YOUR Truth Is The Only Truth
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YOUR Truth Is The Only Truth

The title of this article has many layers to it but the message I am trying to get across is very simple.We are all individuals with individual experiences.
YOUR Truth Is The Only Truth

. We are here to play, learn and grow as a soul, that is why we enter into this experience. Awakening being the goal, we are finding who we are and remembering our connection to source consciousness. With every experience, we unfold more and gain a closer connection to the source. As we go, our ego, mind and self coupled with experiencing other souls, brings us the experiences necessary for us to grow at the soul level. We all have very different experiences and no one is more right than the other. Comparing one experience to another and creating a judgement does not serve. Each path we take is THE RIGHT path. When we begin to consciously awaken more and more, what is at the superconscious level becomes more readily available at the conscious level. We are on the search for truth and finding truth can be a difficult thing to do for a lot of us. When others share information, they are sharing words and an experience as it relates to their own individual experience. While universal truth does exist, all we can really find is our OWN truth for our own individual growth. When others share what they have found as truth, it does not serve much to simply “believe” them and create our own belief system around the information. It serves to find our own truth, to experience for ourselves, to use our own guiding systems within our heart as opposed to taking information as a belief. Remember, information is just information, when we turn it into a belief we begin to identify, and when we do that, we are going back to ego. Try not to fret over not feeling right about what someone has shared as truth, we are all at different spots and it doesn’t serve to compare experiences or feel the need to teach others. What is right for all of us will come when we seek it and our higherself brings us this information. .

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