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Denial and Intolerance: Strange Bedfellows

Denial and Intolerance: Strange Bedfellows

Are we expected to live the “positive” life? A life of denial? Are we expected to ignore what the thousands of doctors, scientists, researchers, are saying about the vaccines, the effects of resulting starvation, immune system shutdown, food supply interruption, rampant inflation, fuel shortages, and global upheaval?

Are we expected to ignore the doomsday predictions of the world’s economists, virologists, vaccinologists, doctors, research scientists, and political analysts? Apparently so.

Why is that? I think most of us have scrutinized this whole situation enough to have some good answers to that question. Let me throw a few more at you. Any disruption or contradiction to the “happy life” will be considered an unwelcome intrusion. It seems this is probably more common in fully developed countries (“fully developed” is a questionable description).

Life is pretty much good in the West (or most of it) if you consider an endless plethora of “things” to acquire, to eat, to look at, to “own” (or now, “rent”). How happy we can be!

To work toward that big house (soon to only be accessible to the elite, but we can always say “to work toward that small condo to rent”)—to get the newest smartphone model when it comes out, to look forward to the yearly raise so we can buy and consume more “things.” We also can get health care when we need it (as most affluent countries, and even less affluent countries, have national health care).

You get the picture.

Who wants to mess with that? Sure, there are a few complaints here and there. Maybe a couple of malcontents will complain about losing more and more freedom as the years go by. And there really isn’t anything called “privacy” anymore, at least the last time I looked there wasn’t.

And what about being “slave to the system,” education designed to indoctrinate, not teach critical thinking, working harder and harder, longer and longer hours to make ends meet (which means being able to afford the important things in life, like a nice house, nice phones, nice cars, nice clothes, fun travel).

Yes, we fool ourselves time and again believing that a good higher education for our kids is a noble, non-materialist goal in life. Really? Considering what “higher education” looks like these days I am not too confident about that way of thinking.

We have it pretty good over here, all things considered. Many of us are brainwashed into believing the only true value in life is material. I know I am. I am just as guilty as the next guy for falling into this, and I also hold on to it with the grip of a snapping turtle (what’s that?).

I think living off the grid is a romantic notion, but I am not sure how comfortable I would be. That’s it, isn’t it? Comfort? Us 21st Century humans are not very thick skinned are we? At least most of us are not, me being one of those. I was thinking the other day while lying in the grass, with my wife’s head on my stomach, looking up through the trees how peaceful I felt.

My soul at least felt peaceful.

My back hurt on the lumpy ground, my wife’s head was digging into my ribs, and a colony of ants were crawling up my leg. I thought about the people of pioneer times, and how tough they must have been to withstand all they had to withstand—with skin literally like leather, they wouldn’t even notice critters crawling on them.

Now, I am not saying all of our troubles are due to our wimpy physical characteristics, but I think this serves as a useful metaphor. We have not only become physical wimps, but intellectual wimps, and even spiritual wimps.

Now, before some of you get your knickers twisted, I’m not speaking of all of you (me, yes, but not all of you reading this). I do believe there are people who have really made an effort to not get pulled into this insane and inhuman way of being— so, more power to you. I admire you, and I personally know a few of you, and thank God you are here. I am working hard to join you.

I will venture to say, though, sheep constitute a majority. This sheep majority would like for us, those of us on the other side of the sheep/shrew fence, to just shut up and close our eyes and “leave well enough alone”—don’t rock the boat please or we will be terribly unhappy.

So, deny it. Easy enough. We shrews seem to believe that even if living seems simple and pleasant now, if we don’t stand up to this tyranny we are experiencing in such wild and wonderful ways, we will end up not very happy indeed. But are we correct in this assumption? Sure, if we are being carried off to concentration camps to be tortured and eventually gassed we won’t be very happy, but that would only happen to those who don’t comply, or to those singled out for whatever reason as not “belonging” and not “desirable.”

How many times have we all heard sheep-types say, “I have nothing to hide, I’ve done nothing wrong, I will not get in trouble,” (after my bank account here in Canada was shut down due to a small donation I made to the trucker’s convoy, I had a few close family members say this to me—implying if I had walked the line and didn’t donate to an obviously subversive group I would not have gotten in trouble…served me right, eh?) Denial.

So why, in my title of this article, have I lumped in intolerance as a bedfellow of denial?

I’m sure you can see how intolerance goes hand in hand with denial. A simple admonishment to “get with the program or else we will all get in trouble” is an initial attempt to get everyone in order. If that doesn’t succeed, intolerance comes into the picture. We clearly see intolerance these days for contrary speech, medical views, and science debate. “Do what the boss says folks!”

As a result everyone on our side of the fence (my apologies to those reading who do not wish to be considered on this “side” of a fence, any fence) becomes a moron, a science denier, unintelligent, not informed, etc. This intolerance is so acute; nearly every tiny nuance of thought that is not 100% in line with the worldview of the sheep paradigm is rejected and ridiculed.

So denial of truth, or of a certain way of thinking, is first. And once that is set, anything that is contrary or threatens that denied reality is intolerated.

Sad thing here is that I see this on the shrew side as well. We seem to be no better in discussing issues where we disagree than the worst of the sheep (again, I am guilty of this myself at times, and it isn’t everyone who is intolerant).

There seems to be no tolerance here as well.

When confronted with a differing view of something we hold as truth, we often do not reply with a, “hey brother (or sister) I don’t quite agree with what you just said (or wrote), how about…” or, “hey brother (or sister) I don’t think you have your facts straight there, have you not heard…” Instead it is a “hey you idiot, you don’t know what you are talking about!” or some other ad hominem insult that has nothing to do with the statement being discussed.

This troubles me quite a bit, and I think it is an absolute necessity that all of us who are going to be the ones left standing after the smoke of this global insanity lifts have the ability to discuss the issues at hand with civility and courtesy. Yes, some people do not know as much as others, but rather than attack their character and integrity as human beings, be there to support and educate.

And more often than not, the disagreement is in interpretation, and viewpoint. These are things that can indeed be debated, but without attacking the individual stating the contrary view. This is intolerance, and it is the very thing that we accuse those who are buying into this mainstream narrative.

Let’s all step up to the plate and treat our fellow shrew brothers and sisters with respect and consideration.

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