The Real World Parasites
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The Real World Parasites

Help to deprecate the real parasites of society
The Real World Parasites

Everyone, but the dumb of the dumbest knows these days that societies all over the world are financing the upper levels of the control pyramid, financing the richest families, the richer and most powerful banksters which happen to be a bunch of pedophiles and sociopaths.

Incredibly, still most of the half ignorant half "busy with their lives" individuals need to know "who is" the one that is speaking out. Is he/she a renown Doctor? a renown Scientist? is that paper peer-reviewed? They need a grade or a title in order to give credit to what they listen. This fact, reveals a deep ignorance rather a deep lack of common sense. The impossibility of understanding words by what they mean, by what they describe relates to the absence of a basic ground, a base where to place and sort acquired knowledge.

The following video is a good exercise to polish the residual symptoms of those aforementioned authority driven beliefs.