NSA reading private communications from journalists who disagree with Democratic agenda

Tucket Carlson is being notified by a whistleblower that he is being targeted by the NSA

One of the shows being most critic with the current Biden administration, we've been closely monitoring is the Tucker Carlson show.

Recently this journalist was reach by a whistleblower stating that he was being targeted by the National Security Agency of the United States (NSA). Well, if you are aware of the monologues that Tucker makes on the show, you will probably understand that he has an elegant and quite sharp criticism on some of the radical measures of the Biden administration, the arguments used by Tucker are often tough and consistent, apart from being  rooted in the common sense of most of the well informed humans out there.

The following video, shows Tucker explaining the emails leak:

Tucker was interviewed in Fox news where he explained what was all about. You can check that interview here.

Sincerely, happenings like this one, clearly shows us that freedom of speech is blatantly under attach. We can confirm, this is happening not only in the United States, but at most of the countries in the planet.


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