You Cannot Fight for Peace to Experience Peace
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You Cannot Fight for Peace to Experience Peace

You cannot fight for peace to experience peace..
You Cannot Fight for Peace to Experience Peace

The man-made concept and energy of fighting, in any form, creates a low density vibration in which reinforces the energetic structure of what is being “fought”.

There’s many examples that you could look at to understand what exactly I mean by this. If you take a look at human history you’ll see that we’ve fought many wars and many battles in the name of peace, but where has that really gotten us? It’s 2010. We still have a “war against terror”, “war against drugs”, “war against disease”, etc. It seems as though we’re always fighting against something but yet we still haven’t made much progress in experiencing peace as a race. It’s because we’re going about it in a way that isn’t allowing us to move forward. Take a minute and actually think about how the thought of “fighting” something makes you feel. Does it make you feel light and loving and free? Or does it make you feel heavy, stressed out and drained having to put so much energy into “overcoming” something? Our experience here, at this point, is now about a purging process in regards to the judgements and labels that we’ve imposed on ourselves, have been handed down and been taught since birth. It’s about detaching, disengaging and dissolving these illusionary stories/thoughts that we have created within the mind in order for us to be able to see, feel and perceive our life and all aspects of our creation of this game on Earth for what it truly is. An experience. Nothing more, nothing less. It is what it is. When we are able to see experiences as just experiences, it allows us to view the experience from a neutral standpoint, leaving us in a state of peace. Our natural state as souls is peace. Yes some experiences are viewed as being more intense than others but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s just another form of experience. When we engage the mind stories of an experience being bad or good, or right or wrong it activates certain emotions and energies within us that we’ve attached to these stories. It also clouds our perception and clarity and can bring about misunderstandings. When observing an experience from a neutral standpoint it not only allows us to be in a state of peace, but also allows for our higher-self/higher-consciousness to flow through us bringing clarity to see something for what it really is and have a greater understanding and appreciation for it’s creation and purpose of existence. We tend to hate and fear things that we do not understand.

The misunderstanding comes from the false stories that we have created.

These misperceptions can lead to great suffering and confusion. Are what we call “demons” or “dark forces” evil, bad and scary? Or are these just ideas, stories, that we’ve bought into? They’re souls just like us.

They come from the same source and are a part of “God” just as everyone else is. It’s the judgements and labels that we’ve created that has brought about fear, hatred and misunderstanding towards them.

They are energy just like you and I. Nothing more, nothing less. Why is there a need to fear or hate something that is a part of you? This is just one of many examples showing you how differently we can perceive things and how this different perception can make us feel and react in certain ways when we don’t judge or label them. To end this article I’d like to leave you with these thoughts... We’ve been fighting for peace for so long on this planet but where has it gotten us? Still fighting, still suffering. It’s like being on a treadmill going nowhere. A never ending cycle. It just keeps creating fear, hatred, division, segregation, judgement, stress, etc. We’re banging our heads against the wall, screaming for a way out. Learning to be at peace with all aspects of our creation, no matter how intense it may seem, is the only way to dissolve the structure of EGO which has created imbalance and suffering within ourselves, the animal kingdom and the planet. We’ve put ourselves in a very limiting “box” being wrapped up in that energy, disconnected and forgetful of who we are. Let’s move forward from here, remember that we are all connected, all one energy of the same source experiencing itself in unique and individual fragments and forms. Through emanating peace comes love and through love comes compassion and truth. Let’s be ourselves. Peace. .

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