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Net Zero policies will make people poorer, colder and less free, MP says

Net Zero policies will make people poorer, colder and less free, MP says

During a debate on Energy Infrastructure in the House of Commons yesterday, Andrew Bridgen, Member of Parliament for North West Leicestershire, reminded the Commons the only certain thing about net zero is people will become poorer, colder and less free.

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“Given the effects on a population already struggling with energy bills; the growing public awareness of doom-mongers with their deadlines that never actually come to pass; the extreme sacrifices being forced on us all, which may be futile in the face of China, Russia and India continuing to increase their use of fossil fuels enormously, it appears that the Government are taking one side of a scientific argument and, once again, declaring it to be an unchallengeable fact,” Mr. Bridgen said.

“The fact is that the UK accounts for less than 1% of global emissions. On that basis, we are voluntarily rejecting entire established industries that have been proven to work to keep us warm, fed and sheltered. We are asked to reject those for the fantasies of Just Stop Oil protesters and Leonardo DiCaprio-esque climate scientists. We are asked to reject those for technologies that either do not yet exist or have not been proven at scale.

“Not only can the Government not explain exactly what technologies we will use, but they cannot give an accurate estimate of what it will cost. According to some estimates, the drive to net zero could cost £1 trillion, or even £3 trillion.

“As with all failed experiments, the only certainty is that when the bill comes in, the people will have to pay.”

Mr. Bridgen quite rightly pointed out that we are once again being subjected to state-sponsored psychological tactics.   In a previous article we noted that in October 2022, the House of Lords Environment and Climate Change Committee published a report entitled ‘In our hands: behaviour change for climate and environmental goals’.  Chief covid orchestrator Chris Whitty is on the committee that produced the report and his covid collaborator Patrick Vallance was a witness. It is psychology and money – not facts – that are driving the climate alarmist narrative in the UK.

“It appears that the Government are using the same behavioural science tactics relied on recently to sell us a storm in our teacups. We have seen it again and again. The answer is to make it scary and make it soon. We saw it with acid rain, the ozone layer and Al Gore. Voters have seen Government Ministers alongside Greta Thunberg and her five-year prediction that, by now, humanity would have ceased to exist and been wiped out,” Mr Brigen said.

Mr. Bridgen was referring to a tweet by climate gremlin Greta five years ago stating that climate change would “wipe out all of humanity unless we stop using fossil fuels over the next five years.”  She has deleted the tweet.

“There is an inconvenient truth,” Mr. Bridgen said, “and the net zero legislators are desperate to hide from it … Energy security is so important, it relies on diversity [of energy sources] … Renewables are not going be able to provide certainty of supply for our homes and our industry of the future.”

“The only thing certain is that, if we carry on down the legally binding route of net zero that the Government have set for us, our people will become poorer, colder and less free.”

You can watch Mr. Bridgen’s speech below and read a transcript of the debate in the Hansard HERE, his speech begins at 2:42 pm.

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