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WEF and UN call for censorship, digital IDs and artificial intelligence everywhere

WEF and UN call for censorship, digital IDs and artificial intelligence everywhere

Moderna employed online surveillance partners to help censor vaccine sceptics.  Moderna is a partner of the World Economic Forum (“WEF”) which as an organisation promotes censorship as the way to “build trust.”

At WEF’s annual meeting in Davos, the Czech Foreign Minister called for a global solution against “false content,” and the United Nations Secretary-General proposed linking people’s digital identities (“IDs”) to their bank accounts and using digital IDs to censor unapproved speech.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that the WEF and United Nations (“UN”) focus on the same things at the same time.  In June 2019, the UN and WEF signed the Strategic Partnership Framework to accelerate the implementation of the UN’s Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development.

In a nutshell, WEF’s annual meeting called for digital IDs, rapid development of new vaccines, more partnerships with corporate media outlets and widespread acceptance and proliferation of artificial intelligence in all areas of society.

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Below are brief descriptions of a collection of articles from recent days.  To read the full article click on the section title.

New documents provide more insights into Moderna’s online speech monitoring efforts

Moderna sought out online media surveillance partners, and found one in the Public Goods Projects non-profit (otherwise receiving funds from Big Pharma), which was then useful in getting covid vaccine sceptics silenced or censored on Twitter – Moderna and its partner, of course, called this combating “medical information.”

The documents, uncovered by Real Clear Investigations and journalist Lee Fang, show that independent media and their commentators, especially well-known and influential ones, were of specific interest in a bid to protect Moderna.

Moderna also retains Talkwalker which uses its “Blue Silk” artificial intelligence to monitor vaccine-related conversations across 150 million websites in nearly 200 countries. They paint a picture of mass surveillance carried out by a private company.

UN chief António Guterres advocates for “sustainable development goals,” including digital ID, and enhanced data sharing at WEF 2024

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres was in Davos this week for the annual WEF meeting. Among the schemes Guterres spoke about are the UN’s Global Digital Compact and the Sustainable Development Goals.

The first consists of several proposals, including digital ID that is linked to people’s bank accounts, while the second, an overarching one, that enjoys the support of some of the world’s most powerful countries, also involves digital ID, and the UN’s “vision” of disinformation moderation (also known as censorship).

Czech Republic’s Jan Lipavský calls for a global solution against “false content” at World Economic Forum

At Davos, Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavský offered his two-euro cents about “misinformation” and democracy, referring to the former as “false content.”

During a panel discussion on Tuesday titled ‘Protecting Democracy against Bots and Plots’ Lipavský said: “We need a really global solution and to have a global discussion about the way how we communicate as people, which content and how are we presented”; (…) And definitely we will see more and more false content being used as something which will disturb the election process, which will disturb the way how the society makes decisions.”

“So…the kind of regulation or possession or control of those technologies needs to be developed, (so) that the governments will be sure that it is not going against the interests of the governments,” the minister also said.

What we learned at Davos 2024: global aristocracy intends on ‘Rebuilding Trust’ through censorship and surveillance

“Rebuilding Trust” was the theme of WEF’s conference, but nobody admitted to any wrongdoing.

The 2024 program was one for the ages. Attendees watched Pfizer’s Albert Bourla talk about his company’s embrace of Artificial Intelligence (AI). They saw depopulation advocate Bill “Bugman” Gates advancing the climate hoax. John Kerry appeared on four different stages to discuss the “energy transition.” We also saw Klaus Schwab sit down for a 1 on 1 with the second-highest-ranking Chinese government official.

WEF Roundup: Digital IDs can track the unvaccinated, and AI can speed up the development of new vaccines

WEF’s annual meeting wrapped up this week with calls for digital IDs, rapid development of new vaccines, more partnerships with corporate media outlets like The New York Times, and widespread acceptance and proliferation of artificial intelligence in all areas of society, including healthcare and education.

How to Keep the Fear Porn Rolling

A Quick Look at WEF’s latest scares.  But first, a bit of light humour that shows why WEF should be afraid.

The digital realm has been abuzz with a 19-second video clip that rapidly went viral on 17 January 2024. This clip, a fictitious address to Klaus Schwab,  ostensibly delivered by a supposed official WEF invitee, is nothing short of a satirical masterpiece, ingeniously crafted by Artificial Intelligence (“AI”).  The WEF should heed this warning; the tools they advocate for might just be the catalysts of their own undoing.

The video above features Damon Imani who is an Iranian producer and artist based in Denmark. Known for his satirical approach, Imani draws attention to societal and political issues through his work.

Restraining The Great Reset: Christians are a roadblock to globalism – and the powers know it

No recent development has been more significant than the movement toward establishing a New World Order. A specific element that is most troubling within that movement is termed the “Great Reset,” the globalisation of the entire world.

The incessant drive to bring about a Marxist collective system is at the heart of the attempted Great Reset being foisted by the human minions, assisted by the demonic of Ephesians 6:12, in the author’s studied opinion.

The Great Resist is precisely what is given within God’s Word as opposition to Satan and his minions’ attempts to bring to power the man of sin, Antichrist, and his regime of horrors. Those who know the Lord Jesus for salvation are part of the Great Resist.

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