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Getting Away With It

Any of us who pay even the least bit of attention has been made aware of the problems of fast food and grocery-store-bought processed food.

Getting Away With It

We are also aware of toxins in general that we ingest on a daily basis—fluoride, air pollutants, other chemicals in the water, EMF, microwaves, even radio waves.

The world is a dangerous place these days, and certainly is more dangerous as each generation passes. It is interesting how we do not look at these dangers the same way we look at walking into a house on fire or eating a box of ground glass. Good lord, we will even stick a needle full of unknown genetic material into our arms if someone of authority tells us it is safe to do so. We take huge risks every day, and these are the known risks I am talking about here, without even batting an eye.

This reminds me of the big masturbation scare that seems to have fizzled out in recent years. How often have we heard the ill consequences of fiddling with oneself down there? —the most ubiquitous possibility cited is that you will go blind if you don’t abstain. That didn’t seem to stop too many of us, and there was even the joke that circulated: “can I do it until I need to wear glasses?” Nowadays it is more like, “can I ignore all of these horrible toxicities until I am in the hospital?” Maybe, just maybe, the angel of death will pass over me and I will be spared. How many smokers have taken that attitude and ended up dying from old age at 95, still puffing away? But then again, how many have succumbed to lung cancer.

It seems that most people simply do not think too much about these things because they honestly believe they won’t get hurt by them, but at the same time they seem to be terrified that some little germ has their name etched on it and will find them through thick and thin and kill them dead.

What gives?

It is a bit of a paradox, isn’t it? These same people can be shaking in their shoes regarding an invisible virus that doesn’t cause symptoms but will clearly kill them if they are not wearing an old pair of panties wrapped around their face but have no fear at all of an alien vaccine pumped into their bodies with no real testing and no idea at all regarding any long-term effects.

When they hear about problems, years later, they just shrug their shoulders and say, “well, it isn’t hurting all that many people, I’m sure it will pass over me.” Yet, at the same time, even though they may know no one who has died of Covid (and maybe not even anyone who was all that sick), they are convinced THAT little bugger is most certainly going to find them. Get out the panties!

Humans are odd. I should know the psychology behind this phenomenon, but I do not. It has definitely perplexed me to no end.

Maybe it is a good thing that people seem to be impervious to malady. To think that things won’t come out of the woodwork and snatch you up is a sign of a healthy person, in my opinion. But this attitude tends to really muck things up when applied to any clear and present danger coming our way. These days the attitude also seems to be rather selective—and almost randomly selective at that. As I said earlier, why is there such fear around the “virus” yet none around taking this strange injectable concoction?

Of course, the common denominator present in the things sheep are unafraid of is the voice of Zotan the White Coat god. “The vaccine is safe and effective!!” booms his or her omnipotent God-like voice. Well then, nothing to worry about there! And I suppose that also answers the question regarding other toxins people (not all of us, of course) don’t seem to be worried about. “Drink the water! It’s safe! Only conspiracy theorist kooks think fluoride is dangerous!” bellows Zotan. “Eat the Cap’n Crunch! Eat the McDonald’s fries! It’s all fine!” We might not hear this voice directly, but he is in our head. We hear it clearly in there because it is a sheep world out there, and everything that hits our senses is made for sheep, and all resonates with the agenda, the sheep agenda. Take a read of Huxley’s “Brave New World” and you’ll get the vibe for this. Everyone in this opus is stupidly just fine. I can’t say they are happy, but few people are happy these days either. But they are not really afraid of anything that Zotan tells them not to be afraid of, and conversely, they are deathly afraid of anything they are told by Dr. Z to fear.

So why is Dr. Z such a liar? I don’t need to tell you that, of course. It is all a plan, a really big plan, part of that plan is to make us “stupidly just fine” distracted by the boob tube, by cheerily dressed game show hosts, smiling news anchors on CNN, brainiac doctors and people pretending to be doctors sitting behind white fake granite counters at WHO, face-men politicians wearing accent makeup telling us “the government is in debt so you don’t have to be.” Or some other nonsense garbage we all bleat at with approval. The whole world given to us by them is “safe and effective,” until it isn’t. Then we are punished with climate warming, or the effects of bigotry since it is clear we are filled with white supremacist racial hatred. The world falls apart in war and violence (which is more than likely fabricated) to show us we have to mind our “p’s” and “q’s” in order to ensure the sun will come up and shine on our pitiful asses the next day.

Yes, it is all made up. It is all made up in order to keep us in line. We live in Truman’s world, smiling when we are supposed to, and screaming bloody murder when we are told it is time to do that. But we’re getting by, aren’t we? We’ll still get that iPhone for the upcoming birthday, along with a surprise lunch from Burger King. We are living it up, eh? Getting away with it, until we need to wear glasses at least. Then the bars will slam behind us, and the gas will start to pour in.


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