When It Comes To Health -What Is Right & What Is Wrong? Where Do We Even Begin?

In this day and age, we are bombarded by health information everywhere we look, and most of it is conflicting and confusing.

For every study that tells us to eat something in order to achieve optimal health, there is another telling us to avoid it. Everywhere we turn there is another conflicting opinion on what is right and what is wrong, and that doesn’t even take into account the corruption in the healthcare industry, or the vested interests large corporations have to promote their products as health foods, even though they could be full of pesticides, chemicals, and hormones, among other dangerous ingredients. How can we fully begin to understand what it means to be healthy? And is this about more than just our diet? WildFit is a 90-day challenge program based on Eric Edmeades’ forthcoming book, The Wild Diet. This program delivers solid health principles to live by, powerful psychology to inspire you, an effective and easy-to-follow structure, and group coaching sessions and teams for support.

There’s no going hungry, and no crazy exercise demands. WildFit also identifies what it has labelled as the six human hungers. If this sounds like something that interests you, read on. Based on the habits of modern-day hunter gatherer communities, a key principle of WildFit’s “solid health principles” is that “every living thing has a diet” and optimal health will be determined by the degree to which each species stays on that diet. WildFit’s creator, Eric Edmeades, is a professional speaker and has been an executive business mentor for over 20 years. He thoroughly understands human behaviour and how to help people create lasting change quickly and effortlessly.

The WildFit program ensures that you will not be hungry; there is also no requirement to exercise. This program emphasizes nutritional balance and creating an overall healthy lifestyle, which includes getting adequate sleep, so that you will naturally become motivated to incorporate movement into your routine. This program recognizes that for the most part, people already know what they should avoid to reach their short- and long-term health goals.

The biggest issue is that people generally have a hard time doing these things, even if they know they should. We make exceptions and excuses all the time, and slowly but surely, these become the rule. Accordingly, this challenge is designed to help people create a lifestyle they can actually maintain rather than putting them on a restrictive diet they’ll eventually abandon. WildFit includes group coaching sessions to keep you on track, and connects you with other participants so you can help keep each other accountable. After you have completed this program, you can stick with your team for support and encouragement. This program identifies what it has coined as the six human hungers, which include nutritional hunger, low blood sugar, emotional hunger, empty stomach hunger, thirst, and variety. Most people are either eating way more or way less than what they need (or both), and are eating too much of what they should avoid and not enough of what they truly require.

The six human hungers can help people translate the signals they receive so that they can more effectively listen and respond to what their bodies are telling them. To learn more about what the WildFit program has to offer, and to read some powerful testimonials from those who are taking or have completed the program, check out their website here. To join a FREE online Masterclass with WildFit’s founder Eric Edmeades please follow this LINK. Doing what’s best for our bodies and doing what makes us feel good shouldn’t be rocket science. If you want help cutting through all the nutritional noise out there, then consider WildFit as an option for you! Our health is our greatest wealth. Much Love .

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