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George Galloway Landslide Victory Sends Sunak into “Meltdown” – “Democracy is Being Targeted by Extremists” he says.

George Galloway Landslide Victory Sends Sunak into “Meltdown” – “Democracy is Being Targeted by Extremists” he says.

Keir Starmer and Rishi Sunak are two cheeks of the same backside got well and truly spanked.” George Galloway said following his victory speech in the Rochdale by-election, where he won more votes that both the Labour and Tory party representatives put together,.

The win means Galloway, who has fought against apartheid for decades, and was an under ground agent of the African National congress led by Nelson Mandela, will be returning to Westminster and will take his Commons seat for the Workers Party of Britain.

He will therefore, be a much needed strong voice for the people of Gaza and this fact has sent PM Sunak into “meltdown” according to a Labour MP. John Mcdonell, which was evident when Sunak rushed home to Downing Street to deliver a retaliatory announcement following the spanking and said that the Galloway resounding victory, was “beyond alarming.”

Almost laughably, the unelected oligarch selected by the globalist cult, said, democracy is being targeted by extremists,” but, there is nothing funny about the authoritarian stance taken by Sunak who threatened to violate our civil liberties further by enforcing tougher policing in “pro Palestine” marches.

He’s Not Moses, He’s Little Rishi Sunak.

When questioned by a Sky reporter following selected PM Sunaks announcement he attempted to say “The Prime Minister is saying….” and George Galloway quickly interupted with:

You’re talking about him as if he were God, we’re talking about little Rishi Sunak at the fag end of his prime ministership. Dont talk to me as if he has come down from the mount with tablets of stone, that things that he says are meant to awe me, they may awe you, they don’t awe me.”

‘Don’t keep telling me about the Prime Minister as if he was Moses’ When asked “Do you respect the Prime Minister?” Galloway responds ‘Do I respect the Prime Minister? I DESPISE the Prime Minister!’

The Resounding Galloway Victory

Galloway is a former Labour MP, until 2003, then in the Commons as an independent and Respect Party MP for three constituencies between 2003 and 2015. In the Rochdale by-election he stood for his own Workers Party, and won 12,335 votes and a comfortable majority of 5,697 in the once-safe Labour seat in an old textile town in the foothills of the Pennines. Azhar Ali, the candidate suspended by Labour earlier in the campaign came fourth with just 2,402 votes – despite still being billed as a Labour candidate on the ballot.

Here are the results:

  • Workers Party of Britain: 39.7 per cent
  • David Tully (independent): 21.3 per cent
  • Conservative: 12.0 per cent (-19.2)
  • Labour (suspended candidate): 7.7 per cent (-43.9)
  • Liberal Democrats: 7.0 per cent (-0.0)
  • Reform UK: 6.3 per cent (-1.8)

George Galloway’s Speech.

Keir Starmer – this is for Gaza, – You have paid and you will pay a high price for the role that you have played in enabling, encouraging and covering for the catastophy presently going on in occupied Palestine in the Gaza strip.”

Sunaks Desperation.

Sunak’s announcement was sinister and authoritarian, where he says that the elected Galloways victory was “beyond alarming” also included calls for tougher policing for anti genocide protests.

Owen Jones says that “Rishi Sunak’s speech was another sinister landmark in Britain’s descent into authoritarianism. Our rights and freedoms are being trashed because our elites don’t want to be held to account for backing mass murder.” and another X post Jones says:

“Rishi Sunak’s speech denounced extremists. Let’s be clear, those complicit in an Israeli onslaught which is starving, bombing and shooting the Palestinian people to death are a) extremists and b) currently the most dangerous extremists. They are, in practise, a death cult.”

– “We are a country where we love our neighbours” says Rishi Sunak, who previously defended his party’s Deputy Chairman for telling asylum seekers to “f*** off back to France” and his former Home Secretary for calling those who come here an “invasion” says Adam Bienkov on X and

Kelvin Pearson responds “Desperate fearmongering rhetoric of a leader itching to declare a National Emergency and shut down a General Election. Why? Because he fears the understandable wrath of voters.”

As we all have observed, the division has been caused by the governemt itself and the “root cause” of the problem right now, is that millions of people in the UK, are in despair at the fact that both the governemt and the “opposition” Labour Party are supporting war crimes and genocide in Gaza.

“Extremist Forces”

In response to the Sunak speech Tiberius wrote on X : “For those not educated in British politics, let me explain what Rishi Sunak means when he condemns ‘extremist forces’ in the UK.

  • Extremist forces’ are when people take exception to the UK’s complicity in genocide, ethnic cleansing, settler-colonialism and illegal occupations.
  • Extremist forces’ are when people disagree with the UK’s illegal foreign policy decisions to fund and arm and support Israel as they’re investigated by the ICJ under the Genocide Convention.
  • Extremist forces’ are when people don’t want innocent men, women and children to be slaughtered or starved to death, en masse, with full British military support funded by their taxes.
  • Extremist forces’ are when the people reject the ignorant, bloodthirsty duopoly where you can only choose between two war criminals with different colour rosettes yet no other discernible difference.
  • Extremist forces’ are when people demand human rights for everyone, even those who aren’t white or British—the fucking audacity, right?!
  • Extremist forces’ are when people exercise their democratic right and vote for a candidate that has told them he will fight for representation of the issues they care about but that the Establishment want swept under the rug.
  • Extremist forces’ are everything that challenges the broken, corrupt, deceitful, incompetent, greedy, tyrannically government of this here little island, and any of the disgusting and illegal decisions it might make that demonstrably destroy the moral fibre of this world.
  • I hope this helps!” It should, it is brilliantly put!

Members of Parliament React

Caroline Lucas MP and former leader of the Green Party posted on X “The mask has really dropped now, if there were any doubt who the real extremists are, it is #Sunak‘s government – threatening to take visas off protesters and stirring up anti-Muslim hate.”

Sunak’s speech is “In absolute desperation facing electoral meltdown, Sunak tries the usual Tory manoeuvre of “discovering”a scary enemy within, to divert attention from the collapse of political support for his party & the economic mess we’re in, whilst trying to sound Churchillian. Farcical.” according to Labour MP and former Shadow Chancellor, John McDonell.

“Protesting against the mass slaughter of civilians is not a threat to democracy. The real threat to democracy is a government that crushes our rights and silences our solidarity. Our movement is made up of all faiths and backgrounds, united by a belief in a more peaceful world.” Says Jeremy Corbyn the former Labour leader.

While the current Labour leader, the supposed “opposition” as we have come to expect supported the globalist selected PM.

The Prime Minister is right to advocate unity and to condemn the unacceptable and intimidatory behaviour that we have seen recently. It is an important task of leadership to defend our values and the common bonds that hold us together. Citizens have a right to go about their business without intimidation and elected representatives should be able to do their jobs and cast their votes without fear or favour. This is something agreed across the parties and which we should all defend.” said the cheek supposed to be on the left, Starmer.

SkyNews Interview Galloway

We’re talking about little Rishi Sunak at the fag end of his prime ministership.…” George Galloway

“The dishonesty of the questions by the SkyNews journalist are maddening. How on earth can you assert that the VERY SAME people who voted for someone more than for all other major candidates COMBINED are worried about his win?

And how can you characterize his victory as “divisive” when the very fact he united so many people behind his candidacy means he managed to… unite people like we rarely see anymore in liberal democracies! This type of questioning is literally Orwellian doublespeak, which is sadly par for the course in today’s mainstream media… Thankfully Galloway is a masterful rhetorician and he made mincemeat of this poor excuse for a journalist, which makes it a very pleasing watch” said Arnaud Bertrand

See that for yourself below.

Why Sunak and Starmer Fear George Galloway.

For those who are unfamiliar with George Galloway, I feel that the two videos below, among many others, in my opinion show that George Galloway has authenticity, strength, morals and integrity. His continual support and fight against apartheid over many decades means he is equipped with knowledge and experience and will be the much needed strength in Westminster against the pro genocide rhetoric.

As you can see from the videos below, George does not suffer fools, and there are too many of them in Parliament, we are about to see some fireworks!

Are You Racist?

In the first video George Galloway during a debate at the Oxford Union which is a debating society at the University, was asked by a student was he racist. Galloway tells of the time he worked as an undercover agent fighting against the apartheid in South Africa. He concludes apartheid’s are the worst forms of racism and facism there is.

The Final Word here is from George Galloway MP

Lickspittle “journalism” is alive but not well. Little Rishi Sunak is in office but not in power. Only 12% of British people trust their political parties only 9% believe their politicians tell the truth. British democracy is in danger alright, but not from me”

“Gaza is the moral centre of the world right now. You are either with its children and their mothers or you are with those who are murdering them. The prime-ministerial robes of Rishi Sunak hang about him like on a dwarfish thief. Keir Starmer is his accomplice.”

Congratulations George Galloway.

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