What Is Psychic Protection and How You Can Shield Yourself from Bad Energy
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What Is Psychic Protection and How You Can Shield Yourself from Bad Energy

Psychic protection is a powerful tool.It allows you to live a life that is in line with your personal fulfilment and your spiritual truth.
What Is Psychic Protection and How You Can Shield Yourself from Bad Energy

. In this article, you will learn how to become less vulnerable to the negative energies that surround you.

Then you can reach your highest potential. Not only that, but you can maintain this positive and light energy which will guide you through life’s challenges. However, before we talk about psychic protection, we should first examine why we need it in today’s modern life. We are all made of atoms, which vibrate and create energy within us and around us. Everyone has their own distinctive energetic frequency. As such, these vibrations furthermore create a characteristic energy field around us. This is an aura. Moreover, this aura interacts with the auras of others. Significantly, emotions and states of mind also have their own singular frequencies. For example, positive states generate higher frequencies, whereas more negative emotions produce lower frequency vibrations. For simplicity’s sake, I’ll refer to higher vibration frequencies as positive energy and lower vibration frequencies as negative energy. Humans are very influenced by the energies present around us. As a result, our auras can be affected by the vibrations in our vicinity. This has the effect of raising or lowering our own energetic frequency. Some people are more receptive to the interaction of their auras with the energy fields around them. In fact, public figures or anyone who works with the public will be particularly susceptible to these energetic interferences. Psychic attacks are the conscious or unconscious passage of negative energies into your aura. Actually, these psychic attacks are often through adversarial thoughts or emotions directed at you. People rarely mean to actively target you, most often they simply feel bitterness, jealousy, anger or deep sadness towards you.

The lower frequency of their energetic auras lowers your own when they’re in your vicinity. Not only that, but their focus on you might impact your energetic vibrations even when you are not in their presence. Even if someone’s emotions are not directed at you, their negative energy can still influence your aura. Especially if you are a sensitive, empathetic individual. Consider that some of the feelings or states of mind you experience may be the direct result of your aura interacting with a negatively charged energy field. This can make day-to-day life overwhelming and challenging for highly sensitive people. Symptoms of a psychic attack directed at you can include: Pay attention to your mood and reactions to understand when you have shifted out of alignment with yourself. Self-awareness and self-knowledge are your first step to effective shielding! Psychic protection is also known as psychic self-defence or shielding. To explain, it is simply the setting of boundaries. This is specifically to prevent your energetic aura being frayed and influenced by those around you. It’s the act of energetically protecting your personal energy and space. As a result, you can maintain a positive state of being and keep vibrating at a higher frequency.

There are a variety of ways of preserving the integrity of your aura, from daily affirmations to visualisations and crystals. Spend some time experimenting with the various techniques we’ll discuss below, to find out which ones work for you. Many of these are situation-dependant.

Therefore, their effectiveness will depend on the phase of your life, the negative energies you are shielding yourself from and your own energetic signature. Psychic protection aims to be able to function in daily life or when encountering draining people or situations. It is, therefore, highly linked with your will and perseverance in sustaining a positive and constructive outlook when faced with challenges. Being aware of any emotional and behavioural changes caused by the absorption of negative energy is key to psychic protection. Likewise, it is important not to mirror the negativity. Instead, focus on filling your aura with love.

These are the foundations of your protection. In fact, your own emotional strength and stability are your key weapons. You can effectively minimise the absorption and effects of negative energies. For instance, by compassionately identifying your personal issues and fears you are able to heal them. Affirmations, intentions, or prayers to the guide of your choice are potent tools. Use them to strengthen the field of positive energy around you. Think of statements such as ‘Only Love remains in my presence,’ ‘I am surrounded by Love and Joy, which keep me safe‘. Or, call on the divine figure you feel loved and supported by.

These will help you maintain high levels of positive energy. This keeps you steady and balanced when faced with any negative energies present around you. Setting visible and tangible barriers can help with psychic protection. This is because you can actually visualise and strengthen your energetic boundaries. This works especially well if you work in a negatively charged environment. To create good psychic protection, surround the outer edges of your personal space with plants, photos, mementoes and sacred objects. All of these will help you exist in a little positively charged bubble. If we are constantly absorbing the negative energies of others, we need a release for them. As we know, energy can never be destroyed, only transformed.

Therefore, the key is to channel the energy into a higher vibration. Spending time alone concentrating on something that brings us joy. Focusing with purpose on positive emotions. This is an effective method of transforming energy. Going outdoors and interacting with the positive energies of the natural world is also an excellent remedy. In addition, try inhaling lavender, or rubbing in a few drops between on your eyebrows. This further helps shift energies into higher vibration frequencies. A lot of people find that using light in their protective visualisations is an effective way to increase the vibration frequencies of negative and fear-based energies. For protection, visualise your heart as the centre of a glowing, shielding orb surrounding you, into which you exhale positive energy, love and guidance, strengthening it with every breath. If you are seeking to repel negative energies which have already entered your aura, visualise the light in your orb becoming increasingly vibrant, vibrating at a higher and higher frequency, deconstructing the lower vibrations. With practice, you can ‘wear’ this orb as you go about your daily life, especially before draining encounters or situations. You can also choose to visualise the spiritual guide of your choice, creating a circle around you, protecting you with their love and guidance. Individual crystals have protective properties which can help you combat negative energies.

They do this by strengthening your aura, acting as a buffer, or absorbing negativity. However, their effectiveness is highly dependent on their interaction with your personal energetic signature. So I recommend experimenting with different ones to find the crystal that suits you. In addition, the easiest way to use them is to wear them or carry them with you. Crystals have a variety of properties, but you can activate a precise one. Programme your crystal for a specific purpose by focussing and meditating on it with your desired goal firmly in mind. Crystals should also be cleansed daily to relieve them of the negative energy they are dealing with. If you are vulnerable to psychic attacks, psychic protection is a good way to keep yourself safe and healthy. R.

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