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We should't condemn others we thing are Less Awake or Less Conscious

We should't condemn others we thing are Less Awake or Less Conscious

So much of the time, many in the 'truth seeking' community will judge and condemn others who are not 'as awake.' This keeps us plugged into egoic consciousness and creating a world driven by polarity Right and wrong aside, as these are just subjective polarities, how does it feel to judge others? Does it connect you to them? Does it allow you to see and feel that they are inherently one with you? Do you feel free when driven by judgement? It’s humbling to remember that you once did not know the things you know today. Yet sometimes many of us judge and condemn others who do not yet know what we currently know. Why? Would it be serving to simply share information with others, with no authority or worry about how they will react but simply with love and see what happens. I feel like I’ve written this statement in so many of the recent articles I’ve written: “We’re in a time where so much truth about how our world really functions behind the scenes is coming to the surface.” When people learn about this stuff, they feel they are ‘in the know”. “I can’t believe that person still does that or thinks that way, man, they are so dense or 3D.” someone might say while snickering and hating on people. “Look at these stupid sheep who know nothing about what’s going on in the world! Go back to your 9-5 job and just shut up!” says someone who judges the way someone sees the current world.

The truth is, YES, some of us do evolve in our awareness a little quicker, and we may see things a little differently. YES, some of us do start to figure out what’s going on in the world a little faster than others. But does that make you better? Does that make you step into a state of judgement? How does it feel to view people as ‘sheep’? Do you notice you feel good? Loving? Free? Connected to others? Do you feel you could look at others in the eye and see the inherent loving connection that exists between you and them? Or is it clouded by the identification with ego because truthfully, in these moments, you are still asleep? All the journey of having some of us awaken a little quicker provides is brother and sister souls with the opportunity to learn from one another about what’s going on so we can all evolve and change this world together in the end. So again we reflect, did you once not know something that now you judge someone for? Have people done this to you? How do these things feel? Does it help us to beat people up emotionally when they don’t have the same understandings as us? Do people not seem crazy and angry when they get mad at others who don’t understand truths? Is this going to help them awaken? Or shy away from this information? I want to be clear, there is no right or wrong here. One isn’t ‘the nice thing to do’ and the other ‘the mean thing to do.’ I’m not telling you what to do. I suggesting you search within yourself and find the answer. I’m bringing forth the idea of questioning how each of these experiences feel and then seeing which one you truly align with more.

The choice is ours as to how we act, but when the world doesn’t change and people wonder what’s going on, I often point to the fact that many people are waiting angrily and judgementally for the world to change, yet they are only adding to the problem by holding onto those emotions and staying plugged into a story of separation. Isn’t it possible that given your polarity towards people, you are creating the need for them to reflect the opposite polarity back to you until you can activate your awareness enough to see the neutrality in things? To see that yes, things are happening in the world, but by coloring them with your emotion and creating divides by judging others you are doing precisely what the deep state does in creating divide – it is all the same level of consciousness. Awareness of self, the true self, beyond the ego, is the key to awakening to and creating a new reality. Yes, learning about the various forms of ‘corruption’ or societal manipulation, that is obviously happening, is helpful in opening the door for many to start to question their reality. And it also gives us a reason, when we are less aware, to begin exploring the desire for change, but are we truly awake and free if we are still tied down and plugged into the polarity of the world we are working to change? Can our reality really change if we are just operating from the same mindset and egoic state of being but with slightly different beliefs? If it can change, is it true and deep change? Would we truly be free? Can we access our highest potential when in anger and judgement? See how it feels, explore these questions within yourself. I’ve created many materials over the past few years including a conscious breathing course and a personal transformation course designed to simply slow life down and get more in tune with yourself. Neither of these courses are huge commitments and are approachable, ‘level 1’ like, approaches to seeing a different side of yourself – your true self.

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