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Top 5 Most Common Myths about Happiness

We all believe in happiness, but often, our beliefs are false.Happiness is one of those things that tend to be associated with many false beliefs.

Top 5 Most Common Myths about Happiness

. Here are some of the most common myths about happiness, which are likely to be present in your life. Once you understand the fallacy of these happiness myths, you can begin to confront them and, therefore, increase your chances to become truly happy. Do you expect happiness to come into your life? Do you think it will come after retirement? Do you expect it to come to your life as soon as you get a new job? Or when you get married? Or divorce maybe? People often wait for the coming of happiness.

They struggle with the bad things in their lives and hope that in the end, everything will change and happiness will finally come their way. Happiness is not tied to any specific moment.

There is no such period of time when happiness comes. It is an illusion to think that you will be happy at some point in the future or if some kind of condition is fulfilled. You can be happy right now and there is no need to postpone your happiness to ‘someday’. Someday never comes. If you were asked about what makes you happy, you would probably think about some specific events, such as retirement or marriage that we talked about above. But the truth is that events come and go, but they do not necessarily bring us happiness. Marriage, dream job, holidays... Have you ever been unhappy in your marriage or during your vacation? If so, your own experiences are the best proof that happiness comes from another source. Wealth is good since it makes our life more comfortable. It can be fun, but it does not bring happiness. To some extent, everyone is aware of this, but most people still live with the belief that material values ​​are the basis of happiness. You can say that “money does not bring happiness”, but deep inside, you will probably still feel that a certain amount of happiness has to do with money. In reality, if you cannot be happy now, material gains will not bring you more happiness.

They bring comfort, opportunities, freedom but not necessarily happiness.

The truth is that happiness and wealth are not connected to each other. You may have noticed that the first three myths about happiness are associated with outside sources. Many external factors can help us feel better, but true happiness comes from within. It is true that a good relationship can bring happiness, but above all, you must be happy within yourself. Have you ever been unhappy next to a good person? Even family can be a source of unhappiness. If you cannot create happiness inside you, then you can not get it from outside sources. Bad things happen every day. Most people struggle with them. This means that they get upset, experience stress, and express negative emotions. You can deal with the hardships in your life, but the struggle against evil does not create good. Drawing your attention to negativity does not contribute to your happiness. Happiness depends on whether you are able to appreciate the positive sides of your life or not. You always have a choice. You can pay attention to your troubles and fight them, or you can focus on the good aspects of your life. Most often, we choose the first option. We discuss and complain about our problems, which does not lead us to happiness. Instead of thinking about bad things, shift your focus to enjoying the good ones. By the way, unhappiness, in turn, is also subject to these myths. Many believe that it comes from outside sources, just like happiness. But it comes from you and not from your boss, your relationship, your broken car, or whatever... No one but you is responsible for your attitude to life. If you keep this simple truth in mind and are aware of the above myths about happiness, you increase your chances to be genuinely happy!.

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