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We must start treating ourselves and our children as wonderful creations of God

We must start treating ourselves and our children as wonderful creations of God

Mike Donio asks the question: Why did Christian churches follow the party line during covid?

The answer, he says, is churches have become part of the world system.  The covid era revealed who is really running the world.

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Covid Revealed Who Is Really Running the World

By Mike Donio

Today, I want to talk about the spiritual battle that has raged throughout history but became very evident during the covid “pandemic”.

One of the Most Important and Unimaginable Aspects Was Closing the Churches

Early on, in March 2020, we observed not only the shutdown of most of society but, perhaps most striking was, what happened with our churches. 

We were told it was too dangerous to gather together and worship God.  Imagine that. The God who tells us we have nothing to fear and these so-called church leaders folded like a cheap suit when called to close by political leaders.

Not only that but the leaders of these churches told us that Jesus would have taken the vaccine so it’s ok for you to do so too.

It didn’t stop there either.  Nativity scenes were being sold with a masked-up holy family.  The evil one was hard at work.

If you read scripture then you know that we have nothing to fear.  The Lord will be by our side even through the darkest valleys.

I’m all for protecting the most vulnerable in our society but, that is not what this was about.  Not only that but, Christians historically have taken a different path during pandemics.

History Tells a Different Story

Throughout history, there are records of Christians going into towns to help the sick while others (pagans) fled.

Don’t believe me?

Here’s an excerpt from a letter written by Bishop Dionysius of Alexandria regarding the actions of Christians during an epidemic that broke out in Alexandria around 251 AD:

With covid, we saw the exact opposite.

Pastors, priests, bishops, and more told us to run and hide, follow the government’s orders, etc.  They shut down.  How could this have happened?

Better yet, what god were they following?  Certainly doesn’t seem like the same one those Christians in Alexandria were.

Believe It or Not, It Got Worse

Once they finally found the courage to reopen the churches, they sought to further terrorise the congregations.

They muzzled the Lord’s people forcing them to mask up and stop singing.  We even saw people being segregated upon the reopening of churches based on vaccination status.  This is abominable by any standards but, unconscionable in the supposed house of God.

If you don’t believe me then go back up and re-read how Christians used to act during pandemics.

What unfolded in churches during covid was unprecedented.

Let’s Be Clear

I’m not suggesting that the Bible tells us to take insane risks with ourselves and others.  Quite the contrary actually as we are told not to tempt God but I hope you can appreciate that the church went way too far with covid.  This was a huge indication to me that something was amiss and something more sinister was at play.

The Problem Doesn’t Originate with Covid Though

The truth is that the church and religion as a whole have become part of the world system so perhaps, we shouldn’t be surprised.  It’s been completely institutionalised and systematised according to the ways of the evil one.  And it’s quite corrupt too, by the way.

If you want to know why churches acted how they did during covid just follow the money, or in this case the tax benefits.

You see, most churches and religious organisations are directly connected to the government via their 501(c)(3) status.  It affords them a great deal of tax incentives which would make it a lot harder for them to stay afloat otherwise.

As well, because of it the churches in the US take in an incredible amount of money in donations (tithing) annually.  We are talking billions of dollars.

You can see why they wouldn’t want to do anything to risk that precious 501(c))(3) status. They are not going to bite off the hand that feeds them.  So, when the government came knocking, they gladly responded in kind.

This is why I go directly to the Lord for guidance and not any mortal man.  The true church (or body) of Jesus Christ is not a building made of brick or an organisation with a hierarchical structure.  It’s the people who are living by the indwelling life of Christ.

As we move forward, we need to keep some perspective.  The best way to not get caught up in the next wave of tyranny is to come out of the world.  Use it but don’t sell your soul to it.  There is no greater freedom and liberty than that found in the Lord.

The Lord Doesn’t Make Mistakes

God did not error when he created mankind or even us individually.  Consider the following.

If the argument is that we must be subjected to immunisations from the moment of birth then does that mean that those pushing them also believe that we are somehow born defective?

How else can you rationalise this idea?

Yes, I do understand the argument being made by conventional medicine regarding the lack of a sufficiently developed (in their opinion) immune system and so we need to provide that immunity via vaccines.  For that matter, you can ask the same question concerning any other pharmaceutical intervention.

In my opinion, this only works if you elevate science to the level of God or even make it a god in its own right.  This is exactly what has happened with mainstream science.

Scientism is where science has been elevated to be the only acceptable source of knowledge about our world and everything else is sidelined.  Many have warned about this but clearly, we have not heeded it.

There Is Hope

Don’t ever forget that God fearfully and wonderfully created us.  He does not make mistakes.  Nothing that He creates is defective.

I think we must start treating ourselves and our children as the wonderful creations of God that we are and bring science back down to its appropriate place.

Who’s with me?

About the Author

Mike Donio is an American research scientist with 20 years of experience, largely in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. His employment was wrongfully terminated in 2021 for not complying with a vaccine mandate. Donio’s research was in the fields of virology, molecular biology, biochemistry, cell biology, electrophysiology, immunology and oncology.

He publishes articles on a Substack page titled ‘Still in the Storm’ which you can subscribe to and follow HERE.

He also maintains the website ‘Science Defined’ which aims to transform the way we approach science by making complex terminology and concepts straightforward so that you can easily digest them.

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