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Dr Vernon Coleman: ‘Virtue Signalling is the New Plague’

The epidemic of maskitis which has enveloped Britain for the last two years has not been cured.

Dr Vernon Coleman: ‘Virtue Signalling is the New Plague’

A careful analysis of shoppers shows that 40% are still wearing their masks in the street and that number more than doubles in shops and supermarkets.

By Dr Vernon Coleman

Why are so many people ignoring the rules and ignoring the danger to their own health? I don’t believe they are still scared. Some of them (mostly women) wear masks so that they don’t have to bother with make-up. Some wear masks because they know they’re plug ugly and the mask gives them a chance to hide their ugliness from the world. Some wear masks because they bought a pile of them cheap from a stall on the market and don’t want them to go to waste. Some have masks that match their outfit and they’d feel improperly dressed without a mask on.

But I think the majority of them are virtue signalling numpties. ‘Look at me, I’m such a good person that I’m wearing a mask even though I know I don’t have to.’ You can see it in their eyes: the superciliousness; the sense of moral superiority.

It started with recycling. The illiterate buffoons who accepted the lies about recycling, who washed out their bottles and yoghurt cartons with precious water and sorted their rubbish into six, seven, eight, nine different piles, became the obedient mask wearers. It was a training process to turn people into zombies.

The mask wearers are the people who buy electric cars. They buy the damned stupid things because they think that driving an electric car makes them look like good people. If they could read and had the brains of a pea they’d know that electric cars are worse for the environment than diesel and petrol driven cars. And they should know (but probably don’t) that the electricity that drives their tin can is produced by burning Russian gas and bits of chopped up tree.

Now, the obedient, virtue signalling numpties are wearing little ribbons to show that they support Ukraine and hate Russia and all Russians. They’re filling boxes with tins and packets of almost out of date food, that they’ve decided they don’t like, and taking their boxes along to special centres in the vain and stupid belief that their goodies will stop the war. Do they have any idea how much it would cost to transport a box of unwanted food to Ukraine?

Worse still, the virtue signalling numpties want all contact with Russia to be stopped. They want Russians to be fired and expelled from whatever country they are living in. And they want governments to stop buying Russian oil, gas, wheat and metals. Isn’t that racism?

Did the virtue signalling numpties behave this way during any one of the other wars that have been conducted in recent years? Iraq? Kuwait? Kosovo? Syria? Yemen? Ethiopia? Sudan? There are wars going on all over the world – particularly in Africa. But the only one the virtue signallers care about is the one they’ve been told to care about. What about the huge numbers of people the West killed in Iraq? What about Guantanamo Bay? Obama promised to close it on his first day in office. Eight years later it was still there. I don’t see anyone protesting about that? What about the rendition of untried prisoners?

Are the virtue signalling numpties really so stupid that they don’t realise that their actions will prolong the war and result in hundreds of millions of deaths from starvation in Africa? Do they not realise that they’re doing exactly what the billionaire conspirators want them to do?

Yes the mask wearing numpties are that stupid. And no, they don’t realise that they have become collaborators in the greatest and most evil conspiracy the world has ever seen.

They don’t really care about anything or anyone other than themselves.

The selfish, sanctimonious Ukraine supporting collaborators are part of a new plague: the plague of virtue signallers.

And this is the plague that could destroy us all in the end.

Vernon Coleman’s first book about the great conspiracy (published in April 2020) is still available. It’s called Coming Apocalypse and it’s available as an eBook and a paperback.

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