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George Soros, where is my money?

How the psycho-social mind gets intensively manipulated by the use that media makes of ideas and the object that these ideas recall on the society as a whole

George Soros, where is my money?

We all recycle.

Where are we supposed to drop the human waste? Not the waste generated by humans, do not get me wrong. Where are we supposed to drop the people, who have thoughtfully demonstrated us all, that themselves are actual waste?

In the past, as we have been told, humankind did atrocities to other humans in the name of law, in the name of this or that religion, in the name of this or that country, lots of atrocities are settled in the history books we are shown. None of those lessons have been learnt, or at least integrated into humanity itself as knowledge.

It is arguable to say that no person can judge other person, just because it is impossible to apply justice, if, in order to execute or apply that justice, it is only taken into consideration a single point of view. Even if there can be several points of view into consideration, those points of view shall be from opposite perspectives, to keep a balance in the range of the perception of the problem.

The balance in the perception of the problem is the main reason why we today have a jury in today's trials. We need impartial observers, foreign to the root of the case in trial.

All right, only an impartial jury below the judge's oversight can decide, upon a set of collected evidences, which are approved by both the lawyer and the prosecutor related to the case, can judge or decide if another person is guilty on something.

Society, under certain conditions can behave as a jury, under other conditions can behave as a prosecutor, and so in others, as a lawyer. The role of public opinion is sensitive to the volume and the nature of information regarding a concrete topic. A topic not too broad, something easy to be objectified, so the variety of minds in the social spectrum can easily describe it, get positioned about it, worry about it or any other reaction to the mental object that this topic would recall to individuals.

Do you feel in grade of deciding in a definitive way about something that you partially understand? If so, to which point? Is it a limitless thing?

Reality seems to be a weird ecosystem where many many millions of souls with human suits interact with each other, time after time. Rather engaged rather imprisoned, this is a rationally complex, highly dense conglomerate of states in which consciousness can manifest itself. Believe it or not, it's a matter of how developed the cosmology you were born with is, and how much energy during your current effort are you investing in getting into the timeless knowledge of it. For some of you it's just a decision, for others, life itself, for others, fairy tales, ignorant stories and so on. It's a matter of being fine with what you are, and if you are not fine with that, try to find out what's the problem, before falling in the common error of creating the projection of your psychological issues on your external world. In other less canonical words, before spreading out your shit. I mean manage your own shit.

It is sad, and sadness lasts on people as much as they like, or as much as they decide, if they learnt to decide about stuff, already. Anyway it is sad, every time you look at it. Probably, that's the origin of the human aversion. Aversion is great at creating artifacts in the mind. Artifacts or objects where to focus itself, where it can recognize itself through the view of the projection.

We said, it is easy to share an idea that is easy to be objectified by the mind. Now, this objectification, can be seen as the ability we have to create, or find, or choose objects for our mind, that can be used to put the focus on averse emotions. Simplifying, our enemies are objects of aversion. Aversion is not created by the objects we hate or take our breath out. Hate is actually created by aversion itself. In order to relief the heavy feeling of hate, the mind needs these objects, where to send that emotional "drag" to be acknowledged by the observer. So one can deal with it.

Nice code.

May you already know this way of inner messaging, may you think about it some time before, rather it seems reasonable to you or seems not reasonable to you, even if sounds like a bunch psychological crap, it is absolutely brilliant you read till here. I write about it, I'm within it too. The fact that the mind often makes use of the objectification to relief negative emotions is known to many. It all relies on a quite superficial place, which is the part of the mind that holds the psychological intelligence and personality.

Let's fill your mind with stress, then we'll offer you an object where to relief that stress - Your boss, the Government, the Lords of War, the greed, the economic crisis, the left, the right, immigration, immigration restriction... All of it only for this time.

Let's fill your mind with fear, then we'll offer you an object where to relief that fear. You know what I mean. There are professional Psychologists working for the same Government you pay your taxes to.

Recently in several articles talking about social psychology, increasingly appeared the term "object of anxiety". This is due to the effect that the Pandemic has created an object where to focus the anxiety generated at psycho-social level. At the psychological level of the social phenomena where things like social opinion take place. Many principles or rare ethics in our society are designed to cause harm by definition. Society members, perfectly embedded in the roles the same society offers, infringe harm to other society members, which are perfectly embedded into other roles. Society causes harm itself.

The social mind, can be understood the mind of the group, which initially is not, but with time becomes to act as an isolated entity as it has its own process definitions that takes place in its own well defined domain, in a exclusive way. Individuals, can belong or not to the psycho social mind of society, depending on the level of identification with the society that the individual feels or manifests within its own psycho emotional mind.

Link the dots.

The mass media has an incredible power on this psycho-social mind, indeed a lonely psycho-social mind, as it belongs to nobody, it is a shared psychological asset, which is continuously manipulated. No one is in direct charge of it. Boone but society itself. It is a part of it, if the mind of society gets ill, then the society will suffer the consequences of an illness in each one of their own psycho-social individual parts.

Look what they've done. George Soros is a the most powerful sociopath in the Media Industry in the world today. Therefore, he is greatly responsible for the state of media, unquestionably his time and actions place himself as a major responsible for what is happening, at least regarding the altered narrative of the actual facts, taking place. Right?

We called this video by Janet Ossebaard & Cyntha Koeter: Soros, where is my money?, which is a great example of what this article brings to paper.

On January 23, 2022, half a million people came out in Brussels (Belgium) to demonstrate against mandatory QR codes and vaccinations against Covid-19.

The protest was spoiled by Antifa, the police, the military and the media. Antifa is a violent group of criminal doers supported by George Soros, one of the leading financiers of the Managed Decline of the Western Economies and their social security systems.

Have fun and reset.

This article has been written by K. Mille for The Article Feed.

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