Us and Belief Systems
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Us and Belief Systems

For so long we have fought amongst each other about our beliefs, religions and political views.Yes this has been done by design but that’s not what this is about.
Us and Belief Systems

. This is about WHY this can continue to happen and how we can step away from it. This is something that is known in modern science and may come as a surprise to some of us. In our brain we have something called The Reptilian Brain. This is responsible for our reaction, aggression, survival mode etc. It is the portion of our brain that is triggered when we have our belief systems challenged. In some ways this reptilians brain is “good,” because it’s what responsible for that quick reaction slam on the breaks before an accident activity. However, we have come to let this reptilian brain along with our ego run our experience. It is in the driver’s seat and this is why when someone presents information against our belief systems we go into “survival mode.” It is trying to survive. It has also assisted in creating the cop out “You shouldn’t talk about other people’s religions or question their beliefs!” If we are so sure of our beliefs, why wouldn’t we be willing and free to discuss them? Couldn’t possibly be because there is many holes in every story is it? The reason why it’s important we move away from allowing this to drive us is because it keeps us imprisoned here. It keeps us from breaking free and knowing what we truly are and what our true potential is. It keeps us in this system that is here to control and manipulate us. It keeps us from CHOOSING to not experience this. I’ve said it many times before and I will say the same thing again, it’s our choice to turn and blind eye and hide from this (use our reptilian brain) or see it, understand it and make a change. .

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