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Space: The New Frontier for the Control Grid

Investigative journalist Corey Lynn speaks with James White, Host of NorthWest Liberty News, about her bombshell report — Space: The New Frontier for the Central Control Grid.

Space: The New Frontier for the Control Grid

In a nutshell, after extensive research, Lynn says she's “100% convinced” that globalists are building out the central operation for the control grid in space. Smart cities, with connected smart meters, set up the infrastructure for widespread surveillance, while digital IDs keep everything — your finances, health information, employment history and social credit score — all in one place. This means globalists can


monitor, and control, your spending and use of resources. But instead of this being run in individual cities, a space-based operation gives a wider umbrella of coverage — veritable “eyes in the sky.” “They're consolidating a lot of responsibility and power under Space Force,” Lynn explains. The U.S. Space Force is the sixth branch of the U.S. military, and, in October 2023, it granted a $70 million contract to Space X for Starshield military satellites, which are intended to “support national security” via “Earth observation” and other measures.

A Central Control Grid With No Jurisdiction

Organizations such as the World Economic Forum and many of the central banks are pushing the rollout of the globalist control grid. Once in place, it may be impossible or near-impossible to live without a digital ID and central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). Yet, Lynn notes, “It doesn't seem as though CBDCs will be necessary for the master plan to lock into place — at least not immediately. Banks will be the driving force to bring everyone into the age of QR codes, biometrics and tokenization.” The reason why space makes the perfect spot to position the control grid is due to its lack of oversight and jurisdiction. In her report, Lynn explains: “What if you had the ability to construct the central operation center for the entire control grid from a location with no real jurisdiction and no accessibility or oversight? What if the massive power source you need to run this operation could be harnessed under the guise of ‘climate change' in an expedited manner? And, what if you could have full surveillance and weaponry at your disposal with an entire financial infrastructure in place whose data sits in the palm of your hand while you control the levers?” The report cites more than 160 pieces of evidence showing how the “central infrastructure for the all-seeing, all-assets control grid is being built, a giant leap with the digital currency agenda.” Space-based data centers, powered by space-based solar


systems will use satellites and blockchain to create a tamper-resistant, automated and permanent ledger for space governance. “They can't possibly build space-based data centers powered by space-based solar systems that are juicing satellites to keep the flow of data moving to special government-owned satellites without incorporating blockchain to maintain a record and run the world's tokens of every single asset, including humans, now can they?” Lynn asks.

The Infrastructure Is Already Being Laid Out

The standard narrative given by satellite and tech companies, along with space agencies and governments, Lynn explains, is that data centers in space, along with beaming energy from the sun down to Earth, are necessary to avoid environmental catastrophe: “It's a great cover story. While some make it sound like this would be the expedited way to do it, which would give them their space control grid, others argue that we need both — solar in space and on land. This of course is to continue to capitalize on the industry on the earth plane, while also setting policies and regulations that destroy industries and people so that the space control grid can rule.” Space-based solar power has been floated as a tool to replace fossil fuels since the 1970s. A September 2021 report commissioned by the U.K. also suggests it could generate 10GW of electricity a year by 2050, which is about one-quarter of the U.K. 's energy usage. Space-based solar power is also being positioned as a tool to power homes or entire countries, at half the price of electricity generated on Earth. Lynn continues: “In order to pull off a full digital currency system with blockchain, it would require populations to reduce their energy usage by 1/3rd because it is a massive power source drain. However, space-based solar systems to power


satellites where the control grid would operate, could dramatically minimize the need to reduce power on earth while expediting the control grid in space … Those owning this infrastructure could then technically sell the power to any country. Gosh, wouldn't it be fun if that became the main power source and they just cut the beam whenever they wanted? It's more likely a cover story to power the control grid in Space … After all, digital currency, blockchain, and tokenization require an endless supply of power to run.” Space-based solar power initiatives are already underway in Japan, China, Russia, Australia, Britain, Saudi Arabia and the U.S. In the U.S., the Space Wireless Energy Laser Link (SWELL) program was launched in March 2023. According to Lynn: “By utilizing laser transmitters and photovoltaic receivers, they established power beaming links, meaning they were able to deliver energy through electromagnetic waves instantly. They claim this is safe and can be used to distribute power on the moon, other places in space, and eventually to earth from satellites. By July they reported that they had surpassed 100 days of successful on-orbit laser operations. … It's clear that there is a race to provide power in space, but they may just carry out some of these ‘power beams' to earth as a new money laundering industry and for cover. One question is, how will all of these electromagnetic waves and lasers impact airlines, birds, or people? More concerning is whether these electromagnetic beams could come with a host of mind-altering frequencies?”

Satellites Have the ‘Most Important Role' in the Control GridBuild-Out

Satellites have a starring role in the globalist control grid, and they're being rapidly launched into space. In 2022, more satellites were launched — 2,474 to be exact — than any other prior year, and as of June 2023, there were 11,330 satellites orbiting space. By the end of the decade, there could be up to 150,000 satellites in space.


“It is increasing exponentially, with a 53.84% increase in communications satellites, 13.30% increase in earth observation satellites, and 7.53% increase in technology development/demonstration satellites since January 2022,” Lynn notes. “The U.S. outpaces every other country by nearly eight times the number of satellites in space, with China, the United Kingdom and Russia following behind.” Meanwhile, WEF rolled out the first Space Sustainability Rating system (SSR) to reduce debris in space, and the $350-billion space industry is expected to rise to more than $1 trillion by 2040. All of the space companies — the largest of which are Boeing, SpaceX, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Blue Origin, Sierra Nevada, Astra, Virgin Galactic and General Dynamics — are eager to get a piece of this pie. Lynn explains: “Satellites store and move data, blockchain is making its way into this data, the digital financial system is accelerating, space fence is surveilling, space-based solar and data systems are being constructed, and the laws (or lawlessness) of running this full operation in space is on their side, which coincides perfectly with the many immunities and privileges that central banks and numerous organizations already enjoy. Imagine running a control grid from space, complete with global surveillance, the ability to generate 24/7 power, to hold and store all data, to manipulate the weather and atmosphere, to have weapons that can pulse frequencies to alter behaviors or incinerate blocks instantly with directed energy weapons. Just imagine. It's all out on the table and the competition is palpable.”

Space Fence — The World's Most Advanced Radar

An estimated 200,000 pieces of space debris between 1 and 10 centimeters (0.4 and 4 inches) are floating in space. Another 15,000 pieces of space junk larger than 10 centimeters (cm) (4 inches) across are also being tracked by the United States Space Surveillance Network (SSN). In terms of space debris smaller than 1 cm, the numbers could be in the millions.


Once in orbit, the debris doesn't necessarily stay there. Junk that's low — below 600 km (375 miles) — will orbit for a few years before falling back to Earth. But space junk that's in orbit 1,000 km (600 miles) in space may circulate for hundreds of years. Once in space, even tiny pieces of debris smaller than 1 mm (0.04 inch) can be catastrophic if a collision occurs. Lockheed Martin's Space Fence, operated by the U.S. Space Force, was introduced as an advanced tool to keep tabs on space debris. Described as the “world's most advanced radar,” the system can detect, track and measure space objects, including satellites and other debris in low Earth orbit. Lockheed Martin reports, “According to the Space Force, the system is the most sensitive search radar in the SSN, capable of detecting objects in orbit as small as a marble in low Earth orbit (LEO).” But Lynn points out, “Space Fence isn't just for tracking debris. The 20th Space Surveillance Squadron at Eglin Air Force Base makes up a 250-member squadron that conducts around the clock command and control operations of two weapon systems: the phased array radar and Space Fence.”

Can the Control Grid Be Stopped?

Lynn stresses that her report isn't intended to invoke fear but rather raise awareness of what globalists are up to — and provide advance knowledge in the hopes of derailing some of these plans: “It is clear that there is both a Space race and digital currency race taking place simultaneously. Whereas, they don't need the CBDCs in place to lock in the control mechanisms, they intend to piggyback it on to the Fast Payment Systems and already have it pretty well set to go once they have the green light … It is also evident that they still intend to use the banks to drive QR codes and biometrics, which will ultimately act as the Digital ID or “hall pass.”


… The Space Military Industrial Complex is in high gear, with a lot more responsibilities being transferred over to Space Force. The U.S. and other countries have committed a lot of money to building out infrastructure and loading the skies with satellites and surveillance systems. Though they all have common goals, there is definitely competition. The level of weaponry and control mechanisms already in place is evidence that they aren't messing around. Based on white papers, funding, executive orders, and documents pertaining to nanotechnology, biosecurity, brain chips, and the ability to transfer thoughts and communications from human to human through tech, the transhumanism agenda seems more and more plausible by the day. Robots and AI are destined for our future based on the speed at which they are rolling out machine learning and other tech. Taking into account all of the information in this report, and much that didn't even make it into the report, it is my opinion that they are building the main central operations for the control grid in Space, equipped with full blown surveillance, nodes throughout every city, data centers, the internet, solar systems to power satellites and data centers, a suite of weaponry, a blockchain- based financial infrastructure, and likely equipping cell phones with additional hardware and software that has biometrics and integrates better with their satellite surveillance system. It's all very clever.” This may leave you wondering, what can be done? Get yourself out of the control grid as much as possible. On a financial note, finance guru Catherine Austin Fitts — publisher of The Solari Report — recommends thinking small and spreading your cash around in different places, including outside of the banking and brokerage system. Keep cash on hand in your home, stored in a fireproof safe or two; cash can also be stored in a depository, a local bank and a safe deposit box at a local bank — or all of the above. Use cash for everything you can, and don't support establishments that have


gone cash-free. Shop small and local, including for your food, supporting local farmers instead of corporate giants. You can also ditch your smart phone, which Lynn describes as a “surveillance weapon and beyond.” All of these actions — if done by enough people — can have a powerful effect to protect freedom and autonomy. Lynn says: “I believe that everything we do to not comply with tyrants makes an impact, getting out important information is critical, and above all — moving to a higher consciousness and recognizing our true innate power and the ability we have to manifest the reality we want for our future — is by far the most powerful too[l] in our toolbox.”

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