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Some of the descendants of Nazis in positions of power today

Some of the descendants of Nazis in positions of power today

The response to the “Covid-19 pandemic” has much in common with the birth of the Third Reich and descendants of former Nazis remain influential in today’s world.

Hitler was, perhaps, the first to see that liberal democracy can be subverted by playing on the unconscious fears of the masses. If an existential threat is presented, the masses can be induced to sacrifice liberty for the promise of security.

This is the model of imposing authority in a climate of terror. The masses can be terrorised into surrendering their liberties, and it will never occur to them that they have been lied to on a monumental scale – that the threat was fictitious. The same playbook of using a Big Lie to generate mass fear for authoritarian purposes has been evident in “Covid-19.”

In the introduction of his essay published in July last year, David Hughes describes some of the similarities between Nazi Germany and the response to the “Covid-19 pandemic.”  Given all of these, he wrote, it does not seem unreasonable to suggest that a deliberate attempt is underway to collapse liberal democracy using psychological warfare techniques learned from the Nazis and to replace it with a eugenics-based form of totalitarianism.

The sinister re-emergence of Nazi elements in contemporary liberal democracies offers compelling evidence that the worst elements of the Third Reich were not defeated in 1945, but were, rather, secretly incubated in preparation for their eventual return. The lynchpin for this has been the CIA, set up by Wall Street with such an eventuality in mind.

Thus, when German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich claims, “We’re fighting the same people over again that we should have brought down 80 years ago,” the true criminals are those at the apex of the capitalist system, who are now, as in the 1920s and 1930s, seeking recourse to totalitarianism to deal with the acute crisis of capitalism.

Hughes’ essay titled ‘Wall Street, the Nazis, and the Crimes of the Deep State’ explained in detail that:

  • the resurgence of Nazism is because Wall Street has always been wedded to National Socialism as the most ruthless means of crushing working-class resistance;
  • the Nazis could never have come to power, built up their industry, or gone to war were it not for the backing of Wall Street;
  • the failure of denazification after World War II was because Wall Street controlled the appointment of officials responsible for denazifying and governing the Federal Republic with some former Nazis going on to assume very powerful positions, for example, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, who served in the SS in the early 1930s before joining I.G. Farben, co-founded the Bilderberg Group in 1954;
  • not only was there a failure to convict many of those responsible for World War II, but after the war, the United States actively recruited over 1,600 former Nazi scientists, engineers, and technicians through Operation PAPERCLIP;
  • Wall Street was involved in the birth of the US National Security State;
  • the alphabet agencies involved in the US National Security State charted the emergence of the dual state or the deep state and the US-dominated transnational deep state;
  • it’s important to question whether the “Cold War” with Russia was anything more than propaganda;
  • the transnational deep state has always been willing to resort to any means to achieve its objectives.  In other words, resort to criminal conspiracies on behalf of wealthy capitalists and false flag terrorism; and
  • the strategy of tension has been central to keeping the global population in check since 9/11.

The following is the final section of Hughes’ essay in which he names some of the descendants of Nazis who are in positions of power today.  You can read Hughes’ full essay HERE and his biography HERE.

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Descendants of Nazis in Positions of Power Today

By David A. Hughes, republished from Propaganda in Focus

Conventional wisdom has it that the Nazis were defeated in 1945. Yet, descendants of former Nazis remain influential in today’s world.

Eugen Schwab was the managing director of Escher Wyss, which was granted special status by the Nazis (permitting slave labour). His son, Klaus, founded the World Economic Forum in 1973 and praises his father for “assuming many functions in the public life in post-war Germany” – a slap in the face to West Germans of his age who in the 1960s protested against the continuation of ex-Nazis in positions of power (Schwab 2021, 255). Schwab Jr. openly boasted at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government in 2017 that his Young Global Leaders have “penetrated the cabinets” of multiple countries. But it is not only politics that has been infiltrated by the WEF. Former Young Global Leaders occupy leading positions in investment banks, Big Tech, the mainstream media, think tanks, and beyond, and have been “in the middle of everything covid” (Engdahl 2022; Swiss Policy Research 2021).

Günther Quandt was a German industrialist and Nazi Party member whose former wife went on to marry Joseph Goebbels in 1931 with Adolf Hitler as best man at a property owned by Quant himself; Goebbels later adopted Quandt’s son Harald (Richter 2017). In 1937, Hitler named Quandt a leader in the defence economy (Wehrwirtschaftsführer), which enabled him to make extensive use of slave labour, and in 1943, with support from SS, the Quandts set up a “company-owned concentration camp” in Hanover where workers were told upon arrival that they would not live longer than six months on account of exposure to poisonous gases (Bode and Fehlau 2008). Quant’s daughter-in-law, Johanna, was, on her mother’s side, the granddaughter of Max Rubner, who directed the Institute for Hygiene at Friedrich Wilhelm University, later associated with Nazi eugenics experiments. It is, therefore, of note that Johanna Quandt gave €40 million to the Charité Foundation between 2014 and 2022 for the establishment of the Berlin Institute for Health Research, to which Christian Drosten was appointed in 2017. Her daughter, Susanne Klatten (Germany’s richest woman) attended the 2017 Bilderberg meeting with Jens Spahn, the Young Global Leader who in 2018 was appointed German health minister. Klatten also owns Entrust (chosen by the UK government to produce vaccine passports), linking her to the “Covid-19” biodigital surveillance agenda. Other “Nazi billionaire” families remaining influential today include Flick, von Finck, Porsche-Piëch, and Oetker (de Jong 2022).

Michael Chomiak was a Ukrainian Nazi collaborator (Pugliese 2017); his granddaughter, Chrystia Freeland, sits on the WEF board of trustees and is the Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister of Canada. In 2022, not long after announcing that she would freeze the bank accounts of Canadian truckers and their supporters, she tweeted a picture of herself holding a red and black flag associated with the Bandera movement in Ukraine (later deleted without comment and a new photograph minus the scarf was posted). Stepan Bandera led a militia that fought alongside the Nazis in World War II, and the anti-Russian Azov battalion, established during the 2014 Western-backed coup in Ukraine, openly displayed Nazi insignia until this became politically sensitive in June 2022. In December 2021, Ukraine and the United States were the only states to vote against a UN Resolution against the glorification of Nazism.


Featured image: Klaus Schwab (left); Joseph Goebbels – Hitler’s Propaganda Minister, International Inside, 1 November 2015 (right)

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