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George Bernard Shaw, the Fabian Society and a ‘Brave New World’

There are over 7,000 members of the Fabian Society.

George Bernard Shaw, the Fabian Society and a ‘Brave New World’

It boasts being “the future of the left since 1884.” Members past and present include Tony Blair, Ed Miliband, Keir Starmer and Sadiq Khan.  Khan, who is not only London’s mayor but also the chair of C40 Cities, served as chair of the Fabian Society in 2008-10.

The Fabian Society’s website states that it has been affiliated with the Labour Party throughout the party’s history and is the only original founder that “remains affiliated in unchanged form.”

After Tony Blair’s landslide victory in 1997, over 200 Fabians sat in the House of Commons, including many of the cabinet.  After the 2015 election and the election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader the role of the society as a pluralist, non-factional forum within the Labour movement came to the fore.  Labour’s defeat at the 2019 election saw the party turn back towards its Fabian roots. 

So, what are the Fabian Society’s roots?

It was established in 1884 by a coterie of British eugenicists and Malthusians to promote a new social order designed to mould society into a new, mechanised order run by a managerial elite of “social scientists” from the top down.

Among its early members was George Bernard Shaw who became the leading spirit of the Society.  Shaw also advocated for the killing of those who could not justify their existence to a “properly appointed board” – a similar albeit darker vision of the social credit system our rights and freedoms are threatened with today.

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Fabian Socialists are Statist, they are absolutely authoritarian in their philosophy, Avangelista wrote. Their long-term goal has always been a socialist dictatorship with the imposition of a legalistic society where the individual is simply a part of the collective.

The idea of social justice is the biggest selling point and perhaps the easiest to peddle to the people. To give a recent example, in her 2018 book ‘Why Women Have Better Sex Under Socialism’, Kristen Ghodsee freely quotes from the works of Fabian socialist George Bernard Shaw to bolster her argument that capitalism is inherently sexist. Based on Shaw’s analysis, Ghodsee concludes that capitalism makes slaves out of women who, under socialism, would supposedly be happy and free.

The Fabian plan for a gradual socialist revolution was as definitive as it possibly could be, to say it has been a conspiracy is simplistic in the extreme. It instituted a widespread educational program for its leadership and its minions, as time progressed, it opened schools, such as the London School of Economics, and the New School of Social Research.

One stroke of genius was that instead of advocating a Socialist State, they assisted in the implementation of the Welfare State which is merely a few steps away from a purely Socialistic State. 

In 1942, Stuart Chase, in his book ‘The Road We Are Traveling’, spelt out the system the Fabians had in mind:

  • Strong, centralised government.
  • Powerful Executive at the expense of Parliaments or Congress and the Judicial.
  • Government-controlled banking, credit and securities exchange.
  • Government control over employment.
  • Unemployment insurance, old age pensions.
  • Universal medical care, food and housing programs.
  • Access to unlimited government borrowing.
  • A managed monetary system.
  • Government control over foreign trade.
  • Government control over natural energy sources, transportation and agricultural production.
  • Government regulation of labour.
  • Youth camps devoted to health discipline, community service and ideological teaching consistent with those of the authorities.
  • Heavy progressive taxation.

Read more: A Fabian Socialist Dream Come True, Avangelista, 6 September 2012

An example of the Fabian ideology that we are currently facing is a digital currency coupled with a digital identity that will apportion rewards based on your value to society.  This is essentially an extension of the Fabian mindset into the world of financial transactions and monetary evaluations.  Fabians believed that some form of socioeconomic tribunal would be needed in order for each citizen to be quantified according to their “worth” to society.  The Chinese social credit score is a variant of that same concept.

The Fabians wanted to fulfil the goal of a New World Order of the Hermetics, but they believed that people would change with reforms, not a revolution as Marx had claimed. In fact, as they wanted to establish socialism under capital control, they aimed to impose socialism not only on the working class but also on the capitalists. To achieve this goal of changing society, they would advise governments, especially in the field of education, and change society through them.

Read more: Fabian Society: Roots, theory and practice of socialist think tank, Daily Sabah, 4 February 2022

It is said that if the Fabians had a more famous dystopia than ‘Brave New World’, it was George Orwell’s ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’ or ‘1984’.  Thirty years after writing his 1932 book ‘Brave New World’, Aldous Huxley gave a speech at Berkeley which some say is an admission by Huxley that Brave New World was a blueprint rather than merely a fictional novel.  This idea seems to be supported by a letter Huxley sent to Orwell in 1949 in conjunction with the purpose for which Huxley was in America.

Brave New World depicted a society characterised by medicated contentment, a widely accepted, eugenics-supported caste system and a government-enforced obsession with consumerism. 1984 depicts a state where daring to think differently is rewarded with torture, where people are monitored every second of the day, and where party propaganda trumps free speech and thought.

Huxley’s letter to Orwell stated:

The philosophy of the ruling minority in Nineteen Eighty-Four is a sadism which has been carried to its logical conclusion by going beyond sex and denying it.

Whether in actual fact the policy of the boot-on-the-face can go on indefinitely seems doubtful.

My own belief is that the ruling oligarchy will find less arduous and wasteful ways of governing and of satisfying its lust for power, and these ways will resemble those which I described in Brave New World.

Huxley was not positing whether 1984 or Brave New World would happen, he was arguing which of the two forms the future scientific dictatorship would take.  He reiterated this message in his 1962 Berkeley Speech.

Huxley’s move from the UK to America was not happenstance.  According to Marilyn Ferguson in her book ‘The Aquarian Conspiracy’, in the 1930s Huxley was sent to the US by the British government “as the case officer for an operation to prepare the United States for the mass dissemination of drugs … In effect, Huxley and [others] laid the foundations during the late 1930s and the 1940s for the later LSD culture.” Over the years Huxley was involved in dubious activities including the use of LSD to “brainwash influential people” and being in contact with the president of Sandoz, who was fulfilling a CIA contract for MK-Ultra, consisting of large quantities of LSD.

Further resources:

George Bernard Shaw, Fabians and Eugenics

What is tricky about eugenics for those who like to call themselves progressives, is that most of its adherents came from the political left.

In 2019, The Guardian published an article that the great founding fathers of British socialism had dreams almost as vile as those of the Nazis. Eugenics, The Guardian stated, is the dirty little secret of the British left. The names of the first champions read like a roll call of British socialism’s best and brightest: Sidney and Beatrice Webb, George Bernard Shaw, Harold Laski, John Maynard Keynes, Marie Stopes, the New Statesman and the Manchester Guardian.

Many on the left of politics signed up for the Eugenics Society, which in the 1930s rivalled the Fabians as the fashionable salon of London socialism. HG Wells could not contain his enthusiasm, hailing eugenics as the first step toward the removal “of detrimental types and characteristics” and the “fostering of desirable types” in their place.

Further reading: Eugenics: the skeleton that rattles loudest in the left’s closet, The Guardian, 17 February 2012

Eugenics wasn’t the only distasteful society that some of these socialists belonged to.  Many were also members of the Fabian Society.  Both Wells and Shaw were Fabians who disdained the raggedness of the working class and sought in eugenics a means to attain socialism through gradualist reforms while supporting British imperialism. They were forerunners to the contemporary Labour Party.

George Bernard Shaw (26 July 1856 – 2 November 1950), known at his insistence simply as Bernard Shaw, was an Irish playwright, critic, polemicist and political activist. His influence on Western theatre, culture and politics extended from the 1880s to his death and beyond. He wrote more than sixty plays. With a range incorporating both contemporary satire and historical allegory, Shaw became the leading dramatist of his generation and in 1925 was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature.

He belonged to the Protestant “ascendancy”– the landed Irish gentry. In the 1880s, Shaw became a vegetarian, a socialist, a spellbinding orator, a polemicist, a playwright and a Fabian.

In 1884 he became the leading spirit of the Fabian Society and the force behind the newly founded Society.  Shaw involved himself in every aspect of its activities, most visibly as editor of one of the classics of British socialism, Fabian Essays in Socialism (1889), to which he also contributed two sections.

Shaw not only passionately hated liberty but for decades he was a staunch proponent of genocide, refusing to soften his views even after the full horror of the Nazi death camps during World War II was brought to light.  While many have forgotten Shaw’s views, many others have brushed off his statements as mere “satire.”

Further reading:  The Real George Bernard Shaw – Fabian Socialist and Hitlerian Advocate of Mass Murder

In a 1931 newsreel, Shaw advocated for the state to murder people who can’t justify their value to the state, and thus, their right to live.  This clip is included at the end of a video compilation of statements made by Shaw which you can watch HERE.

It was also included in a 2010 special edition of the Glenn Beck programme on Fox News titled ‘The Revolutionary Holocaust: Live Free or Die’.  To give the clip some context you can watch the Glenn Beck programme HERE or uploaded in parts HERE and read the transcript HERE.  In the lead-up to the 1931 newsreel clip, Beck said:

The fathers of communism, Marx, and Engels, believed that societies would evolve from capitalism to socialism. But they acknowledged that there were still what they called primitive societies that hadn’t even evolved into capitalists yet. They called them racial trash.

As the revolution happens, the classes and the races, too weak to master the new conditions of life, must give way. There was only one thing left for those too far behind in the process of societal evolution. “The chief mission of all other races and peoples, large and small, is to perish in the revolutionary holocaust.”

Up until the horrors of Hitler, prominent socialist supporters discuss these ideas out in the open. Nobel Prize winner, Fabian socialist and prominent Soviet supporter, George Bernard Shaw … And this was actually somewhat subtle for Shaw.

The Revolutionary Holocaust: Live Free or Die, Glenn Beck, Fox News, 22 January 2010

In the 1931 newsreel, speaking about capital punishment, Shaw quickly turned to his eugenic viewpoint:

“There’s an extraordinary number of people whom I want to kill … It must be evident to all of you, you must all know half a dozen people at least, who are no use in this world.

“And I think it would be a good thing to make everybody come before a properly appointed board just as he might come before the income tax commissioners and say every 5 years or every 7 years, just put them there, and say, sir or madam, now will you be kind enough to justify your existence?

“If you can’t justify your existence; if you’re not pulling your weight in the social boat; if you are not producing as much as you consume or perhaps a little more, then clearly we cannot use the big organisation of our society for the purpose of keeping you alive, because your life does not benefit us, and it can’t be of very much use to yourself.”

His words are not satire.  In a 1948 article on capital punishment, Shaw wrote:

There is a considerable class of persons who become criminals because they cannot fend for themselves, but who under tutelage, superintendence, and provided sustenance are self-supporting and even profitable citizens … Reorganise their lives for them; and do not prate foolishly about their liberty … it may be asked whether they are to be allowed not only to read the newspapers but also to marry and breed … the ungovernables, the ferocious, the conscienceless, the idiots, the self-centred myops and morons, what of them? Do not punish them. Kill, kill, kill, kill, kill them.

Capital Punishment, George Bernard Shaw, June 1948

And in the preface of his play ‘On the Rocks’, Shaw wrote:

Extermination must be put on a scientific basis if it is ever to be carried out humanely and apologetically as well as thoroughly … That killing is a necessity is beyond question by any thoughtful person … what we are confronted with now is a growing perception that if we desire a certain type of civilization and culture we must exterminate the sort of people who do not fit into it.

On the Rocks, Preface, George Bernard Shaw, 1932

Featured image: Eugenics, George Bernard Shaw and the need for a dramatic reckoning (left), Fabian Society coat of arms, a wolf in sheep’s clothing (right)

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