Why is Israel Attacking Palestine: The Truth
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Why is Israel Attacking Palestine: The Truth

As always, mainstream media networks in North America have bombarded us with a description of what’s happening in the Middle East.
Why is Israel Attacking Palestine: The Truth

All mainstream media networks have been used as propaganda that justify actions of war for Israel. But what is really happening? What’s going on and what is the Israeli Palestinian conflict really about? It’s all a plan to help introduce ‘A New World Order’.

The same ones that create the chaos are the same ones that would like to propose the solution. If enough chaos is created, it gives more justification to the solution, and gives rise to a potential global conflict between Israel and Iran. By using media to manipulate the population, justification of action is possible. Take 9/11 for example, a false flag terrorist attack used to justify the invasion of Iraq. But things are changing, humanity is waking up to truth and in doing so we change the future timeline of planet Earth. We are moving through a transition, nobody said it would be easy, but we are well on our way. Humanity is waking up rapidly to what has really been playing out on the planet. All information regarding world events is in the hands of a small group of multinational corporations: Time Warner, Walt Disney, Viacom, News Corporation and NBC Universal. Within these corporations, connections can be made to the health, pharmaceutical, energy(oil) and educational industries which lead directly to the Rockefeller and Rothschild families, to name a few. It’s no longer a secret that a small group of multinational corporations are in control of the worlds resources, media, and major international organizations. Having control of these entities and organizations they are easily able to manipulate and control the perception of human beings when it comes to international conflict. In November of 1917, the Balfour Declaration was made by Baron Rothschild. Lord Rothschild was a leading member of the British Zionist Federation. It was established in 1899 to create and advocate for a permanent homeland for the Jewish people. Zionism is defined as a form of nationalism of Jewish people that support a Jewish nation state in the land defined as Israel.

The Balfour declaration was made to allow a Jewish nation state to occupy Palestinian land.

The Rothschild family controlled Britain, and also pushed the Mandate for Palestine.

The Mandate for Palestine was set up by the British to include a national home for the Jewish people in Palestine. All of these mandates, and all of these laws were created out of thin air to impose a political movement called Zionism, to remove inhabitants from their land. Are you surprised? Gaza has been similar to a concentration camp, a cultural Genocide.

These family bloodlines date back to ancient Rome and Aristocratic families, they are Illuminati. It’s not a surprise that the Rothschild name sits atop of major Canadian mining companies (Barrick Gold), and were directly involved with the Genocide of the First Nations as well. Illuminati control has been world wide for many years. A large portion of the planet’s population has been made to believe that Zionism is a race, including a large portion of the Jewish community. Zionism is not a race, it is a political organization that has had an agenda with regards to Gaza. A large majority of Jewish people are fundamentally opposed to Zionism. Zionism is not about what’s right and what’s beneficial for Jewish people. Jewish people and Palestinian people are its victims not its beneficiaries. That’s why I call this Rothschild Zionism, it was created by them and it is controlled by them. It was created as a secret society within the web to massively contribute to the control of global society. It is a political system, at its core a secret society. – David Icke You have the Rothschild family using its power and influence to push Zionist (a false representation of Jewish people) occupation in Palestinian land. Many people have been murdered behind the lines of red tape. What has been happening in Palestine has been a goal of the global control matrix, and they use religion to their advantage. Not only has the Rothschild family had it’s hands in the occupation of Gaza, in 1947 the Rockefeller family stepped in.

The Rockefeller family provides funding to the United Nations, and have created many different councils to govern foreign relations since. In 1947 the United Nations created a resolution for the problem proposed by the Rothschild family (the occupation of Palestine). You see how they do things? A problem was created and the same ones who created the problem are proposing the solution. Clever no? They created a resolution that implemented a plan to create Independent Arab and Jewish states within Palestine. This was not a resolution, but an excuse to further push the Illuminati occupation of Palestine. In doing so, they create and push a clash of people and cultures creating the environment we see today. Many people have been manipulated and steered like puppets. You have families on both sides of the ocean getting involved with the take over and extermination of Palestinian occupants, similar to a concentration camp.

These families own the monetary system and control the worlds resources.

They create international organisations to propose solutions to the problems they create. What is Israel? Israel was created the year after the United Nations made their decision for a ‘separate Jewish state’.

The United States approved and recognized the need for this, and began their support of Israel.

The Rothschild and Rockefeller families, the Illuminati, are directly behind this invasion.

They are Israel, and they control Israel.

The Knesset is the legislature of Israel, it has the power to overrule all decisions made by the government, it’s the hub of Israel. It was funded by the Rothschild family. If you look where the money is flowing, these families and organizations have been behind all the decisions with regards to Israel.

The human beings involved within these conflicts, the families and children who have to deal with this harsh reality are the ones we advocate for.

They are us, we are their voice and we must speak up. Although at a deeper level it is just an experience that provides much growth, at the human level it is an experience we feel is no longer necessary. We must always remember we are souls having a human experience. What we perceive as suffering is not really suffering but an experience where something far beyond our mental understanding is playing out. This is not to say we want to see any of this continue, but simply that there is a perfection in allowing us to learn lessons and move on. Humanity is waking up, we are beginning to see how things have been playing out on our world, it is becoming more transparent everyday. Please feel free to research and verify any information presented in this article. Please feel free to request sources for any specific statement The demand for Collective Evolution's content is bigger than ever, except ad agencies and social media keep cutting our revenues. This is making it hard for us to continue. In order to stay truly independent, we need your help. We are not going to put up paywalls on this website, as we want to get our info out far and wide. .

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