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A Collection of Documentaries About the NASA deception

The NASA deception has been a reality in the culture and perception of human kind since the last 60 years. Nowadays we can see that the proof that NASA presented as a Moon landing is no other than a laughable scam.

A Collection of Documentaries About the NASA deception

The following documentaries expose one of the biggest scams for humanity which is the alleged conquest of Space pushed by NASA. Let's remind ourselves that we supposedly landed on the Moon in 1969, but we never ever returned. The reason seems to be obvious, we just didn't go anywhere.

The NASA Astronaut Don Pettit has a good explanation to why we didn't go back to the Moon, even if our technology is almost 60 years more advanced.

NASA Deception Documentaries

Terry Lynn's Nasa and the Coming Deception

From Rumble Channel

Level with me, is a really well structured documentary full of eye opening testimonies and recordings about the whole NASA scam.

Tartaria: Connecting the Hidden Dots in Plain Sight is another documentary introducing the lost (erased) civilization of Tartaria, their ancient knowledge, showing the incredible compilation and manipulation of ancient cartographic records. This documentary shows how the current shape of the Mercator projection of continents, does not really represent the real dimensions and location of our landmass.

The lost history of Flat Earth is a great documentary not directly discussing flat earth topics, but greatly exposing the NASA scam, the Academic History scam, the Academic Science scam, the Novel Price scam, the Repopulation Campaigns from the late 1800's, the Word Fairs from the 1900's and almost everything related to our "believed history of past events" which is just fake or a distorted version of what we really know it happened.

Thanks for watching and sharing. Take care.

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