Understanding Tarot Cards To Understand Your Thoughts
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Understanding Tarot Cards To Understand Your Thoughts

Understanding Tarot Cards To Understand Your Thoughts

“He who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened.” – Lao Tzu The major and minor arcana of the tarot are 78 cards that are essentially tools to explain the archetypes of personality, and the human experience. A common misconception is that the tarot is a mystical medium that divines your future, as though the future is a fate sealed in stone. This idea can be dangerous because there is a fine line between prediction and manifesting. If your thoughts create your reality – implanting a thought of a “prognosis” for the future, can lead you to invest emotionally in the result, and attach energy to the thought, which can then signal a “dent” in time to create the result, instead of the result existing to begin with. However, if you look at the tarot as a means to temporarily “time travel”, the medium can give you a glimpse into a possible future result by what your thoughts are projecting. If all time is happening at once, and all that ever was, will be, and all that ever will be, was – the future is completely malleable, because you control your reality. If you wish to change your future, change your thoughts...and to change your thoughts, you must first identify them. “Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” – Carl Jung All that we experience outside of ourselves comes from within, all that is within manifests without. Unfortunately, at times, the hardest thing to do is to identify why we may be feeling a certain way, or why we are attracting experiences that don’t feel in alignment with our desires, because ego can block our signals from the soul. This is where the tarot can be the ultimate resource in your spiritual “tool kit”. The tarot allows you to subtract ego, by allowing what is within to manifest from the imagery/intention of the cards (the with-out).

There is nothing magical or mystical about the cards themselves, it is all the energy that comes from you by projecting your intention, and allowing “guidance” to come through.

The 22 cards in the major arcana begin with The Fool card, and end with The World; all cards in between are the holographic aspects of the human mind, that illumine as they illumine within you. To understand The World, there are certain things you must experience, that don’t come from comprehending a book.

The cards are tools, which facilitate a higher understanding of your experience on your journey to understanding the way of the world. For example, if you were to read yourself, the best course of action would be to ask “why you’re attracting an experience”, or “how to attract a better situation” – as opposed to asking “what is going to happen”.

The “what” is the illusion, the “why” and “how” are your truths. When the cards fall, read them with the understanding that the meaning is only to serve as the temporary imprint you’re creating in your reality. Understanding that you are the maker and creator of your own destiny, and allowing the tarot to give you insight to form a better future, can empower you and ignite your inner light, which illuminates the path ahead and facilitates a better understanding of not only the world, but your world as well. .

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