15 Brilliant Test Answers From Smartass Kids

As adults, we are constantly in awe of children and their abilities.Deep in the process of learning, they are thrown into trying a variety of disciples, both physically, mentally, and spiritually.

. But when they say something that seems so mature and witty, we almost can’t believe it. Perhaps it’s because we don’t expect them to be able to have such deep thoughts, but what we often forget is that their cleverness is a result of their brains being able to soak up information like a sponge. By now it’s common thought that our education is in need of deep reform, and thankfully there are many organizations working to do that. Teaching kids things like meditation, mindfulness, embracing creativity and having a less rigid system of “building a worker” is all coming to educational institutions around the world. Perhaps kids like Logan LaPlante even helped inspire changes. Nonetheless, here are 15 amazing examples of just how beautifully brilliant a child’s mind can be: 1. Why beat around the bush? 2. Fair enough. 3. Simple and to the point. 4. A vague question gets a snarky answer. 5. This is way too clever. 6. Touché. 7. This kid has life figured out. 8. Thinking outside the box. 9. Even kids can be cynics. 10. I have to agree. 11. Nice try, kid. 12. Outplaying the teacher once again. 13. This kid understands living under their parents’ roof all too well. 14. A bit harsh, but you’ve got to love the humor. 15. Well, that’s one way of looking at it. Whether it be the child who understands that love conquers all, or the one who gets a bit political with their remark on communism, the kids who redefined the way we look at math, or the simple comedy of a child cracking a clever joke about a musician, you’ve got to hand it to the youth in general.

Their interpretation of things is an important reminder that they are more knowledgable than we give them credit for, and we should take time to enjoy their outlooks and their remarks to bring a little light and a new thought process into our own worlds. .

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