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We love you

Thanks for being there. It's now 2 years since the first publication at the Article Feed. We'll continue proving unconventional, free and inspiring articles for some time more.

We love you

We are celebrating 2 years live.

During these 2 years we've collected around 9000 articles, created more than 50 categories of content and received more than 2 million visits.

These are hard times for information freedom and quality. Specially after the outbreak, there is a big pressure and censorship from big-tech and big-pharma corporations to suppress or isolate news sources not aligned with the mainstream narrative:

  • The virus doesn't come from a Laboratory
  • Vaccines are absolutely safe
  • Vaccines are good for everybody included children below 6 years
  • There is no other way to treat coronavirus infections than through vaccination
  • Vaccination passports are (therefore) absolutely necessary
  • The WHO is an organization to protect human's health


We are monitoring hundreds of newspapers, written in English language, the most prominent outcome is that content fluctuates in a similar fashion in all of them.In technical terms, the volume of words and the nature of the semantics extracted out of them go together in most of the newspapers we analyzed.

One of the ideas one can extract from there is these newspapers are aligned or care about the same things more less at the same time, regardless the area of the planet or the characteristics of the country of publication.

Here at The Article Feed have received few DDOS attacks, and have had performance problems in our site, mostly due to that. We apologise with all of you, if any time you visited the site it won't load.

Thanks for being our reader. We really appreciate it

Take care

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