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Dr. Füllmich Statement From Prison – ‘Their House of Cards is Collapsing’

Dr. Reiner Füllmich has continued to analyse evidence of the crimes against humanity from prison that he and the Corona Committee had been working to expose since 2020.

Dr. Füllmich Statement From Prison – ‘Their House of Cards is Collapsing’

The corruption is being increasingly seen worldwide and “Their house of cards is collapsing” according to Reiner, “and we as international attorneys will do our best to speed up that process and make sure that Justice is done.” He adds ‘The windows of truth that are opening worldwide and the light that shines through these windows is in the process of identifying all of those who are responsible, no one will escape Justice.

Reiner Füllmich made this statement in a a break from the his trial due to the Easter holidays which has followed eight days in court. He has now been able to summarise the criminal proceedings against him and concludes that Hoffman and Antonia Fischer were only interested in ‘getting their hands on the Corona Committees donation. He claims that ‘through ‘fraud and extortion’, they had gotten their hands on roughly 1.5 million euros of his and his client’s money.’

Viviane Fischer, however, has confirmed in court that they both took loans in order to secure the Corona Committee’s donations which were at risk from “government attack, but they were both able to pay the monies back.

What this means is accusations that Reiner had embezzled committee funds are unfounded. In fact, there seems to be no reason for the man to have been kept in jail at all, and he believes, as many others do, that the criminal proceedings are an effort to shut him up and put him in jail and can see that the ‘DA’s case, is dead in the water.’

Reiner therefore, seems to be more positive for the future, which can be heard in his statement which you can listen to in full in the video of the audio below. However, I have also transcribed the audio recording verbatim and have added it underneath the video for those unable to play videos.

Statement From Dr. Reiner Füllmich 22nd March 2024.


Dear friends, because of the Easter holidays there is a two- week break in the criminal proceeding against me.

This gives me a chance to summarise the current status, the status quo of that proceeding, but it also gives me a chance to look beyond this proceeding at a very positive development that is happening in reality in that reality which is the backdrop to the efforts to shut me up and put me in jail.

It looks like the corona pandemic which actually opened my eyes and made me aware of an up until then unimaginable web of lies is um now unraveling and even officially unraveling as a planemic.

The windows of truth that are opening worldwide and the light that shines through these windows is in the process of identifying all of those who are responsible, no one will escape Justice.

Without Scientific Basis.

1:09 A new article by German journalist Paul Schreyer, in the publication Multipolar is based on on intensive research and a number of lawsuits which were brought under the German version of FOIA. the Freedom of Information Act.

And it clearly shows that, this article clearly shows that the German equivalent of the CDC, the RKI which up until March 16th of 2020 based on real science, had informed the public that the Corona virus was nothing but the flu, changed its tune overnight when on March 16th a high ranking member of the RKI who was intimately connected with a plandemic industry and its mouthpiece that WHO in tandem with much of the rest of the Western World of course, decided that there was now reason to escalate the hitherto harmless situation into a pandemic and scare the hell out of the population to test their obedience.

This happened without any scientific basis, without any scientific basis, it was based purely on a political signal from the plandemic industry and its mouth piece the WHO.

Even though Paul Schreyer States in that article that the name of the person who did the ‘dirty work’ for the WHO in Germany is not known, it seems very clear to me that he knows precisely who it is, and so do we.

By the way, this of course will be of huge importance even in the German systems courts of Law and as they, up until now, blindly and without questioning anything that came from the RKI, took for granted that there was a dangerous novel Corona virus that was responsible for a pandemic.

Now it is clear that the RKI is corrupt and it looks like similar developments can be seen worldwide.

The House of Cards is Collapsing

I was just informed by one of the people who wrote me and gave me some information, that Fauci, in the United States, seems to have admitted that there was no basis whatsoever let alone the scientific basis for the social distancing and the distances prescribed for social distancing.

Their house of cards is collapsing and we as international attorneys will do our best to speed up that process and make sure that Justice is done.

The Criminal Case Against Him

As far as the criminal case against me is concerned, it is very simple the prosecution’s main witnesses the strange attorney Mr Hoffman and my former co-host Viviane Fisher, whose performance in court rivaled that of Mr Hoffman, have been questioned.

They gave their testimony, Mr Hoffman came across as a highly aggressive, uncontrolled person whose inexplicable and also unexplained hatred for me, Viviane Fischer and actually the entire world she had to admit, that there was absolutely no basis for any of the massive accusations of me having threatened him in numerous weird ways, among others, with a Winchester rifle, or by radicalising the members of the political party whose co-chairman I was for a while.

One of the more bizarre accusations he made was that he felt threatened by me because of this quote unquote ‘ethnic background.’ When we asked him what this meant, he stated that he was an Ashkenazi Jew. Well if that is true, and I don’t know that it is, it would have been even if I had known about it it, would have been totally irrelevant to me.

Hoffman – is “Simply and Idiot”

The only reason I had shown him, indeed my utter disrespect for him, that I even despised him, is that I learned that he was both professionally and on a personal level simply an idiot.

Viviane Fischer confirmed that neither Mr Hoffman, nor Antonia Fischer whom we had included in the corona investigative committee as substitutes for two scientists played any role in the work of the Corona Investigative Committee and were only interested in the donations.

We found it rather bizarre however, that Viviane Fischer seems to still be willing to cooperate with these people, despite the fact that these two and their dubious partner, through fraud and extortion, had gotten their hands on roughly 1.5 million euros of my and my client’s money.

Despite the fact that these people, with the help of the district attorney, are now trying to get their hands on all of the Corona Committee’s donations only to shut its work down.

Very strange. Despite the fact that the evidence is mounting that the district attorney is guilty of obstruction of justice, now this is a crime, not just a misdemeanor, I don’t believe that the court is under control of whoever is behind this proceeding, but we’ll see.

Viviane Fischer Confirmed Loans Secured Donations

Very helpful in fact, crucial for my case, is that this, and Fischer also confirmed that we took out the loans in order to secure some of the donations from the states attaching our bank account, but there was an imminent and rising risk of this happening and that of course we were both willing and able to repay the loans.

This means that DA’s case, is dead in the water. In fact, had we not done anything to protect the money from willful attachment by the state, we would have been guilty of a violation of our fiduciary duty to take care of the donations.

For the court and for those who are interested, we will file a detailed assessment of Viviane Fischer and Mr Huffman’s, at least partially bizarre testimony in court.

A Strange Show in Germany

Meanwhile here in Germany, an even stranger show is unfolding right before our eyes on mainstream television. Anyone who dares argue for peace in Ukraine is almost hysterically, by those who call themselves politicians and journalists, hysterically being accused of helping Putin to win the war.

They demand in all seriousness, that Germany supply as much money and as many weapons to Ukraine as possible. For what purpose? Well obviously for killing as many people as possible very, very strange.

Thank You

Thank you for your letters and the sometimes very personal messages. By the way, no one except me reads them, the envelopes are closed when they come to me. they are only destroyed after we open them, and I get the letters.

I’m very much looking forward to getting my getting back together with my wife, our dogs, my family, and friends and to continue with the, our work with the international group of attorneys, with the help of all of you of course

There will be Justice, there is no other way for humanity to survive.

Here are a few more of my favorite songs, one is Lindsay Buckingham, formerly Fleetwood Mac, his song is “Trouble,” great song. David Bowie, “Heroes” and “China girl” Christopher Cross “Ride Like A wind” and Elton John, “I’m Still Standing.”

See you all soon.

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