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Why Do We Keep Feeding the Merchants of Death?

STORY AT-A-GLANCE According to mainstream media, the Ukraine war is going well and Russia will be solidly defeated.

Why Do We Keep Feeding the Merchants of Death?

We just have to give Ukraine the means they need to prevail. However, as reported by Medea Benjamin and Nicolas Davies in an April 24, 2023, article in Salon magazine, based on an “enormous leak of secret documents,” “that now looks like disinformation.” Who is surprised?

“President Biden dismissed the leaks as revealing nothing of ‘greatconsequence,'”

Benjamin and Davies write.

“What these documents reveal, however, is that the war is going worse forUkraine than our political leaders have admitted to us, while going badly forRussia too, so that neither side is likely to break the stalemate this year and thiswill likely lead to ‘a protracted war beyond 2023,' as one of the documents says.The publication of these assessments should lead to renewed calls for ourgovernment to level with the public about what it realistically hopes to achieveby prolonging the bloodshed, and why it continues to reject the resumption ofthe promising peace negotiations it blocked in April 2022.We believe that blocking those talks was a dreadful mistake ... and that currentU.S. policy is compounding that mistake at the cost of tens of thousands moreUkrainian lives and the destruction of even more of their country.”

False Accounting on Both Sides

According to the leaked documents — allegedly obtained and published on social media by a 21-year-old National Guard member in a foolish attempt to impress friends — both the Russians and the Ukrainians have systematically exaggerated enemy casualties while lowballing their own. Not surprisingly, the U.S. has publicly promoted the idea that Russia has suffered greater casualties than Ukraine, “deliberately skewing public perceptions to support the notion that Ukraine can somehow win the war, as long as we just keep sending more weapons,” Salon reports.


Some of the leaked war documents estimate the death toll on both sides of the confiict is upward of 100,000, and when you include the wounded, that number may be as high as 350,000. The documents also predict Ukraine's death toll may rise exponentially in May or June because, by then, Ukraine will have used up the air defense missiles provided by NATO, which make up 89% of its air defense. At that point, Ukraine will become vulnerable “to the full strength of the Russian air force,” Salon reports. What's more, according to one document, nine brigades that are being trained in Poland, Romania, and Slovenia for a “spring offensive” scheduled for July or August 2023 had only half the equipment needed and had received only 15% of the necessary battle training by the end of February. A second document claimed the spring offensive was scheduled to begin at the end of April, which didn't happen. Either way, if the offensive does get launched earlier rather than later, that would mean many of the troops might not be fully trained by the time they're deployed. As reported by Benjamin and Davies:

“The leaked documents conclude that ‘enduring Ukrainian deficiencies intraining and munitions supplies probably will strain progress and exacerbatecasualties during the offensive,' and that the most likely outcome remains onlymodest territorial gains.”

That said, Russia still does not have 100% control over Bakhmut despite months of fighting, which suggests Russia is struggling with deficiencies of its own. Taken together, one of the leaked documents predicts the war is “likely heading toward a stalemate” as both sides are becoming locked into a “grinding campaign of attrition.”

Are We Headed for World War?

Another leaked document also reveals NATO countries, including the U.K. and U.S., have sent 97 special forces to Ukraine. This is in addition to the CIA personnel, military


trainers and Pentagon contractors sent previously, and the 20,000 troops from the 82nd and 101st Airborne Brigades already deployed to the border of Poland and Ukraine. Some U.S. Congress members have expressed worry about the ramifications of continued U.S. involvement in the confiict. In mid-April 2023, Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz introduced a Privileged Resolution of Inquiry to force President Biden to disclose the number of U.S. military personnel in Ukraine and the full extent of the administration's plans to assist Ukraine militarily. As noted in a Congressional press release:

“... the resolution directs Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin to disclose thenumber of United States Armed Forces, including special operators, deployed toUkraine without Congressional authority.In order to comply with the resolution, the President and Secretary of Defensemust send the requested documents to the House of Representatives within 14days of its adoption ...‘The Biden Administration and other allied countries have been misleading theworld on the state of the war in Ukraine. There must be total transparency fromthis administration to the American people when they are gambling war with anuclear adversary by having special forces operating in Ukraine ...My Privileged Resolution of Inquiry will better inform the Congress and thecountry on the true state of our military's involvement in the war,' saidCongressman Gaetz.”

Biden Displays Frighteningly Poor Leadership

Apparently, U.S. intelligence agencies are also confused about Biden's plan, if there is one. According to a report by investigative journalist Seymour Hersh, U.S. intelligence sources claim a “total breakdown of trust” between the White House and elements of the U.S. intelligence community:

“The intelligence oficials told me that ‘there is no evidence that any senioroficial in the White House really knows what's going on in the 82nd and 101st.Are they there as part of a NATO exercise or to serve with NATO combat units ifthe West decides to engage Russians units inside Ukraine?Are they there to train or to be a trigger? The rules of engagement say they can'tattack Russians unless our boys are getting attacked.' ‘But the juniors arerunning the show here,' the oficial added.‘There's no NSC coordination and the U.S. army is getting ready to go to war.There's no idea whether the White House knows what's going on. Has thepresident gone to the American people with an informative broadcast aboutwhat is going on? The only briefings the press and the public get today are fromWhite House spokespeople. ‘This is not just bad leadership. There is none.Zero.'”

US Taxpayers Bled Dry in Money Laundering Operation

Biden also appears to be completely unconcerned about the fact that the Ukrainian government is stealing from U.S. taxpayers. As reported by Hersh, the U.S. is paying for the diesel the Ukrainian army needs. But, members of the Ukrainian government are skimming millions of dollars in the process by purchasing discounted fuel from Russia via front companies set up in Poland and Czechia. In 2022, CIA analysts estimated the amount of embezzled funds had already reached $400 million, if not more. Hersh writes:

“The issue of corruption was directly raised with Zelensky in a meeting lastJanuary in Kiev with CIA director William Burns. His message to the Ukrainianpresident, I was told by an intelligence oficial with direct knowledge of themeeting, was out of a 1950s mob movie.The senior generals and government oficials in Kiev were angry at what theysaw as Zelensky's greed ... because ‘he was taking a larger share of the skim
money than was going to the generals.'”

In short, the Ukraine war is looking more and more like a money laundering operation in which U.S. tax dollars are being intentionally stolen for private enrichment.

‘Breakdown of Trust' Between White House and US Intelligence

Biden's lack of leadership and his blatant acceptance of the corruption in Ukraine aren't the only things undermining trust among members of the U.S. intelligence community. According to Hersh's sources, the lack of political skill shown by Secretary of State Tony Blinken and National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan is also causing serious problems. Biden, Blinken and Sullivan “live in different worlds than the experienced diplomats and military and intelligence oficers assigned to the White House,” Hersh writes. According to one intelligence oficial:

“They have no experience, judgment and moral integrity. They just tell lies, makeup stories. Diplomatic deniability is something else.”

Biden's decision to blow up the Nord Stream pipelines without conferring with the intelligence community is another sticking point. “Destroying the Nord Stream pipelines was never discussed, or even known in advance, by the [intelligence] community,” Hersh's source told him. Biden clearly has no strategy for ending the Ukraine war. At the same time, intelligence oficers warn Hersh that the National Intelligence Estimate process has also seized up, so the U.S. has no plan for how to respond if China invades Taiwan, for example.

The Power of Leaks

In an April 25, 2023, Washington Post article, Daniel Ellsberg, responsible for leaking the Pentagon Papers some 50 years ago, spoke to journalist Devlin Barrett about the latest disclosure of classified information.


Ellsberg, now 92 years old, is dying of pancreatic cancer. In 1971, while working at the Pentagon as a nuclear war planner, he leaked a large cache of secret government documents showing the U.S. administrations knew full well we were losing the Vietnam War and kept lying to the American public about the state of the war effort. He sees the same thing happening today. He told Barrett the war in Ukraine:

“... feels very similar to Vietnam. The war is stalemated, that seems so obviousnow except for the fact that both sides totally deny it. What these new leaksshow is what the Pentagon Papers showed, that the insiders all know that. Theyknow that they are fighting a stalemate.”

A Conspiracy to Commit Omnicide

As reported by Counterpunch, in the five decades since Ellsberg leaked the Pentagon Papers, he's been arrested more than 80 times for civil disobedience against war. In a recent podcast (video above), Ellsberg discussed how “nuclear war planners, of which I was one,” are conspiring to “commit omnicide, or near omnicide ... the death of everyone.”

“When Daniel Ellsberg leaked the Pentagon Papers in 1971, Henry Kissinger(then President Nixon's national security advisor) called him ‘the mostdangerous man in America.' But those closely held secrets of the war inVietnam were less explosive than the nuclear secrets that Ellsberg held in hissafe,”

Counterpunch writes.

“Then a top strategist for the Defense Department, he had been party to plansfor a nuclear holocaust. After being buried for safekeeping, those documentsdisappeared in a hurricane that literally blew away his secrets, but that didn'tdampen Ellsberg's desire to share what he knew.At 92, with mind sharp as ever, Ellsberg remains an undisputed expert on‘national security.' In this unusual illustrated podcast, he shares his
unvarnished thoughts about the threat of nuclear annihilation and how it mightbe defused.Can we simply ignore the reality of the world's largest nuclear arsenals on hair-trigger alert — amid escalation of a new cold war with heightened nucleardangers?Indeed, the U.S. just enacted its biggest military budget in history, withunprecedented investment in weapons of mass destruction and theirdeployment. We ignore this impending disaster and its impassioned opponent,Daniel Ellsberg, at our own peril.”

Lies, Lies and More Lies

As previously detailed in “ Lies Surrounding the Ukraine War ” and “ How This US Lie Will Likely Lead to War ,” government lies, and the media's complicity, are now threatening the lives of people around the world. According to the oficial narrative, the Ukraine war is the result of an unprovoked and unjustified invasion by Russia, but that's simply not true. The real trigger was NATO's decision to allow Ukraine to join. Russia has long been very clear about the fact that it will not allow Ukraine to join NATO, for the simple fact that it would place a NATO military presence right on its border. Russia wants Ukraine to remain an independent “buffer zone” between itself and NATO countries.

Since Russia's entry into Ukraine, the U.S. has donenothing but push for the escalation of conflict, to thepoint that we're now hearing predictions aboutnuclear war. Why would we take such risks?

Would the U.S. allow Mexico to form a military alliance with China and install Chinese military at our southern border? That's highly unlikely, yet that's what NATO is pursuing in Ukraine. Since Russia's entry into Ukraine, the U.S. has done nothing but push for the escalation of confiict, to the point that we're now hearing predictions about nuclear war. Why would we take such risks? To take a stand for Ukraine's “right” to join NATO? What about the existential threat that poses to Russia? Any diplomatic solution will have to take the interests of both parties into account. Since NATO is refusing to do so, what choice does Russia have, really? What's more, the U.S. has poured billions of tax dollars into Ukraine, ostensibly to help Ukraine “fight for freedom and preserve democracy,” yet Ukraine has long been deemed one of the most corrupt countries in the world, and no one knows where all this money is going. It's no surprise then to find that hundreds of millions of dollars have simply been embezzled. Yet the White House keeps insisting we send more. To what end, exactly? The White House also denied responsibility for blowing up the Nord Stream pipeline — which is nothing short of an attack on NATO allies — even after evidence of its culpability came out. According to Hersh, the “why” behind Biden's decision to blow up the pipelines was threefold. First, it would massively impact Russia's economy. Second, eliminating Germany's and Western Europe's ability to buy low-cost gas from Russia would force them to buy U.S. gas. And third, he feared Europe would be reluctant to supply Ukraine with money and weapons if they were reliant on Russian gas.

World War — Part 2 of The Great Reset Plan

All in all, the Biden administration appears hell-bent on escalating the confiict in Ukraine. The question is why, when escalation would likely turn into a nuclear world war? Is that what they want? And if so, why? Russia's perspective is that it's fighting an existential threat in Ukraine. Meanwhile, evidence suggests the basis for the United States' interest in, and defense of, Ukraine is related to it being a valuable money laundering hub and, potentially, a secret biological weapons manufacturing ally . Moreover, let's not forget that Biden's decision to send U.S. Armed Forces, including special forces, to Ukraine took place without Congressional oversight or authority. As Americans, we cannot be naïve about any of this, seeing how it's our lives that will be destroyed were Russia to send nuclear missiles our way. Europeans also need to search their souls to determine whether protecting Deep State interests is really worth the price. As reviewed in a previous article, world war appears to be Phase 2 of The Great Reset plan , which includes the destruction of supply chains, the energy sector, food supply and workforce, to create dependency on government, which in turn will be taken over by private interests and central banks through the collapse of the global economy. Putting an end to the Ukraine war could go a long way toward thwarting that plan. At bare minimum, it would drastically delay the final implementation of The Great Reset, giving us time to work out other solutions.

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