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Climate Change Hoax Exposed by Scientists

It is becoming clear for more and more people that the Climate Change political push is strongly driven by social control means.

Climate Change Hoax Exposed by Scientists

It is becoming clear for more and more people that the Climate Change political push is strongly driven by social control means. On the surface, we are told that the increase of CO2 in the atmosphere is directly related to the increase in temperatures. This is been widely proven to be not true.

One outstanding video out there, is the John Coleman's interview on CNN. John Coleman is the founder (not the co-founder) of the Weather Channel. This interview is quite outstanding, mainly by the somewhat harsh tone Mr Coleman is using. From one side it is quite logical Mr Coleman defends himself from the unfounded criticism thrown at him by CNN and some associated media, from the other, it is necessary that people having weight on the Climate question, defend what is actually scientific and what not. As he says, more than 31.000 scientists have signed a petition where they reject the assertion the Climate Change is at crisis level. You may read more about the petition in the following article, or read the petition itself in this website.

Who is Supporting Climate Change

One of the strongest supporters of the Climate Change is the current USA Government Administration, using their "scientific" Space Agency NASA. At this point, we are not sure if NASA is a reliable source, as it is mostly a scientific propaganda arm for the United States Intelligence. It is surrounded of conspiracies, dubious claims, hidden operations, big taxpayer money overspend so on and so forth. Without getting into the debate regarding the infamous recording of the astronauts jumping in the Moon's surface, some of the NASA most clumsy claims is from astronaut Don Pettit, regarding the dissappearence of the technology that brought humans to the Moon:

[...] we destroyed that technology and it's a painful process to create it back again.

Check his testimony, where he explains that we can't go to Moon again but we could go to Mars in a near future.

There is enough information out there to completely discredit anything the NASA claims to be true.

Let's continue to figure out which actors are pushing the Climate Change Agenda. An environmental crisis supposedly causing a serious risk to the human life on earth and major treat for our natural ecosystems worldwide.

It is really easy for an open mind, to realize that we have been disrespectfully fooled during the last 2 and a half years. Fooled regarding the true nature of the Covid-19 illness, the Covid-19 injections safety and efficacy, the Covid-19 injections effects (so called sideeffects) poisoning and killing tens of thousands of people all over the earth. As a brief, firstly, they killed the elderly during the early pandemic fearmongering campaing to justify a worldwide "forced" medical intervention, then, after the inoculation was massively adopted, the rise of "sudden deaths" mainly occuring among young males (age ranging 17 to 45) is being justified using the most absurd and insulting excuses. We won't list those this time.

We all can remember the full spectrum of mass media claiming "in unison" Covid-19 injections were "safe and effective". Countless, really, coutless media outlets were actively publicizing the experimental, untested, universal "solution" which is now causing all these health problems (to say the least) to a major percentage of the inoculated population.

Curiously, again, we got the same groups, the same media outlets, fiercely pushing the Climate Change Agenda. There is a hidden camera interview carried on by Project Veritas to Charlie Chester, the CNN Technical director where he explains that "after covid" they will start focusing on the Climate Change propaganda. Here it is a clip from that same interview:

Science is not a matter of consesus but a matter of facts

Finally we got thousands of scientists saying Climate Change is not a reality, it is not driven by our CO2 emissions. In fact, it is more likely to be driven by the activity of the Sun, as it is the most determining factor affecting or modifying the dynamics of climate on Earth.

The documentary The Great Global Warming Swindle is really a "put together" of true Climate Scientists, University Professors and Researchers explaining their doubts about the authenticity of the claims driving Climate Change policies. As it is described in the documentary's IMDB website:

Everything  you've ever been told about Global Warming is probably untrue. This  film blows the whistle on the biggest swindle in modern history. We are  told that 'Man Made Global Warming' is the biggest ever threat to  mankind. There is no room for scientific doubt. Well, watch this film  and make up your own mind.

Here you can watch the full documentary:

The following video, is an episode of the Maajid Nawaz podcast Radical titled Climate Alarmism & the Net Zero Trap for Globalist Technocracy where he interviews an important authority on the matter and presents important testimonials of scientists working on the field. Some of the points underlayed in this interview:

  • Alarmism of the Net Zero (technocratic carbon emission reduction) Policies
  • Different between Climate Activism and Enviromentalism
  • Facts behind the CO2 as the main agent causing the actual temperature increase

It's worth a watch.

The media is about propaganda

Again, the same powers that shouldn't be, cooperate to move on a scientifically bogus agenda, to mainly push policies and legislation that will affect freedom of movement, food security and cause a serious treat to civil society in terms of economic independence by limiting our free access to grid power, natural gas or the use of gasoline or diesel based vehicles.

Repeat A Lie Often Enough And It Becomes True

To show how this works in the legacy media, have a look at the video below, which is a technically brilliant clip clearly showing how this is done:

We are all responsible of opposing antidemocratic policies, on revealing the lies behind totalitarian agendas and defending our individual liberty, on exposing and fighting the corruption and fake "elitism" of the technocratic oligarchy threatening the future of our race.


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