Where Are We Headed?
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Where Are We Headed?

Where Are We Headed?

While most of us are living our lives based on thoughts of a future that is not probable, are we truly present and aware of what is taking place within ourselves, people around us and how human society is playing out? From experience within my own life and through observing others I see so many people on a path that is based on archaic ideas of what the future will be like and how we need to prepare. I say this with no judgement, the future that most of us believe will be there, will certainly not take form. We are living our lives based on principles and ideas handed down from past generations. It is completely understandable and I know exactly what it is like to be creating a life from this belief. I challenge whomever is reading this to truly take a look at what is going on here on this beautiful blue planet. Many see the chaos of the world but choose to either ignore it, fight it or accept the way it is and do their best to help change it to move humanity towards a world of peace and harmony.

There is so much stuff going on that points to drastic change taking place within politics, economics, global weather patterns, media, education, protesting, famine, war, health, etc.

The thing is that so many are locked up in fear that we are missing out on being present within the moment and truly seeing the truth behind what is playing out on our planet and within our own lives individually. We have become so segregated, within the western world especially, that we are basing our future upon investing money and time to be able to sustain a life of survival. Many go to an extreme of not thinking about how they are affecting themselves or the outside world in the process. This is due to such a concentrated focus on the stories of fear. We have to come to understand that we are in a great time of change and that we truly have to make the choice to either move forward or destroy the human race. Our eco-system is dying. We literally have less than 3 years to change the way we operate as a whole and the energy put towards how we treat ourselves and the planet or the eco-system will shut down and no longer support human life. New energies and frequencies are opening up on the planet that are at such a high frequency the stories of fear and separation that operate through the ego mind will no longer be supported. All the emotional baggage that we each carry has to be let go of. Holding on will be like holding onto weights in constantly rising water. We can let go and float in the waves of love, peace and clarity or we can drown in our sorrow and “check-out” of this reality. We have world leaders who are not bad people but are trapped within a very limited consciousness that is driving them to suppress the beautiful souls that we all are and it is creating a society of great suffering. We are being lied to and mislead. things do not have to be this way, we can change. We have the power to do anything as the gods that we are. We have just forgotten our power, our magic and power of love that dwells within us behind the veils of fear.

The shift that is happening is not about what is going to happen. It’s about what we need to experience and what we CREATE FOR OURSELVES. Nothing happens randomly and nothing is permanent. It is all created by us as the co-creator souls that we are. I say it’s time we stop living in the past and holding on to what no longer brings us peace. We have been fighting for peace for thousands of years and still today we remain without peace.

The one place that man is most afraid to look is within. But once we do so and realize that it has just been a game the whole time, life will not seem so dense or serious anymore. You can dance through life knowing that you are in control and have been all along. It’s just a matter of what is driving you. Your heart or your mind. Listen to your heart, it’s trying to get your attention. We have to become sensitive to the voice of the soul and not confuse it with the mind.

The mind is the unpeaceful voice that screams for attention, the one that degrades, the one that fears, the one that is confused, etc.

The voice of the soul is subtle, peaceful and loving, always certain of the path it needs to take and accepts how things unfold. Which one we choose to listen to is up to us and how we wish to create our lives and our future here together. No matter how much we play into the idea that it’s a “dog eat dog” world, “every man for himself” or “survival of the fittest”, at the end of the day, we’re all here together and chose to be.

The only way to change is unity. It’s as simple as that. Where are we headed? I say we’re headed towards a future that we each envision. So then I ask you, what is your vision? What future do you want to see? With the answer that comes, then ask yourself, what’s stopping you from making it reality? Let’s work together to build a bright future. I know anything is possible and I believe humanity can make the change if we choose to. We just have to want to move forward and walk the path. I love you as I love myself, we are one. Much Love, Matthew The demand for Collective Evolution's content is bigger than ever, except ad agencies and social media keep cutting our revenues. This is making it hard for us to continue. In order to stay truly independent, we need your help. We are not going to put up paywalls on this website, as we want to get our info out far and wide. .

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