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The big scam behind germ theory

As humanity has reach the bottom of the darkest hole, there is no further darkness possible at this time, instead, we are living the fall of the veils that caused generalized ignorance among human beings.

The big scam behind germ theory

There are several ways in which the ages have been characterized by the philosophical humanism of cultures. In the Roman empire, whose knowledge was strongly influenced by both Ibrahimic and Greek cosmologies, a man called Publius Ovidius Naso (Ovid), paid down what has been called "the ages of men". He described four ages (The four ages of humanity) where each one represented by a particular metal. The properties of each metal relates to the changes that occur in each age of humanity, being listed as Gold, Silver, Bronze and Iron ages.


According to Ovid, a period of humanity’s history where there were no laws as everyone knew the law inherently within their own being and acted accordingly. Peace reigned with no violence and need for weapons. The land offered its fruit without the need to toil, and an eternal spring reigned. This was the period of human utopia in other words a time of real peace and prosperity.


Ovid says the seasons were introduced in this period, however the changes between seasons were much less dramatic then what they are now. Though there were from time to time harsh conditions requiring man to build and take shelter and toil in the form agriculture became more and more necessary.


Ovid does not say too much here only that there was an increased tendency towards cruelty and violence and weapons were first made however, the degeneration was not so great to enter into the sacrilegious.


According to Ovid this is the last period. Which is the worst, because every evil impiety occurs, a real dark age, where greed, war, betrayal, lust, materialism and degeneration are rife.

This cosmological apporach was reproduced as well by the Vedic knowledge from ancient India. According to Hindu scriptures and mythology, the current universe is destined to pass through four great epochs or ages, Hindu mythology deals with numbers large enough to be nearly impossible to imagine.

According the Vedas, a Kalpa, or eon (labelled so by the gnostics), is said to be comprised of a thousand cycles of four yugas, each of a different quality. By one estimate, a single yuga cycle is said to  be 4.32 million years, and a Kalpa is said to consist of 4.32 billion years.

Curiously enough there were 4 yugas in each of these cicle, just like Ovid's vision of the circle of time.

Satya Yuga

The Age of Truth, human beings were spiritually most advanced and had great psychic powers.

Treta Yuga

In this age the people still remained righteous and adhered to moral ways of life. Lord Rama of the epic poem the Ramayana lived in Treta Yuga.

Dwapara Yuga

In this yuga, men had lost all knowledge of the intelligence and bliss bodies. The deity Krishna was born in this age.

Kali Yuga

The present yuga, is the most degenerated of the Hindu epochs. It describes a world infested with impurities and vices. The numbers of people possessing noble virtues are diminishing day by day. Floods and famine, war and crime, deceit, and duplicity characterize this age. But, say the scriptures, it is only in this age of critical troubles where final emancipation is possible.

The positive look at the Iron age or the Kali Yuga

As humanity has reach the bottom of the darkest hole, there is no further darkness possible at this time, instead, we are living the fall of the veils that caused generalized ignorance among human beings. Another interesting meaning of this age of men, is that most of the lies utilized to subjugate humanity are going to be slowly but steadly dismantled. Every possible shade hiding truth will be vanished during the end of this epoch to prepare the transition back to the first age of a new cycle. The begining of the transition to the Roman Gold Age, or to its equivalece in the Hindu mythology the Satya Yuga. Both described as ages of truth, peace and human evolution.

Uncovering the veil of infectious dissease

The previous cosmological and mythological introduction aims to ask the question why now?. Why we do recognize not only the germs scam, but the Political two party illussion of democracy, and so the vast Institutional decline, the Space research uncovered, the reach of the Military Industrial complex in politics, the Pyramids built all over the world and so on the oceanic seabeds, the hihgly advanced ancient knowledge of  lost civilizations, and and a large list of deceptions.

Well, this is all due to the place we are in the circles of time, the actual transition we are living from darkness to the restoration of light.

The following video explains in great detail how the germ theory has been implanted into human life on earth, falsifying the origin and therefore the cure of most of the infectious diseases that took place during the XIX, XX and XXI centuries.

Watch and decide by yourself.

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