When Change Seems Hopeless
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When Change Seems Hopeless

A number of people recently have approached me about feeling “hopeless” when it comes to change happening on the planet.
When Change Seems Hopeless

This is something I have experienced myself and wanted to share some insight with you all.

The thought can leave us with a feeling of being discouraged, doubtful and even powerless at times and in order to move through this, we have to let go of how the thought of hopelessness makes us feel and how it limits us. When we’re discouraged and doubtful, where does it lead? It can trigger frustration, anger, resentment, separation, judgement, etc. All stories that take us away from being ourselves and experiencing each moment peacefully, with clarity and without limitation. We all chose to be here at this time and we all have our gifts that we bring to the collective. Whenever someone comes to me about this, I always ask them how it makes them feel to do work that is assisting in bringing about change. Everyone always responds with the same answer of it being what resonates most, but when our minds take over and start to rationalize why it’s not fulfilling, we begin to fall into a trap of discomfort and resistance towards what we’re experiencing. I completely understand the feeling of putting your heart into something and not accomplishing the results that you had hoped for, but all we can do is set our intentions and allow it to present as it needs to. We have to let go of needing to control our external world. We are going through a shift in consciousness that is happening worldwide and there is a lot of different perspectives on the human experience, but at the end of the day, learning to be in tune with what resonates with each of us individually is where strength lies.

The more of us who come to strengthen our own inner knowing and apply it to our everyday lives, sharing it with the world, the more powerful we can be together and work together. One of the most important things that is holding back humanity from shifting more rapidly is a lack of unification in efforts and vision. Change isn’t something that is hopeless, change is ever constant. It’s what we decide to do with our power to create that will determine the outcome of our future. All in all, if things seem slow or doubtful, ask yourself what else you would like to do. What makes you feel whole and the most like yourself? We can joke about stuff like giving up and going to chase riches to live the “ideal life” within this system or something like leaving this experience (checking out), but the opportunity for growth and the potential on this planet right now has never before been as open as it is now. We’ve got our foot in the door, it’s now time to walk through it. When change seems hopeless, be yourself and live from your heart. Be that light to shine wherever you are, with whatever you’re doing. You never know how powerful it may be or where it could lead to! Much love and light, Matthew .

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