What Upsets a Sociopath? 5 Things That Make Them Furious
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What Upsets a Sociopath? 5 Things That Make Them Furious

If you are anything like me, then you are fascinated by deviant minds.For as long as I can remember, I have always been drawn to the darker side of humanity.
What Upsets a Sociopath? 5 Things That Make Them Furious

. I’ve wanted to know why certain people are capable of doing terrible things. Nowadays, we have terms for these kinds of people.

They are described as psychopaths and sociopaths.

The problem is, people who have these types of antisocial tendencies are typically charming and manipulative. This makes it very difficult to spot them in the first place. However, there is one way we can distinguish them, and that is by examining what upsets a sociopath. It’s easy to think of people like Ted Bundy, Jeffery Dahmer, and Ed Gein when we imagine sociopaths. Films such as Silence of the Lambs, The Shining, and Se7en perpetuate these stereotypes. Prominent FBI profilers write books and checklists in order to gain a better insight into the deranged mind of psychopaths and sociopaths. As a result, I’ve even learned to distinguish between the two. In fact, when it comes to understanding what upsets a sociopath, it’s quite interesting to define the differences between psychopaths and sociopaths. Of course, both of these anti-social personality types will undoubtedly share some dark triad characteristics. However, for this article, I’m interested in what upsets a sociopath. Now, of course, not all sociopaths are bloodthirsty killers. It’s easier to think that people can have one or two sociopathic traits. In fact, think of a sociopathic scale, with mild characteristics at one end and full-blown sociopathic traits at the other. Just like psychopaths, sociopaths are known to be manipulative and charming. Indeed, this is how many of us are drawn to them in the first place. Yet, this charm is merely superficial and shallow. It is a mask the sociopath uses to beguile and engage us. Much like the fictional character Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, the sociopath has two sides to their personality. However, having two sides to your personality is not the most frightening aspect of a sociopath. One is the speed by which they can switch from one personality to another.

The other is how they can go from complete calm to utter rage in a nanosecond. Often, their partner will have no idea where this rage or outburst has come from, or what triggered it. I’ve had some experience of this ‘zero to nuclear reaction’ myself’. I was food shopping with a partner at the time (I was in a coercive relationship) and all appeared fine. We packed the food into the car and I sat down. He did not turn the engine on. I looked at him and his eyes were black and bulging in fury at me. “What on earth is the matter?” I asked. “I saw you eyeing up that man on the checkout,” he said. I had absolutely no idea what he was talking about, but my partner was convinced that I had been flirting with a random stranger who worked in the store. He was in a mood for 4 days. Sociopaths are highly narcissistic. So, if there’s one thing that upsets a sociopath, it is being ignored.

These people absolutely must have your undivided attention. You are theirs, you are their toy, their plaything, to be used as they wish. After all, they have spent time and effort charming and manipulating you to get you to this point. You have more than likely been isolated from family and friends.

They have groomed and gaslighted you into a submissive position in the relationship. Now you have the temerity to ignore them? This is when their charming mask will slip and you’ll get a glimpse of their real persona. If an ordinary person cannot get what he or she wants, then rarely does it end in violence or criminal activity. For a sociopath, however, not getting what they want is unthinkable. In fact, they will do anything to get what they want. Diane Downs Consider the case of US mother Diane Downs. She shot her three children, murdering one and seriously injuring the other two. She wanted to be in a relationship with a man, but he didn’t want children. This wasn’t going to get in the way of her plans. She drove her children to a remote location and shot them in cold blood. She blamed a carjacking gone wrong, but police became suspicious after this narcissistic mother laughed when re-enacting the shooting at the crime scene.

The easiest way I can describe this is for you to imagine someone who is in a coercive relationship.

The sociopath has complete control over their partner.

They will enjoy using a variety of tactics, including gaslighting, to keep their partner isolated and dominated by them. What upsets a sociopath is when their partner tries to break free and leave this toxic situation. Unlike the psychopath, who will think carefully and in a calculated way, the sociopath will react instantly, and usually with terrible consequences. You only have to look at convicted prisoners who have killed their partners. Typically, the sociopath will react in a rage and the injuries their partner sustains are described as ‘overkill’ by authorities. We know that people who suffer from anti-social disorders like sociopathy are typically highly narcissistic individuals. As a result, they will not take kindly to anyone who questions what they say. For the sociopath, image is everything.

They cannot lose face in front of friends, family, colleagues, or even strangers. And it doesn’t have to be a question of disagreeing with something they’ve said. You might accidentally bump into someone and spill their drink in a bar. You apologise, offer to buy them another one, but before you know it, you are being punched over and over again. This is the sociopath who feels as if you have purposefully dissed him or her in public.

They can’t control their rage, so they lash out. Sociopaths do not handle stress well at all. Unlike psychopaths, who are glib and cunning, sociopaths tend to buckle quickly under pressure. Your typical psychopath will quickly come up with lie after lie after lie.

They have the mental capacity to swiftly change the subject or distract you.

They might even turn the tables and blame you for the situation. On the other hand, sociopaths tend to panic more under stress.

They will have more of an impulsive reaction to lash out. Sure, they can brood and sulk for hours, days, if not weeks. But unlike psychopaths, who expect some sort of challenge to their lies, sociopaths will be indignant with anger because you did not believe them. Now, it’s clear exactly what upsets a sociopath, and my advice is not to get involved in one if you can help it. However, speaking from experience, I know that’s easier said than done. References: Sign up to our list of over 50,000 subscribers and get thought-provoking updates to your inbox! *We respect your privacy and promise we will never spam you with unwanted emails. .

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