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What Really Happened On 911?

Today, September 11th, 2023, marks the 22nd anniversary of the 9/11.

What Really Happened On 911?

Our thoughts and prayers are with all those who lost their lives that awful day, those who died since then as a result of the atrocity, the loved ones they left behind, and the firefighters, police officers, and other first responders who heroically ran toward the danger in order to help others. We will never forget.

911 Revisited

“After 22 years of studying 9/11 and looking at the evidence, I have come to the conclusion that there was no high jacked planes nor a boogeyman in a cave who set up these events but rather a very sinister plan” claims an X user who goes by the name of “The Punisher” He has made his enormous piece of collated research entitled “911 Revisited – What Really Happened on 911″ available to all on the X platform and has dedicated it to victims and families of 9/11 as well as emergency personnel, firemen, and law enforcement, and to William Cooper who warned us of everything that happened.”

It is a really long thread and although there are 11 of the posts below, there are still another 15 or so very interesting and informative posts that can be viewed at by clicking these profiles @PunishDem1776 and @ElizabethPDove.

Part 1 – The Narrative;

“19 terrorists hijacked 4 planes bringing down 3 buildings and penetrating the most heavily defended building in the world, all under command of Osama Bin Laden.”

“That is a lie…”

Part 2 Down the Rabbit Hole we go…

“Are we to believe that a man in a cave with a satellite phone on dialysis penetrated the strongest military defense on the planet and bring down 3 of the strongest-built buildings in the world with 2 delicate aluminum planes? Why was there no military intervention during an actual terrorist attack? How did Larry Silverstein have a “sudden” dermatologist appointment on Sept.,11 where his office was precisely where the “plane hit”?

How did common terrorists who can’t even operate a crop duster operate a commercial airliner? Why did the two towers turn into dust before they hit the ground? Why did Building 7 fall at free-fall speed into its own footprint like a controlled demolition when it wasn’t even hit by a plane? How often does the media say “Today is quiet, too quiet”? What would terrorists gain from this? If not terrorists, who would gain from this? If American government had any involvement then someone would say something right? Either them, the military and media are all absolute imbeciles or, could they all be in on it… Let’s dig shall we.. 911 An Anatomy of a Deception Full Documentary”

Part 3 Hiding Evidence?

Twin Towers; How did the lightweight aluminum wings from the “planes” cut through the 14-inch steel beams of WTC? On the CNN footage of the airliner the plane doesn’t appear typical by design, when Boeing was approached by this question they declined. Cameras on the roofs of both WTC 1 & 2 were working all the up until 9/11? Pentagon; Where are the engines and big components of the “Plane” that hit the Pentagon? Why out of 86 confirmed videos that could identify the plane did the FBI only release 1, that only has 5 frames?

The Pentagon claimed that the “plane” was vaporized including both 6-ton titanium engines, jet fuel can vaporize titanium engines? The light poles knocked down by the “plane” faced away from the Pentagon rather than towards its trajectory? Why wasn’t the ground burnt by the “jet fuel”?

Gas station across the street had full CCTV view of the attack yet FBI were there to confiscate footage within 13 minutes? Building 7; Everyone evacuated building 7 before the first strike, coincidence? Molten steel was found in the basement of Building 7 yet wasn’t hit by a plane, NIST says this is a false claim even after 36 firemen testified to it, Building 7 was not even mentioned in the 911 commission report Shanksville- Flight 93 had debris scattered across 8 miles with minimum size that could be carried by hand.

A 15-20 ft burnt hole in the earth is all that shows the evidence of 93, the FBI immediately confiscated the area and seized all “evidence” Ground Zero; Amongst the greatest crime scene in American history, our government decided not to investigate but to immediately remove all evidence to be shipped to China to be melted down and recycled thus violating the law of a Crime Scene “After a crime scene has been discovered, measures must be taken to secure and protect the scene from contamination. To maintain the integrity of the scene, law enforcement must take action to block off the surrounding area as well as keep track of who comes in and goes out” – Justice Department… Loose Change Final Cut Full Documentary

Part 4 Follow the Money; By Corbett Report

In 1998, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey agreed to privatize the World Trade Center, the complex of office towers in Lower Manhattan that they had owned and operated since their construction in 1973. In April 2001 an agreement was reached (…) with a consortium of investors led by Silverstein Properties, and on July 24th, 2001, Larry Silverstein, who already owned World Trade Center Building 7, signed a 99-year lease (…) for the Twin Towers and Buildings 4 and 5.

The lease was for $3.2 billion and was financed by a bridge loan from GMAC, the commercial mortgage arm of General Motors, as well as $111 million from Lloyd Goldman and Joseph Cayre, individual real estate investors. Silverstein Properties only put down $14 million (…) of its own money. The deal was unusual in a variety of ways. Although the Port Authority carried only $1.5 billion (…) of insurance coverage on the WTC complex, which earlier that year had been valued at $1.2 billion (…),

Silverstein had insisted on doubling that amount, insuring the buildings for $3.55 billion. Silverstein’s insurance broker struggled to put that much coverage in place and ultimately had to split it among 25 dealers (…). The negotiations were so involved that only temporary contracts were in place for the insurance at the time the lease was signed, and by September the contracts were still being finalized. Silverstein’s group was also explicitly given the right to rebuild (…) the structures if they were destroyed—and even to expand the amount of retail space on the site if rebuilding did take place.

Within hours of the destruction of the Twin Towers on September 11th, Silverstein was on the phone to his lawyers (…), trying to determine if his insurance policies could “construe the attacks as two separate, insurable incidents rather than one.”

Silverstein spent years in the courts attempting to win $7.1 billion from his $3.55 billion insurance policy and in 2007 walked away with $4.55 billion (…) , the largest single insurance settlement ever. As soon as the deal was announced, Silverstein sued United and American Airlines for a further $3.5 billion for their “negligence” in the 9/11 attacks, a claim that was struck down by the courts but is still on appeal (…).

Perhaps even more outrageously, in a secret deal (…) in 2003, the Port Authority agreed to pay back 80% of their initial equity in the lease, but allowed the Silverstein group to maintain control of the site. The deal gave Silverstein, Goldman and Cayre $98 million of the $125 million they put down on the lease, and a further $130 million in insurance proceeds that were earmarked for the site’s rebuilding. In the end, Silverstein profited from the 9/11 attacks to the tune of $4.55 billion and counting.

Credit to Corbett Report

Part 5 Building 7

“Why did Building 7 wake so many up including myself? Because we were told that 2 planes brought down 3 buildings and not to question it, but what’s the history behind building 7…. Building 7, also known as the Soloman Brothers building was the housing of pre 911 Law Enforcement headquarters for many agencies including CIA, FBI and a special counterterrorism unit, why Solomon brothers?”

“Many Americans are still unaware that for years Larry Silverstein owned only one building near the World Trade Center complex: Building 7. A mere two months before 9/11, he bought the entire complex; all seven of the buildings. Then he immediately took out a record insurance policy on them for over $3.5 billion. Interesting timing, to say the least.   (Note: Mr. Silvertstein went to court and fought to receive a much higher monetary reward. He said that because each plane hit was a separate attack, he wanted to be awarded $3.5 billion for both plane strikes.)”   

“Why is Building 7 so important? Because the official story is that two hijacked planes hit the Twin Towers, caught them on fire, and caused them to collapse—even though a modern steel building has never before in history collapsed from fire.”

“But then we have Building 7 that was further away than any other building in the complex, and later that afternoon got a few small fires in it and mysteriously “collapsed.” However, buildings that were closer to the destruction of the Twin Towers, but were not owned by Mr. Silverstein, went left unscathed. Strangely enough, only the buildings owned by Larry Silverstein were destroyed.”

“In a PBS documentary, Larry Silverstein commented on the demolition of Building 7 by saying:  “I remember getting a call from the fire department commander telling me that they weren’t sure they were going to be able to contain the fire. And I said, ‘You know, we’ve had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is pull it.’ And then they made that decision to pull, and then we watched the building collapse.” For those of you who may not know, to “pull” a building is a demolition term meaning to detonate the building floor by floor in order to bring it down at free fall speed.”

“There is just one problem with Silverstein’s recollection of the events: It takes weeks, if not months! Mere hours, for a demolition team to rig a building with explosives in preparation to demolish it?! Yet, somehow, Building 7 was already magically rigged with explosives on 9/11 when Mr. Silverstein chose to “pull it” later that afternoon.

What was under building 7, or shall I say removed prior to its demolition…… C-Span covering Building 7… For knowledge

Part 6 The Pentagon Narrative;

“AA Flight 77 struck the Pentagon as the impact and jet fuel caused it to vaporize… Where is the wreckage? How did DPS get on site within seconds? Why does the damage not reflect the size of a 757 airliner? Why did the light poles the plane hit face away from the Pentagon?”

“If jet fuel vaporized the plane why isn’t the ground charred? Where are the titanium engines? Why out of 86 videos showing the crash does the FBI release 1 that only has 5 frames? How did an untrained pilot maneuver an airliner at ground level? None of these questions were answered using facts based on science, in fact, the FBI and 911 commission report didn’t answer many of them at all So this shows logically that it wasn’t a high-jacked 757, so what hit the Pentagon?”

“Since all video evidence was confiscated and the Pentagon air defense was down and considering the fact it could have only been a smaller unmanned aircraft or Drone, but then it would need to be Military authorized, but by who… 911 is the new Pearl Harbor”

full Documentary

Part 7 Shanksville

Every story needs a Hero “Let’s Roll”

“This part of the story is more revealing than Building 7 to some, Flight 93 which was apparently high-jacked only for passengers to “Hero” up and take it down, but there’s more holes in this story than the 911 commission report… The Shanksville incident has even less wreckage debris than the Pentagon, with almost no wreckage people immediately questioned where is the plane?”

“According to Gov officials, the “Plane” literally sank into the ground… Hit at an upside down 45 degree angle the tail fin should have been ripped from the plane yet according to “officials” it cut into hard earth like a knife through hot butter (never happened before in history) how many plane crashes in history can you think of where the earth literally consumed the plane then covered itself up?

“As if that defies all scientific logic, officials collected debris that was scattered across a 6-8 mile radius while the wind was a slight breeze. Then there are residents who gave testimony of a small white aircraft in that vicinity while the “crash” occurred, flying away from the crash site Vernon Grose – “The role government plays into times of stress is, can the public handle the truth, we need a legend at this point to react to a sadistic act, it’s actually nice to consider the Beemer (Let’s Roll) story and let it stay where it is”

“So do you believe the official story that “Heroes” took over the plane and sunk it into the earth removing all evidence or was this a distraction to add a humble element to a horrific event to give people hope?”…

911 is the new Pearl Harbor full documentary

Part 8 Israeli Art Students

“Foreign Israeli Art Students were granted full access to both twin towers during early March 2001, they were also known as Gelatin or (aka B-Thing) and were allowed full access to the towers including the Maintenance elevators (which is strictly conserved for construction) were actually given housing on the 91st floor if the south tower DEA declassified documents show that foreign residents known as “Israeli Art Students” were allowed by WTC Security to full access of the twin towers for up to and including 9 months… “

“Now you gotta ask yourself, how are foreign “Art Students” allowed full access to the WTC Including areas that have vital access to main support structures of the Twin Towers?”

“How you ask? Let me enlighten you, the head of security during this duration was none other than Marvin Bush who was the director of the WTC electronic security program and the director of the WTC casualty Insurance Company called Huston Casualty, coincidence? Port Authority owned the WTC until Jewish businessman Lewis Eisenberg took over and put the privatization into the hands of self-proclaimed Zionist Larry Silverstein and Frank Lowry Zim Israeli American shipping company moved out of WTC shortly before 9/11,”

“The Israeli company was operating under Larry Silverstein new investment of his new insurance policy regarding the WTC under “terrorist attacks” So who were the Israeli Art Students? A simple conspiracy to throw us off track or the ones who were actually hired by WTC Security to carry out this plan?”

Methodical Deception

Part 9 Dancing Israelis – The Corbett Report

The men were spotted shortly after 8:46 AM, yet somehow at this early stage, just minutes after the first plane strike on the World Trade Center, they were already positioned in a parking lot in Liberty State Park, taking pictures of the towers and celebrating. They left the scene shortly after being spotted and at 3:31 PM the FBI issued an all points bulletin advising officers in the Greater New York area to be on the lookout for a “White, 2000 Chevrolet van…with ‘Urban Moving Systems’ sign on back.”

“At 3:56 PM, the van was spotted traveling eastward on State Route 3 in New Jersey and pulled over by Officer Scott DeCarlo and Sgt. Dennis Rivelli of the East Rutherford police department. Inside they found five men: Sivan Kurzberg and his brother, Paul, Yaron Shmuel, Oded Ellner, and Omar Marmari.”

“According to the police report of the incident, Sivan Kurzberg told Officer DeCarlo: “We are Israeli. We are not your problem. Your problems are our problems. The Palestinians are the problem.” Their official story: they were just Israeli tourists working for a moving company who had heard about the first World Trade Center strike and rushed to get a better view of the events. FBI reports confirm that the men were not taking somber pictures of a horrific event. When their 76 pictures were developed, they revealed the men had indeed been celebrating; smiling, hugging each other, and high-fiving.”

“One of the pictures even featured Sivan Kurzberg holding a lighter up with the burning tower in the background. And these were no ordinary tourists. Oded Ellner had $4,700 stuffed into his sock. They lied to the police about where they had been that morning. They were carrying plane tickets for immediate departure to different places around the globe.”

“The FBI confirmed that two of the men had ties to Israeli intelligence and came to suspect that they had indeed been on a mission for the Mossad. Even though being suspects in the largest terror attack in our nation’s history, they were released…

And of course, after returning to Israel Ellner claimed on national Israeli TV that they had been sent there “to document the event.”…—The-Corbett-Report-09-02…

Part 10 No Planes?

“One of the biggest arguments in the 911 truth community is where there planes or not? Let’s dig into that shall we… How does the nose of a plane go through one of the strongest steel buildings ever built and come out in tact on the other side, yet a bird will literally destroy that same nose? How does the delicate aluminum wings cut through solid steel?”

Many have made the argument that it was reinforced military aircraft that actually struck the towers, while others claim it was cgi, but how would that explain the hundreds of eyewitnesses who claimed to see a plane? Although many were proven to be crisis actors, that doesn’t account for everyone so what really happened?

What is Project BlueBeam and is that a plausible option? Before you debate this you must remember that the technology the military has is at minimum 20 years beyond what is known to the public, if you take that into consideration and think about what we see technology can do today, the military could do it 2 decades ago. But let’s keep going…

“What if there were no high jacked aircraft that day, what if all those cell phone calls were orchestrated and tampered with? Is it possible? Absolutely This right here tells you how…

“For those “calls” to exist in 2001 at an average of 30k feet would be practically impossible since it would have to immediately jump from one service connector to another at rapid speeds without losing the call, and regarding “No planes” please revisit the Pentagon and Shanksville for further confirmation”

There are many more posts in between that can be found on the Punishers X profile, with titles such as Part 11 Tim Osman and BlueBeam – Part 12 Engineering By Architects and Engineers Foundation for 911 TruthPart 13 Bush and Laden connectionPart 14 Controlled Demolition and more..

Part 24 The Conclusion and Reality

“After 22 years of studying 9/11 and looking at the evidence, I have come to the conclusion that there was no high jacked planes nor a boogeyman in a cave who set up these events but rather a very sinister plan to murder 3000 Americans then hundreds of thousands in following wars to pursue the agenda of a secret society that infiltrated our nation centuries ago to further a political agenda to remove our liberties one false flag at a time, the evidence is there if your willing to look.”

“The Reality is this is a war between good and evil yet many could never comprehend because it’s designed that way, but people are waking up to this fact like never before, so put on your Armor of God and Welcome to the War”

25 Goals of the Illuminati

Part 25 Dedication Thank you for Watching, this Thread is brought to you by @PunishDem1776 and @ElizebethPDove

“This thread is dedicated to to victims and families of 9/11 as well as emergency personnel, firemen, and law enforcement, and to William Cooper who warned us of everything that happened.”

“I hope this thread enlightened you and gives you hope to understand what we are dealing with, nevertheless you should always do your own research and never believe someone else out of sheer emotion.”

“Listen to everyone, read everything, believe nothing unless you can prove it in your own research.” -William Cooper- Hour of the Time Archive

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