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1,000-Year-Old Viking Treasure Found by Young Girl with Metal Detector

A thousand-year-old Viking hoard consisting of coins and jewellery was reportedly found by a girl armed with a metal detector.

1,000-Year-Old Viking Treasure Found by Young Girl with Metal Detector

A deposit of stolen jewellery and 300 coins has reportedly been found by a young girl in Denmark, a report on Friday has claimed. Described as being “very rare” by archaeologists, the young girl is said to have uncovered the Viking-age treasure while using a metal detector in a cornfield last autumn, with the North Jutland museum revealing details of the find this week. According to a write-up by the museum, the two deposits found by the girl consist of a mix of German, Arab and Danish coins, the latter of which have drawn the interest of historians for their cross motifs, something that has been linked to the effort by King Harald Bluetooth’s efforts to Christianise the country. King Bluetooth remains well known in the 21st century after the digital communication standard that allows cell phones and accessories like headphones to work together was named after him. Two late 10th century silver boards have been found 8 kilometres from Fyrkat in Denmark. 300 pieces of coins and jewellery! — Hanna Jansson (@HannaJson) April 19, 2023 Also found as part of the hoard were pieces of jewellery thought to have originated in the region of Viking-age Ireland, with the museum putting forward the hypothesis that it was seized from the country during one of the many raids that took place during that era. All in all, experts believe the treasure can be dated somewhere between 980 and 990 A.D., with the Danish coins in particular said to narrow down the possible timeframe for the hoard thanks to their highly Christianised motif. Experts are also excited by the location of the find, which is said to be very close to Harald Bluetooth’s fort of Fyrkat, with some hoping that the discovery could shed light on the location’s eventual demise. “A hoard like this is very rare,” North Jutland museum director Lars Christian Norbach reportedly said regarding the find, which is due to go on display at the museum as early as July 1.

The girl who found the treasures will also reportedly receive a cash reward for her efforts, the amount of which will reportedly not be disclosed. Treasure Hunters Sent to Prison for Stealing Viking Hoard Worth $15 Million — Breitbart London (@BreitbartLondon) November 26, 2019.

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