be a very very short career unless mankind gets its morality right first. 

“Any species whose technology is greater than its morality will destroy itself” 

Here is how you tell if mankind has got his morality right. Have we abolished nuclear weapons yes or no? Whilst the answer is no, we have not got our morality right. Anyone with any understanding of proportionality would never use a nuclear weapon which is the dumbest of all bombs, giving 99.9% collateral damage, and is in fact a suicide bomb.

Any state which wields them is a potential suicide bomber. Any state which threatens their use is a terrorist state and an insult to sustainable morality and a wannabe rider of the 4th horse of the apocalypse and a species-annihilating extinctionist. I would not apply that characterisation to the US in WW2, because in those days it was not so well known what these bombs would do and the bombs were a lot less powerful and there was no danger of nuclear retaliation followed by nuclear escalation as there is today.  

But here is my question to every human being. Do we need to experience a nuclear strike ourselves in order to develop the wisdom of the Japanese and ban their use? Can we not learn from their experience? How many practical demonstrations do we need? Let me assure you. We will ban them. Because they are plainly unsustainable. It is just a question of how many do we set off before the inevitable ban comes. Why can this generation not learn from the previous one?


The writer views this rather like the Uniparty in the US or in the UK. There are people (Israeli and Palestinian and American and British and European and Iranian and Russian and Ukrainian and Chinese etc.) who are controlled by globalists who want to cause WW3. In order to succeed, they need to divide and polarise mankind and get us to take a side and dehumanise an entire race as a result of this horror or as a result of that horror.

Make no mistake these horrors are real and really horrific. But their true purpose is more horrific even than the events themselves. They are none of them the fault of an entire race. They are all of them the fault of heartless politicians who generally have cheated in some way in order to get power and do not represent the people they rule over. These politicians are quite often the true perpetrators or funders or facilitators of the horrors themselves. But they are rarely the ones whom the media blames.

Politicians used to be people who milked disasters. Never waste a good crisis said Sir Winston.
Today they have gone one step further, to actually cause, fund or facilitate the crises that they then intend to milk..

In fact the perfect politician is the cause of the problem that he poses as the saviour from. A great example of this is Sadiq Khan, whose road blocking and speed limiting activities cause the congestion which is his business model from which he profits.

Humanity is not race specific. It is HUMANity. It is not Israelity and it is not Palestinity. Do not be persuaded to turn an entire race or an entire group of conscientious objectors to vaccines or lockdowns or war or nuclear weapons or Digital IDs into the new Untermensch. There is only one side to be on, the side of all humanity.

When both Moses and Jesus commanded their people to love they neighbour. They were, in the final analysis giving them the morality needed to avoid WW3.

So here is the plan for governments.

1. Preserve and build moral capital with all neighbouring states
2. Identify all those against that endeavour and remove them from power.

When a state runs out of moral capital with its neighbours it goes morally bankrupt and since we have no official receiver for states in this world, its moral creditors may declare war upon it.

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