‘I Hate My Life’: Why You Might Be Feeling This Way and What to Do
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‘I Hate My Life’: Why You Might Be Feeling This Way and What to Do

Do you hate your life? Well, to be honest, there have been times where I wasn’t really happy with mine either.I can see why some people may hate the life that was given to them.
‘I Hate My Life’: Why You Might Be Feeling This Way and What to Do

. That’s because I’ve seen poverty and I’ve seen what horrific pain can do to a person. Many times, I’ve hated life and that’s generally due to my anxiety and depression. It really has so much to do with why I felt this way. Many teens suffer from this mentality. Even my own son admitted he’d thought about suicide a few times. So, let’s examine this hatred for life. Guess what, the basic origin of the hatred of life comes from your childhood. Surprise! Yet again, here’s another dysfunctional attitude that came from a bunch of crappy experiences as a child. I really wish children everywhere could experience a healthy childhood and think a bit better of life...even later on as an adult. Well, while your childhood may have been the origin, as an adult, there are many other reasons why we keep feeling this way. Let’s take a look. It could be that the plans we had for ourselves didn’t work out so well. Maybe we married and figured there would be a happy-ever-after experience, but then we divorced. Ugggh, I really hate that one. I’ve been divorced twice, and yes, I do sometimes feel like I’ve failed. You could have lost a job, a job you loved at that. This will also make you feel like a failure. You might just start hating your life altogether. What can you do? So what, you got a divorce, maybe two, or even three. This doesn’t mean you are a failure. It just means you picked the wrong one. Just because you lost your job, and a job you love, doesn’t mean life is over. Fate could be pushing you in the direction of a better job. In all areas of life where you feel you’ve failed, I am sure there’s something better around the corner. Just keep hope alive, and your self-esteem up. If you’re a highly impressionable person, you may act according to what others think or say about you. If your friends are constantly criticizing you for things, this will start to weigh you down. I don’t understand why friends do this, but they do. After a while of listening to the lies they tell you, and many of them are lies, by the way, you will begin to feel like life just sucks. What can you do? I say get better friends. Who needs friends that constantly criticize them. You need friends who are going to build you up. If one of these friends, however, is really important to you, then just learn that her criticism is only negativity and she could be deflecting the feelings about herself onto you. Just get smart and do some inventory of your friends. Whether it’s because you never married, or your family moved away, it’s not easy being alone sometimes.

There are several circumstances that create a scenario where we end up all alone. My aunt, she never married, never had children and lived, at least an hour from the rest of her family. She was sometimes lonely, but she managed to live a full life. I am sure, in her private hours, she cried a bit about being lonely, and it’s hard to feel happy with life when you crave company. What can you do? If you’re alone, for whatever reason, it’s always best to get involved in a hobby, spend time outside, or even make new friends. Here’s one that many of my friends do, they rent a large home, and rent out rooms for roommates.

There’s never a dull moment there. If you’re lonely and hating life right now, get out of your house and help someone, do something, or go somewhere exciting. You might not want to at first, but after your out, you will feel a bit better about life. It’s easy to hate life when you’re broke sometimes, especially when you see everybody else going out to eat and going to festivals. I remember many times feeling as though I hated life for being dealt with specific cards. I was having babies and didn’t have a dime to spare. Also, I was in a bad relationship and my partner was spending all the money on negative things. Sometimes, however, you can break just trying to start your life, and that’s still kind of a letdown. It’s a tough situation. What can you do? Well, for one, I got out of that relationship and got my own job. I started learning to live on my own and manage my money. Soon enough, I had a little bit of money to splurge. When I didn’t, I and my children made up games to play, went on nature walks and just watched movies together. I promise you, it’s not necessary to have a lot of money and be happy. I’ve been there, done that. Here’s the one that’s truly the hardest to beat. I do have a mental illness, said it many times, and I am not ashamed. And I have attempted suicide twice in the past and think about it almost every day. I’m not making any plans though, so don’t be alarmed. Having a mental illness can make you despise life. It’s not that you don’t like yourself...that’s not always the reason...sometimes, it’s just because you’re tired of feeling. It’s that simple. What can you do? Well, If you believe in medicating your symptoms, then do so, but only prescriptions from your physician, that is. My medications do help lighten the load of overbearing darkness and despair. Get outside! I couldn’t stress this enough! Nature is so good for those with mental illnesses. Keep a positive support system. This means friends and family that say good things to and about you, not negative. When you think about harming yourself, tell someone, even if it has to be every day. We are brothers and sisters in this great big world, we should care for each other. Yes, I’ve hated life and I still do sometimes. But I try to remember that life has many beautiful things if you know where to look.

They are usually small things, things that make us see from a whole new perspective. So, I encourage you, that if you hate your life, get outside your comfort zone and experience something new. You might be surprised by how fast your change you view on this life, the only one you have. B.

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